10 Best Online Universities In UK

Online universities in Uk

There are many different types of online universities in Uk that offer a wide range of courses available for students to choose from. Depending on the courses students want to specialize in and the school tuition fees students can afford, students have free will to participate in more than one program. 

Several online universities in uk are ideal for international students, students with disabilities, and students with families who want to further their education without having any problems like relocating can also enroll in some of the best online universities in uk. 

Notwithstanding, online universities have several advantages. Therefore, This article will feature some of the best online universities in uk that are well-suited for students who want to pursue their education.

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Studying online makes it more efficient and flexible for you, especially if you have families to take care of or work. You will not have to worry about relocating or moving to another country. You will have your own free will to make your timetable to a time that is convenient for you.

Studying online is so affordable because online classes reduce financial costs, also you will not have to worry about cost points of students’ meals, transportation, as well as real estate. Online education is very much affordable compared to physical education. 

Studying online always results in students acquiring a recognized degree or certificate either a master’s degree, bachelor’s degree, postgraduate degree, or diploma or professional accredited degree. It is always so convenient to pursue your education online so you can focus on other aspects of your life, as well as your interests and family.

You will learn how to communicate well with your instructor and peers virtually. Students also get to participate in global conferences and events with learners and collaborate with professors from across the world.

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Below are some of the best online universities in uk including the programs they offer and other educational opportunities for those who want to study in Uk online universities.


The University of Essex is one of the best online universities in uk. It is a public research university located in Essex, England. The university was founded in 1965. The University of Essex offers over 80 facilities for postgraduate and undergraduate degree programs in courses, that include criminology, law, healing, psychology, business, and computing. The online courses are being taught in the English language. 

At Essex University students class size is limited to just 20 students, which makes education more accessible for students. The school is rated silver and recognized in the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF), and it is undertaken by the Office for Students (OFS). 

The school is rated for commitment to delivering high-quality academic experience, with good conducive learning environments and academic support. Its online learning is a combination of online learning and a discussion platform to connect you with colleagues and instructors.

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Online universities in Uk
Source: arden.ac.uk

Arden University is a private for-profit teaching university based in the United Kingdom. Arden University offers a wide range of online courses and great learning qualifications. 

The university offers Bachelor’s degree programs, master’s degree programs, and other certified degrees. They offer courses in data analytics, social science, business, and more. They also offer an online qualifying law degree. 

Arden courses are certified and accredited by the recognition of Association of Certified Chartered Accountants (ACCA), the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), and the British Psychological Society (BPS). The university is known and respected by global employers for its innovative approaches and its ability to deliver quality education to students.

AU’s main focus is to help students pursue their education successfully, and you will be able to gain more knowledge and insight to achieve your dreams through your education.

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Open University is one of the largest public research universities based in the United Kingdom. The school has a very large school size of over 2 million students achieving a degree in distance learning and online. It is one of the online universities in uk.

The university offers Online certificates, honors degrees, integrated master’s degrees, PhDs, and foundation degrees, as well as short courses in diploma programs. Some of their courses are being reviewed and accredited by great organizations. The courses are strictly taught in English, and it takes a minimum of 3 years to finish the program. The school makes sure that you study at your own pace and flexibility in your comfortable schedule during your time off work hours. 

You can study from wherever you are without the need to relocate from your home country. Students also have free will to create their Open qualification to include any amount of subjects or activities relevant to their education. 

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University of the creative arts is one of the best online universities in uk. It is an arts and design university in the South of England. The university offers a combination of foundation, master’s, and bachelor’s degrees for students in the creative field. 

Courses offered include music, photography, film, graphic design, fine arts, craft, architecture, creative business, performing arts, media, games, and creative technology. Also, these courses meet the demands and criteria of the arts industry. That is, your certificate is recognized by the industry. 

At the University of the Creative Arts, Online courses are taught in English, and taken through the university’s open college system of arts. You can choose to study a one-off course that will lead to a diploma or certificate in higher education, or take a full bachelor’s or master’s degree.

The university has a foundation program and a pre-degree program for those who want to gain more insight into the subject before applying for an undergraduate degree program. University of the Creative Arts helps every student create their path, using their creativity and imagination to recognize the differences in their careers and their studies to create a better future for themselves. 

The school believes that creativity and imagination make communities more human, innovative, vibrant, and unique.

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Online universities in Uk
Source: lse.ac.uk

London School For Economic and Political Science (LES) is one of the leading online universities in uk. It is a public research university based in London. 

The university is designed for Undergraduate Students who want to pursue their academic career in Management, economics, political science, sociology, accounting, international relations, business, finance, and other social sciences courses. The courses are taught in English, and students will be able to share knowledge, gain more insight, build good academic skills, and stay engaged with their colleagues and instructors. 

There are some fundamental details students needs to know about, which includes accessing course materials through tablets, mobile devices, or desktop, Attending live lectures led by lecturers, receiving personalized presentations, admission, and support from professors. The university provides flexible learning and supports students with a professional and balanced approach toward their academic careers. 

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The University of Oxford ranks as one of the leading online universities in uk. It is a collegiate research university in Oxford, England. 

The University of Oxford offers a wide variety of subjects in business studies, history, and creative writing. The program is available for students to learn, and pursue whatever degree they want to achieve in their education field. 

Course format includes single-day and weekend classes, lecture series and Oxford qualification, weekend events, and flexible short courses. The Oxford qualifications include part-time study that can be conducted mostly online, from undergraduate award courses to graduate degree programs. 

The online short courses focus on in-depth topics that can be taught one or two days depending on the type of courses you want to take. The short courses will give you more deep insight within a few days with a lecture series. 

The programs being taught at the University of Oxford will help you acquire more skills and knowledge to discover your potential and pursue your education career successfully.

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Online universities in Uk
Source: manchester.ac.uk

The University of Manchester is one of the leading online universities in uk. It is a public research university in Manchester, England. The University of Manchester is one of the best online schools for distance learning. 

The university offers a wide range of postgraduate courses that are offered fully online. They offer postgraduate courses in business administration, engineering, law, real estate, medical science, environmental science, Economics, English Literature, and creative writing. 

The university elaborates more on the industry role and practical aspects. Students can choose to gain more experience in resources and relate well with faculty members to help them achieve a good academic experience.

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University of Bristol is a red brick Russell group research university that offers both undergraduate and postgraduate courses. It is one of the leading online universities in uk. The university is based in Bristol, England. 

The university focuses on courses that include science, health, and arts. Students have good access to facilities essential for their research, including experimental facilities, databases, Archives, laboratories, and other research materials. 

Students can also communicate regularly with their supervisors using mobile devices, email, or online meetings on their platform. The university also offers short courses online that are designed to be offered for at least four weeks. The short course gives students good teaching, and resources, as well good research offered by the university.

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Online universities in Uk
Source: cam.ac.uk

The University of Cambridge is one of the leading online universities in uk. It is a collegiate public research university based in Cambridge, England. 

The University of Cambridge online studies offers a wide program of short courses. The university’s purpose is to offer aspiring students a good online education experience to help them advance their careers, gain good insight from their professors in the field, and connect very well with their colleagues. 

The courses being offered cover a wide range of subject areas, from science and technology to humanities and social sciences, aspiring students can expect structured and comprehensive programs as well. 

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The University of Edinburgh is a public research university located in Edinburgh, England. The university offers postgraduate courses and short courses. The postgraduate courses include master’s degrees, postgraduate diplomas, and certificates. Courses are strictly taught in English and also offered online. 

The programs offered are designed to help students pursue their education careers successfully and progress toward a more sustainable career path. The short course is also offered online, and it can also be taken by anyone from anywhere online for free. There are no requirements and the courses are very easy to apply for online. Students just need to participate and communicate well with their peers through their platforms.


Some of the online universities in the UK include the University of Essex, Arden University, Open University, the University of the Creative Arts, London School for Economics and Political Science, the University of Oxford, the University of Manchester, the University of Bristol, University of Cambridge, and more.


Yes! Many online universities in the UK accept international students and provide students with a comprehensive education.


Yes! Online degrees from an accredited institution in the UK are valid, and students interested in online learning can enroll in the institution.


Studying in an online university comes with several opportunities. Also, there are several online universities in uk that will help you achieve your aim of earning a degree online. This article has listed some of the best online universities in uk and we hope they help you decide.


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