12 Best Flight School In Sweden

flight school in sweden

Undoubtedly, we can agree that Sweden has some of the top best flight schools in the world. Some of these best flight school in Sweden provides student with flexible programs that can take them from zero experience into any airline industry. 

Some of these flight schools offer training suited for the conversion of a non-EASA license to an EASA license with just minimum requirements. Some of the requirements may include age requirement, health certification, language proficiency in English, and a past in an online/written admission check.

There are many benefits to enrolling in the best flight school in Sweden. Hence, in this overview, we will provide you with some of the top-flight schools in Sweden and everything you need to know about them.

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Becoming a pilot in Sweden can be straightforward when you know the right procedure to become one. Here are some of the ways you can become a pilot in Sweden:

1. Complete Your Secondary Education. 

To become a pilot in Sweden, you must complete your secondary education. Ideally, achieving a pass in mathematics, English, and Physics would be helpful, as these are some of the courses required.

2. Medical Certificate.

Medical certificates are some of the major requirements for flight schools in Sweden. Therefore, it is essential that you obtain a valid class 1 medical certificate.

3. Meet Up With Other Requirements. 

Enrolling in a flight school can become an easy process when you have the basic requirements needed to become eligible. Other requirements may include age, health certification, language proficiency in English, and a past in an online/written admission check.

4. Enroll In a Flight School.

Enrolling in a flight school will help ease your journey to becoming a professional pilot. Therefore, do proper research on the best flight school in Sweden that offers training programs that suit your choice, and check out the requirements needed to enroll in the school. Finally, decide on which training programs you will have to undergo and the type of license you would like to obtain.

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The average pay for a commercial pilot in Sweden is 946,000 SEK per year. This can range from the lowest hourly pay of 407 SEK to the average monthly pay of 70,000 SEK and the highest annual salary of 1,518,000 SEK. Also, salary ranges depending on the state and level.

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Here are some of the best flight school in Sweden: 


Alpha Aviation Academy is one of the leading flight training schools in Sweden. It was founded in 2020 and is an Approved training organization (ATO) and also certified by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA)

Alpha Aviation Academy focuses completely on helping students convert their FAA or ICAO license to an EASA license. The following courses are offered at Alpha Aviation Academy: proficiency check, A-UPRT, multi-engine piston class rating (MEP CR), Multi-engine piston instrument rating (MEP IR), and Multi-engine piston instrument rating upgrade (MEP IR upgrade).

Alpha Aviation Academy also offers modular flight training for EASA certifications. It specializes in the modular courses CPL ME and IR. All flight training is done in multi-engine aircraft. It is an ideal flight school in Sweden for students hoping to become professional pilots.


flight school in Sweden
Source: flyosm.com

Founded in 1963, OSM Aviation Academy is an aviation school created by pilots, for pilots. It is one of the best flight school in Sweden The school provide students with the highest quality of education and also offer the highest standard of safety.

The school is recognized for being a center for intensive education where students immerse themselves in the profession and prepare for an aviation career. It also has a history of helping students find a relevant job one year after graduation.

OSM Aviation Academy offers training and programs in ATPL, Foundation flight training, commercial flight training (Single engine piston, multi-engine piston), type rating, IR training, Boeing 737-800 jet orientation course, and more.

All instructions done in OSMAA will be in English both in theory instruction and in the aircraft theory.

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Airway Flygutbildning is located in Vasteras Airport, in a completely newly renovated premises. The school was founded in 1988. Since its founding, it has developed significantly, continually providing the best education training in Vasteras. It is, undoubtedly, one of the best flight schools in Sweden.

Airway Flygutbildning is an Sb EASA-approved training organization. The school helps students convert their FAA CPL ME IR license to an EASA license. It can also resolve the conversion of other ICAO permissions to EASA.

The following programs offered at Airway Flygutbildning include Private pilot license (PPL), commercial pilot license (CPL), Multi-engine rating, instrument rating (IR) 

All the courses at Airway Flygutbildning are conducted in modular form so that students can be trained at the pace that suits them.


SPU Flight Academy is a well-recognized flight school in Sweden, known for its excellent teaching, integrated Airline/Helicopter training, and aircraft.

SPU Flight Academy is located at Gothenburg City Airport (Säve) in southwestern Sweden. The school offers a wide range of training courses for both airplane and helicopter pilots. 

They include Instrument training, APS multi-crew cooperation, instrument rating (Multi-engine), Advanced UPRT, instructor training, instrument rating instructor IRI (A), ATPL theory (A), type rating, instructor training, simulator, and many others.


flight school in Sweden
Source: flightacademy.com

Founded in 2009, Diamond Flight Academy is among the best flight school in schools in Sweden. The school specializes in the modular courses CPL, ME, and IR (It is delivered in their DA-42 aircraft and DA-42 stimulation) 

Diamond Flight Academy is EASA certified and offers EASA combined CPL and ME IR courses. 

The school offers a package that includes all three modules (CPL, ME, IR) in only multi-engine aircraft. They also offer conversion courses to JAA licenses in multi-engine aircraft. Accommodation is also in the package.

Diamond Flight Academy programs and courses include a commercial pilot license, flight instructor-instrument (CFII/IRI), flight instructor-multi engine (MER), multi-engine rating, and instrument rating.

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GreyBird Pilot Academy is another flight school in Sweden. The school focuses completely on training commercial pilots. GreyBird Pilot Academy uses the following aircraft to train students single engine Tecnam P2002JF, Twin-Engine Tecnam P2006T, and UPRT-fly zlin 242.

It is located in Ljungbyhed, Sweden. The school has an excellent training environment which gives students opportunities to be introduced to the international atmosphere of a commercial pilot’s daily work life. GreyBird’s students fly from based in Denmark, Sweden, and Spain. They can also visit numerous countries in Europe during their education.

To be accepted to train in GreyBird pilot academy, you must have passed the 9th-grade elementary school exam, have a valid and current class 1 medical certificate, and pass GreyBird’s admission test, which includes a math test, A Raven Test, A Disc PPA analysis and an interview.


South Sweden Flight Academy is a flight school in Sweden that is focused on offering modular training from zero to MCC and with modular courses in private pilot training (PPL) night rating (NR), instrument rating (IR), Airline transport pilot license theory (ATPL), Commercial pilot license (CPL), multi-engine piston rating (MEP), Multi-crew cooperation (MCC), Advanced upset prevention & recovery training.

The programs offered at South Sweden Flight Academy include EASA (24-month commercial pilot program), FAA (12-month accelerated commercial pilot program & certificated flight training instructor rating), FAA+EASA (24-month commercial pilot program providing you with both FAA and EASA licenses)


flight school in Sweden
Source: lunduniversity.lu.se

Lund University of Aviation is another flight school in Sweden with high-quality education in aviation. The school offers flexible programs and maintains a high level of training in every aspect of aviation. All training programs at LUSA provide students with the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed for a successful career in the aviation industry.

The school is a recognized training center. It is regarded as one of the best training schools in Ljungbyhed, Sweden.

Courses offered in Lund University School of Aviation include ATP distance learning, Flight Instructor, Flight instructor instrument (CFII/IRI), instrument rating (IR), Private license, commercial pilot license, and customized courses in crew resource management (CRM) multi-crew cooperation.

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Miles flight training is a flight school in Sweden, which aims at successfully building and training airline and helicopter captains. The school is a well-recognized academy. It has a history of successfully helping pilots graduate with great skills, experience, and licenses.

Miles flight training has been in operation for over 20 years now. It offers high-quality flight training in an inspiring environment. It is an ATO (approved training organization) located in Stockholm, Sweden.

Miles flight training started with just ME piston training and has since expanded to different types of turboprop and business jet flight training. It also offers an initial sea rating on turbine and piston aircraft. Miles flight training also offers a range of type rating instructor training (TRI) which are designed to provide students with effective methods of instruction mandatory for multi-crew cooperation and issues a type rating. 


STOFlight Academy is another flight school in Sweden that focuses on providing the best private and commercial Helicopter pilot training. The school provides students with a friendly environment and enhanced student support services. 

STOFlight Academy was founded by highly experienced pilots and intended for pilots. The school started as a project in 2015 and officially became an EASA-approved training organization in 2016 by the Swedish civil aviation authorities. 

STOFlight offers training suited for Non-EASA holders wishing to obtain an EASA license. It also offers a wide range of training for both light and heavier aircraft, including the ATP program, Private pilot license (PPL), CPL ME/IR, ATPL theory, APS MCC, Type rating, flight instructor (FI), instrument and class rating instructor (IRI/CRI), multi-crew cooperation instructor (MCCI) and more.

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flight school in Sweden
Source: greenflightacademy.com

GreenFlight is a pilot school based in Skelleftea, Sweden. It is an EASA-approved training organization that provides access to training courses like private pilot license (PPL), and commercial pilot license (CPL)

The school offers an ATPL program that provides non-stop training to pilots, to the level of proficiency required to operate in single-engine and multi-engine airplanes in commercial air transport and to obtain an EASA license.

GreenFlight Academy was established in 2021 and is the first pilot academy in the world to offer pilot training using electric aircraft.

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Skies Airline Training is an EASA-approved training organization (ATO) in Stockholm, Sweden. The school focuses on providing students with a high-quality educational experience and quality training through qualified instructors. It is one of the leading flight schools in Sweden.

The programs offered are private pilot license (PPL), commercial pilot license (CPL), Night rating, instrument rating, multi-engine rating, multi-engine IFR/IR, co-pilot line training, and more. It also provides computer training in PPL, CPL, MR, ATP/ATPL/Frozen ATPL exams, CRM, IR, and more.

Are Pilots In Demand In Sweden?

Yes! Pilots are in high demand in Sweden and there are several schools that will help you achieve your dreams of becoming a pilot.

How Long Is Pilot Training In Sweden?

Depending on the program, a private pilot license may require three to seven months. While a commercial pilot license may require one to two years.

How Many Aviation Schools Are In Sweden?

There are over 20 aviation schools in Sweden.

Yes! Sweden is a great location for flight training as it features good flying weather. 

Yes! Sweden is a great location for flight training as it features good flying weather. 

What Is The Age Requirement For Aviation Schools In Sweden?

Students must be at least 16 years of age.


Sweden has some of the best flight schools that help students to become professional pilots. We have listed some of the best flight schools in Sweden, and we hope they help you decide on the best flight school for you. 


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