Top 12 Best Boarding Schools in Italy

Choosing the right boarding school for your child is an improtant decision that can shape their academic journey and personal growth. Italy, a country renowned for its rich history, culture, and world-class education, offers a plethora of exceptional boarding schools that cater to students from around the globe.

In this comprehensive guide, we present the “Top 12 Best Boarding Schools in Italy.” Our selection is the result of rigorous evaluation, taking into account academic excellence, state-of-the-art facilities, a diverse range of extracurricular activities, and the reputation of these institutions in the education sphere.

Whether you’re a parent looking for the best educational experience for your child or a student aspiring to explore the world while pursuing academic success, this article will serve as your compass in navigating the best boarding schools in Italy.

Without further ado, let’s explore the “Top 12 Best Boarding Schools in Italy” and embark on a journey of learning, culture, and personal development in one of Europe’s most captivating countries.

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Best Boarding Schools in Italy

In no particular order, here are the top 12 best boarding schools in Italy;

  1. St. Stephen’s School
  2. H-FARM International School
  3. Canadian Colledge Italy
  4. International School of Milan
  5. WINS – World International School of Torino
  6. St Louis School
  7. United World College of the Adriatic
  8. International School of Florence
  9. The English International School of Padua
  10. International School of Trieste
  11. American Overseas School of Rome
  12. International School of Como

Now, let’s dig deeper and see what sets these schools apart from other boarding schools in Italy…

1. St. Stephen’s School

St. Stephen's School

Address: Via Aventina, 3, 00153 Roma RM, Italy

The first school on our list of the top 12 best boarding schools in Italy is the St. Stephen’s School. St. Stephen’s School, nestled in the heart of Rome, is a renowned boarding school known for its academic excellence and cultural immersion.

With a legacy spanning decades, it offers a challenging curriculum that promotes critical thinking and intellectual curiosity. What sets St. Stephen’s apart is its unparalleled location amid Rome’s historic treasures, providing students with a unique cultural experience. 

The school prides itself on its diverse global community, fostering cross-cultural understanding and lifelong friendships. Beyond academics, St. Stephen’s offers a wide array of extracurricular activities, allowing students to pursue their passions and develop well-rounded skills.

St. Stephen’s School prepares students for success while embracing the beauty of Rome’s rich heritage. The school’s modern facilities also create a conducive environment for learning and personal growth.

2. H-FARM International School

Address: Via Adriano Olivetti, 1, 31056 Roncade TV, Italy

Located near Venice, Italy, H-FARM International School is a leading institution at the intersection of innovation and education. This English-speaking school offers cutting-edge, tech-focused programs, preparing students for an ever-evolving world.

H-FARM runs two fully-accredited IB programs for primary and middle school students. With a global mindset and a strong emphasis on emerging technology, it’s shaping future change-makers.

The Treviso campus, the franchise’s first branch, welcomes boarding and day students. Small class sizes offer personalized attention, and a modern 240-bed boarding house ensures a conducive environment for study.

H-FARM values a challenging, internationally-minded education, fostering a diverse community that promotes global citizenship. The school’s programs include IB-accredited Primary and Middle Years Programs, with an English-language IB Diploma option for university-bound students.

3. Canadian College Italy

Address: Via Camillo Benso Conte di Cavour, 13, 66034 Lanciano CH, Italy

Canadian College Italy is one of the distinguished co-educational boarding schools in Italy that speak English, located in Luciano, Italy. Serving Grades 9 through 12, it provides a culturally rich and academically challenging curriculum. 

Established in 1995, CCI is the first Canadian school in Italy to offer an independent high school program, operating under the Ontario Ministry of Education’s supervision.

The school offers boarding houses to accommodate up to 300 boys and 300 girls. The boarding houses are in the center of town, within a short walk to school, and nearby cafes and shops. They also feature Wi-Fi, laundry, common rooms and kitchens, so students can practice the culinary skills they learn in the Italian cuisine demos.

4. International School of Milan

International School of Milan

Address: Via 1 Maggio, 20, 20021 Baranzate MI, Italy

International School of Milan (ISM) is an esteemed educational institution and proud member of Inspired, a globally renowned premium schools group.

Since its opening in September 2018, IS Milan has provided a transformative international educational experience. With a warm, “home away from home” atmosphere, it caters to students aged 14 to 18 in the Milan metropolitan area.

IS Milan boasts over 60 years of education experience, making it the longest-established international school in Milan. It has the largest international campus in Italy, welcoming students from 50 different countries.

The school offers state-of-the-art facilities, including an indoor swimming pool and auditorium. They also have dedicated houseparent that provide 24/7 supervision and security, ensuring a safe and supportive environment. 

IS Milan also offers flexible boarding options to accommodate the diverse needs of families, including full and weekly boarding.

5. WINS – World International School of Torino

Address: Via Traves, 28, 10151 Torino TO, Italy

World International School of Torino is one of the best boading schools where students from diverse backgrounds come together to embark on a journey of discovery, growth, and excellence. 

With a commitment to nurturing talent, fostering intercultural understanding, and providing exceptional boarding facilities, WINS stands as a beacon of international education, preparing students for a future filled with limitless possibilities.

What sets WINS apart is not just its commitment to academic excellence but also its outstanding boarding facilities. The school provides a safe, nurturing, and inspiring home away from home for students. Boarders benefit from a supportive community, round-the-clock supervision, and a warm atmosphere that encourages personal growth.

6. St Louis School

Address: Via Marcantonio Colonna, 24, 20149 Milano MI, Italy

St Louis School stands as one of the best boarding schools in Italy, renowned for its commitment to educational excellence. Its new campus at Via Marcantonio Colonna, which was opened in 2017 is dedicated to hosting the St. Louis Boarding School, ushering in a new era of educational opportunities.

The new site introduces outstanding boarding facilities catering to both full-time and weekly boarders between the ages of 14-18. At St. Louis Boarding School, students find a nurturing, stimulating, and supportive atmosphere that fosters peace of mind and academic achievement. 

For its boarders, St. Louis School works to offer a “home away from home” experience that is enhanced by outstanding educational opportunities. Boarders benefit from a rich and balanced portfolio of experiences, including recreational school trips and outings that instill meaningful values and good behavior.

7. United World College of the Adriatic

Address: Frazione Duino, 29, 34011 Duino TS, Italy

Nestled in the idyllic village of Duino in the Friuli Venezia Giulia region of north-east Italy, the United World College of the Adriatic (UWC Adriatic) is one of the best boarding schools in Italy that offers a unique and enriching boarding experience amidst the stunning backdrop of Duino, Italy.

The campus is designed to foster a sense of openness and connection with nature. Students have the opportunity to live and learn in a picturesque and welcoming environment.

UWC Adriatic provides diverse accommodation options to cater to the needs and preferences of its students. These options include comfortable dormitories and shared spaces that promote a sense of togetherness and camaraderie among students from all over the world.

Boarding at UWC Adriatic is not just about accommodation; it’s an opportunity to immerse oneself in a rich tapestry of cultures. The safety and well-being of students are paramount at UWC Adriatic. 

The school provides round-the-clock support and supervision to ensure that students feel secure and cared for.

8. International School of Florence

International School of Florence

Address: Viuzzo di Gattaia, 9, 50125 Firenze FI, Italy

The next on our list of boarding schools in Italy is the International School of Florence. Established over 70 years ago, the International School of Florence (ISF) holds a prestigious place among the oldest boarding schools in Italy. 

ISF is synonymous with challenging and internationally recognized academic programs. However, the school’s commitment extends beyond the classroom. It offers a rich tapestry of extracurricular activities, including the arts and athletics, providing a well-rounded education that celebrates each individual’s dignity and worth.

With a current enrollment of around 541 students across two campuses, ISF’s presence in Florence continues to thrive. The student dorms allows students from different countries and regions to enroll, learn and connect with different other minds.

9. The English International School of Padua

Address: Via Egidio Forcellini, 164/168, 35128 Padova PD, Italy

Established in 1987 in the historic city of Padua, The English International School of Padua has been a beacon of educational excellence for over three decades. This private international institute is dedicated to providing a child-centered learning environment that is dynamic, differentiated, challenging, and rewarding.

As one of the best boarding schools in Italy, the school is renowned for accommodating up to 400 students comfortably. The dormitories provide a safe and supportive environment where students can live, learn, and grow together.

The school’s infrastructure is designed to support holistic learning. It boasts two fully-equipped gyms with technical equipment and volleyball/basketball courts, providing students with opportunities for physical development and teamwork.

Additionally, five libraries and a reading room, stocked with English fiction/nonfiction books and newspapers, create an enriching literary environment. The students also have the possibility to consult Questia; an online library which includes approximately 78,000 digital texts and 7 million articles.

10. International School of Trieste

Address: Via di Conconello, 16, 34151 Trieste TS, Italy

The International School of Trieste is a remarkable non-profit English-language international school, offering an inclusive and diverse educational environment to students from various backgrounds and nationalities. 

Its illustrious history dates back to 1964 when it was founded through the collaboration of the International Centre for Theoretical Physics and the Italian American Association.

What sets the International School of Trieste apart is its unique status as the only international school in Italy authorized to issue diplomas fully and legally recognized by Italian law (art. 10, comma 3, della Legge 29 gennaio 1986, n. 26).

Additionally, IST takes pleasure in offering top-notch boarding facilities that give its international students a loving and welcoming home away from home. These facilities are designed to accommodate up to 200 students, promoting a lively and diverse community.

The IST student residences provide a safe atmosphere for co-educational living and learning. Students are supported and cared for throughout their stay by boarding personnel, including committed houseparents. 

11. American Overseas School of Rome (AOSR)

Address: Via Cassia, 811, 00189 Roma RM, Italy

Founded in 1947, the American Overseas School of Rome represents a fusion of a rich educational legacy with forward-thinking learning approaches. In order to motivate students to flourish, AOSR is committed to offering Pre-K through Grade 12 students the best possible American and worldwide education.

With about 575 students from various backgrounds, AOSR thrives as one of the best boarding schools in Italy. With one-third Americans, one-third Italians, and the remaining third representing more than 50 nations, the school’s demographics are a monument to its global nature.

The institution stands out as one of the top boarding schools in Italy due to its student dormitory, which can house up to 300 students from all around the globe.

12. International School of Como

International School of Como

 Address: Via Giuseppe Longhi, 3, 20900 Monza MB, Italy

The last on our list of the top 12 best boarding schools in Italy is the International School of Como. Nestled in the stunning region of Como, Italy, The International School of Como offers a truly global educational experience. 

At the heart of this exceptional institution lies a commitment to nurturing young minds from diverse backgrounds and nationalities. The school’s exceptional boarding facilities and dedicated educators make it a beacon of international education.

The International School of Como takes pride in providing state-of-the-art boarding facilities that create a home away from home for its students. These accommodations offer not only comfort and security but also a vibrant and inclusive community. 

Here, students from around the world come together to learn, grow, and form lasting friendships. The boarding experience at the school is a transformative journey of cultural exchange and personal development.

The school is home to a team of dedicated and passionate teachers who are experts in their fields. These amazing teachers not only impart knowledge but also inspire and mentor students, fostering a love for learning and personal growth. 

Why Are These Schools Considered the Best?

The top 12 best boarding schools in Italy mentioned in this article are considered the best due to a variety of reasons which includes;

Academic Excellence: These schools consistently uphold high academic standards and offer rigorous curricula, often including internationally recognized programs like the International Baccalaureate (IB) and Advanced Placement (AP). They prioritize intellectual growth and prepare students for success in higher education.

Diverse and Inclusive Community: These institutions attract students from all over the world, fostering an environment where cultural diversity is celebrated. Exposure to a variety of backgrounds and perspectives enriches students’ educational experiences and prepares them for a globalized world.

Exceptional Faculty: The schools boast a dedicated and talented faculty. These educators are experts in their fields and are committed to not only imparting knowledge but also inspiring and mentoring students. The quality of teaching is a defining factor in these institutions’ reputation.

Boarding Facilities: Many of these institutions offer outstanding boarding facilities. These accommodations provide a safe and supportive home away from home for students, fostering a strong sense of community and camaraderie.

Global Recognition: These schools are often accredited by prestigious organizations such as the Council of International Schools (CIS), ensuring that they meet rigorous international standards of education. This recognition adds to their credibility.


Does Italy have boarding schools?

Yes, Italy has boarding schools. As a matter of fact, boarding schools in Italy are very common amongst the citizen, and are very popular among international students.

How much are boarding schools in Italy?

The price for each of the boarding schools in Italy varies from 30,000 to 45,000 euros per year. However, in order to enter any of the best boarding schools in Italy, the following documents are required: A copy of the student’s passport or ID card.

Which country is best for boarding school?

You can find excellent boarding schools in many different countries and continents. That being said, Italy is known for having multiple top-tier boarding schools like St. Stephen School and St Louis School, and the International School of Milan.

How much is student accommodation in Italy?

Depending on where you study, the cost of student accommodation in Italy can range from €470 per month for a room to €1850 per month for a whole apartment. However, the cost of student dorms is quite consistent. A dorm room in Italy typically costs between €250 and €420 per month to rent.

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In conclusion, Italy boasts a remarkable selection of boarding schools, each offering a unique blend of academic excellence, cultural diversity, and a nurturing environment for students.

Our exploration of the top 12 boarding schools in Italy has shed light on the factors that set them apart, from their rigorous academic programs to their commitment to fostering well-rounded individuals.

Choosing the right boarding school is a significant decision, and we trust that this article has provided valuable insights to assist you in making an informed choice. Remember that the best boarding school for you or your child is the one that aligns with your educational goals, values, and aspirations.

As you embark on this educational journey, we wish you success in finding the perfect boarding school in Italy to help shape your future and create lasting memories.

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