13 List Of Military Schools For Girls

military schools for girls

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Undoubtedly, the USA is home to hundreds of military schools for girls. Enrolling in military schools as a girl comes with several perks and opportunities. Although there are no military schools for girls, most of these schools are coed military schools that are also suitable for girls.

Military schools for girls enable female students to excel and become the best version of themselves in a challenging environment, that is normally used by men. They instill values like leadership, respect, and responsibility through rigorous academic and training sessions.

Looking for the best military schools for girls can be time-consuming. However, in this overview, we will list some of the best military schools for girls and everything you need to know about them.

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Enrolling in a military school as a girl requires meeting the admission requirements of the academy. While there are various military schools for girls in the USA, their requirements are often similar with few differences. After careful reviews from some top military schools in the USA, here are some of the major admission requirements to enter a military school as a girl:

  • As an Applicant, you must be a citizen of the United States or own a permanent resident with a valid card.
  • Applicant must be of the required age (usually 17 to 39)
  • Applicants must be unmarried.
  • Applicants must be physically and mentally capable of articipating in the program.
  • Applicant must not be pregnant or legally responsible for child support.
  • Applicants must meet high academic, character, and medical standards.

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The average cost for a military school in the United States will vary depending on some factors. Generally, military school fees are based on the location of the school and its reputation. The average military academy tuition fee ranges from $20,000 – $50,000 per year. However, public military schools do not charge students for tuition.

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Here are the best military schools for girls in the United States 


Massanutten Military Academy is a highly recognized military school for girls in the United States. It focuses on day and boarding school and has a strong history of successfully assisting students in achieving their goals. It educates, trains, and monitors students to become productive and develop in their character and academic performance.

The academy is located in Virginia, US, and was established in 1899. It has a long tradition of providing structure for success. Students are provided with everything they need. from the opportunity to graduate high school, to the opportunity to gain positive life changes. 

Massanutten Military Academy only allows enrollment for grades 5-12. 


military schools for girls
Source: nyma.org

Established in 1889, New York military academy is a private boarding school for girls and boys from grades 8-12. It was originally an all-boys school, it started admitting girls in 1975. This makes it one of the best military schools for girls.

The academy aims at providing its students the opportunity to become leaders and self-disciplined youths. It educates students in all aspects of learning to impart a sense of leadership, determination, and pride in them.

The New York Military Academy offers ideal high school programs that combine academic, physical, and leadership courses that focus on character development and academic development within a positive, challenging military environment. 

The purpose of this academy is to develop the students’ mind, body, and characters to prepare them for further education and to be effective leaders that are responsible for their citizens.

The Academy has successfully graduated over 10,000 cadets since its founding 

New York Military Academy offers financial aid to all eligible domestic cadets and also offers a sibling discount for boarding students. 

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Maine Maritime Academy is a public coeducational college in the United States that focuses on maritime training. It is located in Castine, Maine, and was established in 1941. It is, however, one of the best military schools for girls.

Maine Maritime Academy is one of six non-federal maritime training colleges in the nation and is one of only two that features a Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps (NROTC) unit.

Maine Maritime Academy’s programs cut across Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, Marine Science/Merchant Marine Officer, System Engineering, Marine Biology, and Biology Oceanography.


SUNY Maritime College is a public maritime college in the Bronx, New York. It is part of the State University of New York system. It is one of the best military schools for girls.

SUNY Maritime College is the oldest and largest maritime school in New York. It was founded in 1874 and has a strong history of continually providing education and training that meets world standards. It is one of only seven degree-granting academies in the nation.

SUNY Maritime College offers a comprehensive Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps (NROTC), which leads to a commission as an officer in the United States Navy or United States Marine Corps.

The school provides its students the opportunity to enjoy extracurricular activities. It also offers a variety of undergraduate programs in Engineering, Marine Transportation, Naval Architecture, and Marine environmental science.

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military schools for girls
Source: fma.rvaschools.com

Franklin Military Academy is a coeducational secondary school in the Richmond City public school district. It was established in 1980. The academy only accepts enrollment for students in grades 6-12 and has a total of 317 students, and it is one of the best military schools for girls.

Franklin Military Academy is the first public military school in the United States. Its main mission is to prepare students for academic and professional qualifications after graduation. 

Franklin military academy has received numerous awards of excellence in various categories, including the best high school in the country.


Great Lakes Maritime Academy is among the best military schools for girls in the Midwest portion of the United States. The academy is located on West Grand Traverse Bay in Traverse City, Michigan, and was established in 1969 as a maritime training college for both men and women to be licensed mariners on a variety of ships.

The Great Lakes Maritime is one of the six state-operated maritime academies in the United States. It is the only maritime academy that offers graduates the opportunity to earn first-class Great Lakes pilotage.

Additionally, the academy offers numerous continuing academy and re-certification programs. It also provides education and training for cadets who wish to pursue a career in Merchant marine. You’ll be allowed to learn Seamanship, navigation, and piloting, or Ship construction, steam, and diesel engineering.

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TMI Episcopal is a highly recognized private military academy for girls in the United States. TMI Episcopal is a coeducational college for students in grades 6-13. It is in San Antonio, Texas. The school accepted international students from China, South Korea, Thailand, and Australia. 

TMI Episcopal has a strong and rich history as it was founded before the 20th century for both males and females (1893)

The school offers a complete college preparatory program, including honors and advanced placement courses, as well as a competitive athletic program. It also provides a JROTC program that allows cadets to engage in special activities and student clubs, community services, student government, and honor council.


military schools for girls
Source: gmc.edu

Georgia military college is a preparatory school that focuses on delivering high-level education to students in a positive environment. The school helps students embrace teamwork and grow into contributing citizens.

Georgia Military College Introduces students to programs that focus on preparing them for success in the university of their choice. The programs emphasize leadership, personal development, and productivity. It was established in 1879. 

The school is divided into junior college, high school, middle school, and elementary school, as well as a military junior college program. It was originally known as Middle Georgia Military and Agricultural College, until 1900

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New Mexico military institute is a public military junior institute that functions as a center for Duty, Honor, and achievement. The school was founded in 1891, NMMI is the only state-supported military college in the nation. It is a nationally accredited coeducational preparatory military boarding school for grades 9-12.

In addition, NMMI offers a unique learning experience through an expansive curriculum that is mission-directed to educate train, and prepare both men and women. It is one of the best military schools for girls.

NMMI is globally recognized. The school enrolls nearly 1,000 cadets at the junior college and high school levels each year from 45 States, 2 U.S. territories, and 35 Foreign nations.

The school’s programs ensure that students are well-prepared for their designed future careers. Academics at NMMI focus on the fundamentals of social sciences, Mathematics and sciences, humanities, and physical education. 

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The California Military Institute is a public charter school in Perris, California, which serves students in grades 5-12.

The school focuses on providing students with the highest possible education in a military environment to ensure high levels of learning for all students through leadership development, academic rigor, and emotional support to prepare them for college and a career in the military.

California military institute provides students with an excellent experience. Students get the opportunity to experience first-class educational experiences. As a result, CMI is highly recognized and known to be the best military school in California for girls.

The school has a history of helping student progress in their academics.


military schools for girls
Source: oakmil.org

Founded in 2001, Oakland military institute is a tuition-free public charter school in Oakland, CA. It is the first charter school managed by the State of California military department and sponsored by the National Guard.

The school’s mission is to provide high levels of learning to all students through a structured and rigorous academic program that ensures leadership development, disciplined citizens, and character development.

Oakland military school focus entirely on developing leaders by providing a rigorous preparatory program to help female students in grade levels 6-12 develop success in areas of academic and life.

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Randolph Macon Academy is among the best military schools for girls in the United States. It provides a structured and rigorous academic program for students in grades 6-12 with day and boarding options.

Randolph Macon Academy is located in Virginia, U.S., And was established in 1892. It is one of six private military schools in Virginia. 

Randolph Macon Academy Academic programs feature advanced placement courses, pre-professional pathways, robotics, and aviation programs to elevate student’s portfolios for university applications. The school also offers a university preparatory curriculum with an Air Force JROTC program, preparing graduates for success in their lives.


Virginia military institute is a public military college in Lexington, Virginia. It was established in 1839 as America’s first state military college. It is the oldest state-supported military college in the United States.

Virginia military institute has a great reputation for preparing young women for opportunities to become individuals whose daily lives reflect the integrity and appreciation for the value of hard work.

U.S. News & World Report has ranked Virginia Military Institute among the nation’s top undergraduate public liberal arts colleges since 2001.

VMI offers undergraduate programs in business, economics, international studies, and arts and sciences. All VMI cadets must enroll in one of four ROTC programs (Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marines).

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What Is The Age Requirement For Military School In The Usa?

Applicant must be at least 17-18 years old. Age is a crucial requirement for enrollment into military schools in the USA. However, military schools in the US may have different requirements for age. Therefore, it is vital to know the accepted age required.

Can I Join The Military At 18?

Yes! Students can join the military at 18 or older. However, joining the military below 17 may require the consent of both parents.

What Military Schools For Girls Are In The Usa?

Some of the major military academies in the USA are Franklin Military Academy, Great Lakes Maritime, Texas Military Institute (TMI) Episcopal, Georgia Military College, New Mexico Military Institute, California Military Institute, and more.


The listed military schools for girls in this overview will most likely provide students with exquisite skills, excellent academic life, training, and experience that will enable them to excel in their careers. This overview has featured some of the best military schools for girls in the USA, and we hope to help you decide on the best one for you.


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