Best Aviation Schools In France 

aviation schools in France

France is undoubtedly one of the best countries for aviation. There are several Aviation Schools In France that teach students how to fly planes and every other basic they need to know about air transportation. 

There are flight schools in France that offer a wide range of courses and the best training to students to help them become professionals and successful in their aviation careers. Studying Aviation in France will help you open doors to good opportunities in the future. 

As an international student looking forward to studying in aviation schools in France, you may be required to have proficiency in the French language. However, some schools teach their courses in the English language. Nonetheless, you need to understand the basics of the French language, to communicate and make new friends with your colleagues. 

Looking for the best aviation schools in France can be time-consuming. Therefore, this article will discuss some best aviation schools in France, including the type of courses they offer and other relevant things you need to know about them. 

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Yes! Flight schools in France are regulated. Although not all schools are duly, the majority of flight schools are regulated by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). However, when choosing an aviation school suitable for you, there are some factors you must consider before deciding which school to choose. It is essential to choose a flight school that is certified by the FAA and has a good reputation and high quality. 

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Flight schools offer a wide range of courses depending on the one suitable for you and what the school offers. Students have the free will to choose from a wide variety of choices, Such as night flying, cross-country flying, and instrument training. Flight schools may also offer courses such as advanced navigation, mountain flying, aerobatics, and many others.

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Below are some of the benefits of enrolling in an aviation school in France:


Aviation schools will provide you with the advantage of having free access to the airport, where you get to have connections and access to potential people.


Attending a flight school gives you the privilege and opportunity to learn with great instructors who are professional and expert in the field.


Also, flight school allows you to meet and learn from others with the same interests.


Undoubtedly, flight school provides the opportunity to gain real-world experience in the air and also a chance to network with other pilots. Most aviation schools will provide you the opportunity to experience a comprehensive curriculum and have access to different facilities and aircraft.

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Here are some of the best aviation schools in France:


Paris Flight Academy is one of the best aviation schools in France that offers a wide range of courses and also trains students about everything they need to know about aviation safety. 

Paris Flight Academy is a professional airplane pilot and a certified approved Flight training organization under the reference FR.ATO.0271. The Flight Academy delivers flexible training and curriculum to students. The school is always open without any disruption. 

Paris Flight Academy offers training courses that have been approved by the General Direction of Civil Aviation (DGAC). The academy also has professional instructors who hold a Commercial Pilot License (CPL). 

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aviation schools in France

Astonfly Flight School is a highly reputable aviation school, the school is considered the first aviation school in France. All training courses being offered at Astonfly Flight School are accredited by the Direction Générale de l’Aviation Civile (DGAC) and compiled with the directives of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). 

Astonfly is a flight school situated in Toussus Le Noble, founded in 2004. Astonfly’s students are supported in their student life and they also have access to financing and accommodation services, including sports activities. 

Astonfly Flight School trains pilots for the commercial pilot license (ATPL). The school training center is organized on a 7500 m2 campus, with air crafting parking, hangers, a classroom, a simulator, an operation room, and a relaxation area dedicated to students. 

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Airbus Flight Academy is one of the leading aviation schools in France that offers top-quality learning to aspiring airline student pilots. A

Airbus Flight Academy offers an Airbus Pilot Cadet training program to aspiring pilots. The Airbus pilot cadet training program is designed to help students with no flying experience to improve their skills and train them to become a professional to become safe, and competent pilots “ready to fly”. 

Airbus training experience helps students acquire soft skills and fundamental expertise with food quality and high safety standards from the beginning of the program. The academy has been supporting aspiring pilots for over 50 years. The aircraft mainly used to deliver the physical training are exceptional. 

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ESMA Aviation Academy is one of the best aviation schools in France. Founded in 1988 by Air Littoral, a former popular French airline. The aviation academy offers intensive training courses, integrated training courses, cabin crew training, and dual qualification MBS Program. 

ESMA Aviation Academy is a medium-sized school situated in France at Montpellier Méditerrance Airport. The academy offers training for all disciplines of the aviation industry, including Cabin crew, maintenance, pilot, and ground staff. 

ESMA has developed expertise and consultancy activities, which is known as a feasibility study for setting up training centers, training engineering, and more.

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The National School of Aviation is one of the best aviation schools in France. The school offers a wide range of courses and training to aspiring pilots. The institution was founded in 1949. The school offers comprehensive higher education programs ranging from bachelor to master of science, aviation advanced masters, and also Ph.D. in the domains of aeronautics of aviation. 

The National School of Civil Aviation offers 30 engineering and technical programs in civil aviation and aeronautics. The programs include aircraft maintenance, flight instructor, aerospace engineering, and air traffic control. 

The National School of Civil Aviation also offers master’s programs for students with advanced knowledge and experience. 

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aviation schools in France

 If you are interested in becoming an airline pilot, commercial pilot, or private pilot, Cannes Aviation is the best place for you. Cannes Aviation is one of the best aviation schools in France that offers great aviation programs to aspiring pilots. It was founded in 2005.

The school offers quality and safety education to students. Cannes Aviation also has experienced instructors who deliver flexible learning experiences in the best way. For flight training, the academy goes beyond the minimum number of flight and simulator hours required by regulations and has also developed a teaching methodology based on individualized monitoring of students.

 For the ground courses and the training of the 14 theoretical ATPL certificates, the academy has a special team of particularly experienced instructors. For the fleet of aircraft, the academy delivers innovative composite material aircraft, the Diamond DA40 single engine, and DA42 twin-engine. These engines are reliable, light, and fuel efficient.

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BAA Training is a highly recommended aviation training school for aspiring pilots who are looking forward to becoming a professional pilot in the future. It is one of the best aviation schools in France.

The aviation training school offers professional aviation training, including Ab initio for those with little or no previous flight experience. BAA Training delivers graduates to leading airlines in Turkey, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Vietnam, Iceland, and Laos. 

The school owns and operates Airbus A320, Boeing 737 NG, max full flight simulator (FFSs), and FTD level 2 Simulators (FTDs) in Asia and Europe and also has access to a network of over 69 partners FFSs in 19 different locations across the globe. 

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Glass Cockpit Aviation Europe is a highly regarded aviation school that offers flight training with advanced instruments, accelerated, simulator training, and advanced aircraft. It is, without a doubt, one of the best aviation schools in France.

At Glass Cockpit Aviation Europe, you will be provided with unique opportunities to utilize the FAA-approved elite iGate simulator. This assists students in keeping their skills sharp and reduces any lost time no matter what weather conditions are being thrown their way. the school is approved by the U.S. Department of Transportation Safety (TSA)

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If you are searching for an aviation school to pursue your aviation career, Air Occitanie is the perfect place for you. It is one of the best aviation schools in France.

Air Occitanie is a Flight School for ultralights, autogyro, and aircraft that is situated in the south of France. The school offers standard pilot training courses and instructor ultralight training courses. The school flight instructor team has great experience in flight training and instruction. 

The school offers several services in the field of aviation, their service is available for beginners and more advanced pilots who are willing to learn more. 

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Cosmo Flight Training School is one of the best aviation schools in France that is a fully licensed flight school based in Limoges (France), providing private pilot license (PPL). 

The school delivers its courses in English. The school offers training for night flying, renewal, and revalidation of license. It also offers intensive courses for the ground school examination. 

Cosmo provides students with professional instructors who are experts in the flight training field. Their instructors can accompany you on flights as safety pilots. 

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aviation schools in France

AZUR SKY is one of the leading aviation flight schools in Europe, that specializes in FAA training. The flight school has years of teaching flying skills experience in America and Europe. 

What made this school curriculum unique is the experience being accumulated over the years in airplanes of all kinds ( classic instrument, G1000, Avidyne, and others). These factors are the main reason for students to get effective training and be guided toward a professional career path. 

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EPAG NG is a great flying school that is being managed by four instructors from the historic École de Pilotage Amaury de la Grange. The school is designed for students who are interested in learning about flight. 

EPAG NG provides students with professional instructors who are experts in the aviation sector and are licensed. The school delivers courses in both English and French. 


There are several courses in aviation and each course has a specific duration for completion. The standard pilot course often requires two years, the commercial pilot license course often requires six months, and provides pilot license course is six months. 


Yes! Some of the best aviation schools in France include Paris Flight Academy, Astonfly Flight School, Airbus Flight Academy, ESMA Aviation Academy, National school of civil aviation, Cannes Aviation, BAA Training, Glass Cockpit Aviation Europe, Air Occitanie, Cosmo flight training school, Azur Sky, EPAG NG, and more.


If you are looking forward to becoming a professional pilot in France, numerous aviation programs offer suitable pilot courses for whatever you are looking forward to pursuing. Aviation schools in France will provide you with exceptional training that will make you a professional in the industry. This article has listed some of the best aviation schools in France, and we hope they are helpful to your search.




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