15 Best Private High Schools in Brooklyn

Best Private High Schools in Brooklyn

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Brooklyn, New York, is a city rich in culture, diversity, and a strong commitment to education. Private high schools in Brooklyn have thrived among its vibrant streets and diverse neighborhoods, providing great educational experiences to students seeking a comprehensive approach to learning.

Choosing the correct private high school can be a life-changing decision for our children, therefore it should be approached with caution. To help you make an informed decision when selecting the right private school for your child, we have done a run through the best private high schools in Brooklyn and made a list of the top 15 best options.

In a few minutes, we will go around Brooklyn’s educational environment to reveal the top 15 best private high schools in Brooklyn that have consistently stood out for their commitment to academic excellence, enriching extracurricular activities, and the cultivation of well-rounded individuals


The best private high schools in Brooklyn include but are not limited to the following;

  1. Brooklyn Amity School
  2. Fusion Academy Brooklyn
  3. Greene Hill School
  4. The Spence School
  5. Bnos Chomesh Academy
  6. K439 Brooklyn International High School
  7. Bishop Loughlin Memorial High School
  8. The Chapin School
  9. Saint Ann’s School
  10. Poly Prep Country Day School
  11. Packer Collegiate Institute
  12. Berkeley Carroll School 
  13. Xaverian High School
  14. Brooklyn Friends School
  15. St. Saviour High School

Now let’s take a deeper look at these private schools in Brooklyn and see what makes them stand out from the crowd…

1. Brooklyn Amity School

Brooklyn Amity School

Address: 3867 Shore Pkwy, Brooklyn, NY 11235, United States

The first institution on our list of private high schools in Brooklyn is the Brooklyn Amity School. The Brooklyn Amity School is a well-recognized institution in Brooklyn that provides a comprehensive education from PreK-3 to Grade 12, promoting a co-ed, college-preparatory environment.

The school’s basic value is a well-balanced curriculum in which the synergy of science, technology, engineering, the arts, and mathematics (STEAM) thrives.

What distinguishes Brooklyn Amity is its dedication to a comprehensive education, which incorporates athletics, project-based learning, and blended learning methodologies. This guarantees that students gain not only academic talents but also practical skills and a balanced perspective on life.

Beyond academics, Brooklyn Amity School places a significant focus on creating a safe and respectful learning environment. This nurturing atmosphere helps students grow into global thinkers who value social responsibility, generosity, and education.

2. Fusion Academy Brooklyn

Address: 1 MetroTech Center Suite 1004, Brooklyn, NY 11201, United States

Next, we have the Fusion Academy in Brooklyn. Fusion Academy Brooklyn, which opened in 2014, is the 19th facility in Fusion’s nationwide network, and one of the best private high schools in Brooklyn. 

The education experience at Fusion Academy Brooklyn is fully personalized, with a one-to-one format in which each classroom has one student and one teacher. This individualized method enables Teachers/Mentors to tailor the curriculum and speed to each student’s strengths, interests, and learning style.

Fusion Academy offers educational freedom. Students can attend middle and high school full-time or choose part-time enrollment for specific classes to gain credits. Beyond standard coursework, Fusion Academy offers vital tools such as tutoring, mentoring, and post-secondary counseling to assist students in their academic journey.

It’s worth noting that at Fusion Academy Brooklyn, the focus is on in-person education, as online and hybrid classes are not available on this campus.

3. Greene Hill School

Greene Hill School

Address: 39 Adelphi St, Brooklyn, NY 11205, United States

Another institution on our list of the best private high schools in Brooklyn is the Greene Hills School. Greene Hill School (GHS) sets a high standard for creating an inclusive and welcoming teaching environment.

This private high school is deeply committed to developing a culture that not only respects but also cherishes every student, staff member, and family in its community. This dedication extends to recognizing and celebrating the diverse identities and expressions in the school.

GHS’s commitment knows no borders, as it accepts people from all walks of life, regardless of race, color, gender identity or expression, national and ethnic origin, economic situations, or talents. This commitment serves a significant purpose: it ensures that every student, staff member, and family feels not just included, but actually belongs within the loving embrace of the school.

4. The Spence School

Address: 22 E 91st St, New York, NY 10128, United States

With a commitment to academic excellence and personal integrity, The Spence School prepares a diverse community of girls and young women for the lifelong transformation of themselves, and the world with purpose, passion, and perspective.

Offering a rigorous, liberal arts study, the Spence School develops high standards and character in the students, while creating an environment that fosters self-confidence and the joy of learning.

This private high school challenges its students to meet the demands of academic excellence and responsible citizenship in a changing world. Because they believe in the strength, intellect, and vitality of women, they teach students a different approach to face life to help them engage and deeper understand complex truths.

5. Bnos Chomesh Academy (Lubavitch School for Girls High School)

Address: 588 Brooklyn Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11203, United States

The next on our list of the best private high schools in Brooklyn is the Bnos Chomesh Academy. Nestled in the heart of the Crown Heights neighborhood in Brooklyn, Bnos Chomesh Academy is a girls’ high school with a mission that extends far beyond traditional education. 

Their mission is to provide students with a safe and loving environment in which they can not only achieve intellectually but also emotionally, all while cultivating a deep respect for a Torah/Chassidishe way of life.

Bnos Chomesh strives to empower students in all aspects of their lives: academically, emotionally, intellectually, socially, and spiritually. It’s a vision of young women who excel and thrive in all aspects of life.

6. K439 Brooklyn International High School

Address: 49 Flatbush Ave Ext, Brooklyn, NY 11201, United States

Brooklyn International High School is a dynamic learning environment, where students develop essential skills and knowledge, enabling them to thrive and contribute meaningfully to an interconnected global society.

The School has a clear mission: to empower English Language Learners (ELLs) by developing their language, intellectual, cultural, and collaborative skills, preparing them to actively engage in today’s globalized world.

What sets this private high school apart is its teaching philosophy, grounded in real-world content and project-based learning. Throughout the year, students and teachers collaborate on authentic, interdisciplinary projects, presenting their work not only to peers but also to external audiences.

7. Bishop Loughlin Memorial High School

Bishop Loughlin Memorial High School

Address: 357 Clermont Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11238, United States

The next on our list of private high schools in Brooklyn is Bishop Loughlin Memorial High School. Situated in the vibrant Ft. Greene neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York, the Bishop Loughlin Memorial High School is a co-educational, college-preparatory institution. 

Serving students in grades 9 through 12, this Roman Catholic high school has a rich history dating back to its founding in 1851. Originally established as the first high school in the Diocese in 1853, today it operates independently under the guidance of the Christian Brothers in the Lasallian educational tradition.

At Bishop Loughlin, there’s a deep commitment to honoring the uniqueness of each student. Rooted in the Lasallian tradition, the school places great importance on appreciating and nurturing the individuality of every learner.

8. The Chapin School

Address: 100 East End Ave, New York, NY 10028, United States

The Chapin School, founded in 1901, is one of the premier all-girls private high schools in Brooklyn, educating girls from kindergarten to 12th grade. Its mission is to foster students’ intellectual and personal development, preparing them to flourish and take leadership roles in our linked global society.

Chapin is dedicated to building a community of diverse, ambitious young women who are determined to achieve in their individual careers. Guided by its motto “Fortiter et Recte” (Bravely and Rightly), Chapin prioritizes qualities such as courage, compassion, service, and respect—for oneself and others.

Fairness, openness, and partnership are central to Chapin’s educational philosophy, which recognizes them as necessary components for personal growth and achievement.

9. Saint Ann’s School

Address: 129 Pierrepont Street, Brooklyn Heights, NY 11201

Another premier institution on our list of private schools in brooklyn is the Saint Ann’s School. Saint Ann’s School offers a unique educational experience, embracing the best of human traditions while fostering intellectual exploration. 

Students at Saint Ann’s enjoy remarkable freedom, not only to excel academically but also to trust their abilities and find deep satisfaction in learning for its own sake. This freedom extends beyond the classroom, celebrating individuality and achievement in all aspects of school life.

Faculty members at Saint Ann’s are chosen for their intellectual and artistic passions and their dedication to student development. They have the freedom to ignite enthusiasm and draw out exceptional work from their students.

The curriculum is dynamic, allowing students to pursue accelerated or specialized work based on talents and interests rather than age or grade. 

10. Poly Prep Country Day School

Poly Prep Country Day School

Address: 1 Poly Prep Drive, Brooklyn, NY 11228, United States

Poly Prep Country Day School is an independent and co-educational institution located in Brooklyn, New York, USA. The Middle and Upper Schools are located in Dyker Heights, while the Lower School is located in Park Slope.

Poly is a thriving community where the air is filled with the sounds of classroom conversation, debate, and constructive criticism. Laughter and conversations reverberate along corridors, while shared ideas and tales grow in common areas.

Poly is insistent in its belief that school should be pleasurable. Thereby, learning, personal development, and the search of understanding are intertwined into the joyful discovery of life and its endless possibilities.

11. Packer Collegiate Institute

Address: 170 Joralemon St, Brooklyn, NY 11201, United States

The Packer Collegiate Institute, located in the gorgeous Brooklyn Heights, just one subway stop from Lower Manhattan, is an independent PreK-12 school with a long history extending back to its founding on Joralemon Street in 1845.

Packer’s educational style is distinguished by a dynamic curriculum centered on the learner. The school features talented teachers who lead students on a journey in which they take center stage in their own learning.

Packer fosters a culture of knowledge, empathy, and participation among his pupils, encouraging them to become informed and compassionate members of a dynamic global community.

12. Berkeley Carroll School 

Address: 181 Lincoln Pl, Brooklyn, NY 11217, United States

Berkeley Carroll School is one of the best private high schools in Brooklyn for students in prekindergarten through 12th grade. Here, students are encouraged to acquire critical, ethical, and global thinking abilities both within and outside of the classroom.

A strong love of learning is the cornerstone of education at Berkeley Carroll. The school offers a haven for intellectual discovery, creativity, and equity, with dedicated teachers inspiring and challenging exceptional pupils.

The curriculum is challenging, and civic engagement is active, all with the goal of preparing a diverse group of graduates for success in college and beyond. 

Their mission is simple: to produce graduates who excel in critical, ethical, and global thinking, ready to make a positive contribution to the world.

13. Xaverian High School

Xaverian High School

Address: 7100 Shore Rd, Brooklyn, NY 11209, United States

Xaverian High School, located in the bustling area of Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, is a private, co-educational Catholic school that provides a college preparation education to students in grades 6 through 12.

It was established in 1957 as part of a network of thirteen schools sponsored by the Xaverian Brothers, who are noted for their dedication to academic quality and spiritual growth.

The school’s tradition, which is profoundly based in the Xaverian Brothers’ ideals, provides students with chances to cultivate their faith, broaden their intellect, develop leadership abilities, explore musical gifts, succeed in athletics, and much more.

Xaverian High School maintains its objective of assisting students toward personal and academic progress while instilling principles that extend beyond the classroom and into their daily lives. 

14. Brooklyn Friends School

Address: 375 Pearl St, Brooklyn, NY 11201, United States

Brooklyn Friends School is an outstanding independent Quaker school that offers a college preparation education. The faculty is distinguished by a high number of advanced degrees, and the Upper School is distinguished by its academically demanding and highly renowned International Baccalaureate Diploma Program.

The school community is very proud of its engaged and supportive parent body, dedicated faculty, and thoughtful kids. They form a community with a special blend of intellect, enthusiasm, and compassion.

The emphasis at Brooklyn Friends School is on cultivating an academically ambitious and varied community that values each individual’s unique skills. Students are encouraged to embrace and value differences while honing critical thinking skills and applying knowledge both inside and outside the classroom.

15. St. Saviour High School

St. Saviour High School

Address: 588 6th St, Brooklyn, NY 11215, United States

The last institution on our list of the best private high schools in Brooklyn is the St. Saviour High School. Saint Saviour High School is a symbol of leadership preparation, profoundly anchored in the School Sisters of Notre Dame tradition. Their mission is simple: to push pupils to reach their greatest potential.

Saint Saviour supports intellectual growth in its students through a rigorous academic program. Simultaneously, religious studies and numerous volunteer activities help students develop spiritually while also reinforcing their sense of social and moral responsibility.

This college welcomes students from a variety of ethnic origins and religious affiliations, fostering a sense of community that values individual differences. The faculty’s mission is based on the conviction that personal growth and transformation can have a positive impact on the world.


Private high schools in Brooklyn are indeed known for their relatively high tuition costs, making them a significant financial commitment for many families. 

On average, the annual tuition for private high schools in Brooklyn can be around $23,000 or even higher, depending on the institution and grade level. 

However, it’s essential to note that tuition fees can vary significantly from one school to another, and some elite private high schools in Brooklyn may charge considerably more.


And that brings us to the conclusion on the top 15 best private high schools in Brooklyn. While there are several private high schools in Brooklyn, not all of them have good reports and reviews… 

The institutions on this list have not only withstood the test of time, but have also changed to suit the changing requirements of their various student populations. 

While selecting a private high school is a serious decision, it comes with the promise of customized attention, enhanced learning opportunities, and a strong sense of community. Each of the private high schools in Brooklyn on this list has its own set of strengths and ideals, assuring a perfect fit for every student and family.

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