List Of Best Football Academies In Malaysia

Becoming a professional footballer has been the dream of many people across the globe. In Malaysia, there is a wide range of football academies, that offer football courses and training for aspiring footballers. 

In recent years, football fever has been very high. Because old and young ones want to become professional footballers. If you have young ones whose dream is to become a popular footballer someday, it is crucial to indulge your child’s passion for the game and do the necessities for them to attend one of the best football academies in Malaysia. 

Undoubtedly, there are several football academies in Malaysia for adults and children. These academies will help them build a solid foundation and perhaps improve their hidden talents in the game. Hence, This article will be listing some of the best football academies in Malaysia and everything you need to know about them.

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For boys and girls who are interested in pursuing their football career, the maximum is between 11 to 18. Although, There are different programs for everyone, depending on the type of program you want to pursue. 

There are also other class categories that you can choose for your child, which are the developing team, the elite team, and the social team. Football academies in Malaysia age requirements may differ from one academy to another. Nonetheless, the maximum age is 18.

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There is no magic to football, and most successful footballers today have regarded continuous training as their successful career. Therefore, it is crucial that you get trained by one of the best football academies in Malaysia. 

It is also advisable to always keep fit and maintain good hygiene and diet. This will help you in the long run of your career. Also, analyse the game by focusing on improving on the football field, 

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Attending a football academy is not only an investment in your career or your child’s future, but it is also an avenue to explore the world of football. Moreover, Malaysia has some of the best football academies in the world for individuals who want to become a professional footballer.

Generally, football academies help to improve physical fitness and encourage good teamwork and social skills. The best football academies in Malaysia will provide you with unique guidance and help you develop technical skills. Also, there is room for students to gain exposure to competition.

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Below are some of the best football academies in Malaysia:


Malaysia Pahang Sports School, also known as Sekolah Sukan Malaysia Pahang, is one of the best football academies in Malaysia that offers football training. This school is located at the Gambang compound in Kuantan, Pahang. 

Malaysia Pahang Sports School represents Malaysia in under-15 and under-16 tournaments. It is being controlled by the Football Association of Malaysia. In 2014 Sekolah sukan Malaysia Pahang competed in the Malaysian President’s World Cup. Also in 2015, the school competed in the Malaysia Youth League. 

Malaysia Pahang Sports School is a reputable school that offers professional football programs to help students improve their skills and explore their talents through the school curriculum

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football academies in Malaysia

Little League Soccer is a highly reputable football academy in Malaysia that has been in existence since 1999. The academy has over 20 years of experience across Southeast Asia. 

Little League soccer trains students between the age range of 3 to 16 and aspiring beginners to experts. No matter your child’s age, you can rely on Little League soccer because they deliver the best football program ever. 

The school dedicates its time and effort to students by giving them the best coaching opportunities possible, to help them become a successful footballer in the future. 

At Little League Soccer, whether you are looking forward to building your football career or you just want to play for fun, the academy got you covered. They deliver well-coached lesson opportunities to students. 

Little League Soccer is the longest-running international youth football academy in Malaysia. The school has training locations in Ampang, Bander Utama, Eco Ardence, Putrajaya, Subang Jaya, Sungai Buloh, The Club at Bukit Utama, and Universiti Malaya.

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The Sekolah Bola is one of the best football academies in Malaysia. They have training locations in 7-1 Jalan Eco Ardence D U12/36D, Eco Ardence Seksyen U12, 40170 Shah Alam, and Selangor. The academy is known for producing the best players each year. 

The sekolah bola has a fun and interactive environment, where they meet and interact with new people and get a chance to play and learn more about football. The experienced instructor gets the chance to enhance the player’s emotional intelligence and soft skills by tutoring them to become individuals with humanity and integrity to help their careers in the future. 

The sekolah bola is accredited by the Ministry of Education and Suparimau by FAM. So you can be assured that you are getting the best possible training. 

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If your child is looking forward to pursuing their football career or advancing their football skills to the next level, Junior Football Academy Malaysia is a great choice for your child. As it is one of the top football academies in Malaysia.

Junior FAM offers European standard football lessons that are being taught by professional coaches, kids of all ages can learn the fundamentals of the sport and also get used to how to play as a team while having fun as well. 

Elite students have the chance to participate in the premier training camp at Stoke City FC Academy and play against teams from Southeast Asia and China. 

Junior FAM has endorsements from the Malaysia Ministry of Education and the Football Association of Malaysia, that is we can boldly say that Junior Football Academy Malaysia is one of the best football academies in Malaysia. 

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football academies in Malaysia

FC Kuala Lumpur is a highly recommended football academy for young players in Malaysia. The academy was established in 2009 as the elite program of Little League Soccer Malaysia. 

FCKL provides midweek training to boys and girls teams from under 6 to under 18, FC Kuala Lumpur plays in Malaysia’s nationwide youth league. To qualify for this program, your kid will either need to participate in FCKL open trials or be selected through Little League soccer’s training sessions. 

In 2019, FCKL competed in tournaments across Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Portugal, and Vietnam. The coaches at FCKL dedicate their time, development, and commitment in everything they do, by providing them with unique instructions.

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Dream Village Football Academy is one of the most popular football academies in Malaysia. The football program is available for both boys and girls who have an interest and passion for football. 

The academy inspires aspiring players to develop and build their fullest potential. The main focus of their program is to equip players with proper football skills and teamwork and help them gain experience in real matches. 

There are a lot of programs that students can choose from. If you are confused about what program is suitable for your child, it is advisable to visit Dream Village Football Academy for more detailed information and instructions about the requirements for your child. Also, Their training location is in Subang Jaya.

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football academies in Malaysia

MM10 Academy is among the best football academies in Malaysia. This football academy grants students the opportunity to play in Europe, due the the collaboration the school has with the MV8 club in Spain. This has allowed MM10 players to participate in trials for major Spanish clubs. 

MM10 Academy has UEFA-certified coaches that train children in Malaysia. The success of this play is engaging them with the opportunity of training with experienced head coach, “Matteo Massaro” who uses unique approaches to bring out the best in aspiring footballers. 

The academy has training locations in different areas and academies, such as Persiaran Margosa, Sei Bestari International School, Bandar Sri Damansara, and 52200 Kuala Lumpur. 

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KDH Global Group is known for being one of the best football academies in Malaysia. The academy was founded in 2018. The global sports group was established by Kim Do Heon. He was supported by licensed coaches and team members, to train top football academies in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 

This academy is also globally recognized by many countries for its outstanding performance in international sports. 

KDH Global Sports Group has its training locations in different places, such as 163 retail parks, 8 Jalan Kiara, Mont Kiara, DO Arena 163, and R-01 (Rooftop). KDH is a global sports group of companies that manages both professional and casual football teams and athletes. 

KDG global sports groups guarantee you with comprehensive and fun football education to help improve students’ interest in the game. The academy provides opportunities for students to participate in global tournaments and trials. Players can improve their football skills and character through the help of a systematic training syllabus. 

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football academies in Malaysia

Villarreal Academy is one of the best football academies in Malaysia that helps players pursue their football careers successfully, with the help of great coaches on the field. 

Villarreal Academy works with a large number of academies and clubs worldwide. The academy also boasts some of the best facilities and coaching lineups in Malaysia to develop the next generation of international footballers. Thousands of young players all around the world enjoy playing football under the yellow submarine methodology.

Villarreal Academy has its training location in Lot 43495, Persiaran Oleander, Twenty-five/7 property gallery, Panglima Garang, and Selangor. Villarreal partnered with UEFA 2020/2021 Europa League champions. 

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KL Youth Soccer is one of the highly reputable football academies in Malaysia, that has its training locations in Selangor, Jalan Kolam Air Lama, Ukay Heights, and the Old ISKL campus. 

KLYS offers football opportunities and lessons to both boys and girls to participate in the training program.KL youth soccer team effort and respect are the guidance of the academy. To help aspiring students develop the determination character, and passion to compete with the maximum of their possibilities. 

Sacrifice, diet, friendship, confidence, and respect are some of the key factors in KLYS. The school team of passionate coaches was headed by former Argentine football Luis Pablo, Pozzuto, who plays a unique role in creating lifelong friendships and positive values among friendships. 


While football is a game loved by many, it has limitations on the age group to join a football academy. However, the best age to join a football academy is 12 to 17.


Yes! You can start football at 19, as long as you have the skills and ability needed for the game. 


Yes! Malaysia football academies are worth it. These academies will help support your dreams and career With proper coaching and training experience. 


As mentioned earlier, the best football academies in Malaysia will help you build a solid foundation, and peradventure helps to improve your hidden talents on the football field. This article has provided a list of the best football academies in Malaysia, and we hope they are helpful to your search.




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