15 Best Aviation Schools In Spain

Would you like to become a pilot? Do you have a passion for flying the skies? Or probably you do not truly want to fly but stay on the ground and make designs of complex planes and maintain them. Whatever it is that you desire, training and getting a degree from one of the Best Aviation Schools In Spain will help you achieve that.

The Aviation industry is a diverse sector that offers job opportunities in various areas. These job opportunities range from the simplest roles to positions with very complicated technical tasks. 

Nonetheless, this article will feature a list of the Top 15 best aviation schools in Spain that have stood the test of time and produced some of the most renowned airline master pilots in Spain and across the world. 

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The requirements for aviation schools in Spain also vary similarly to the cost for each aviation school. But below are the general requirements to enroll in an aviation school in Spain.

  • You must be at least 17 years old.
  • You must have a high school certificate or have attended a vocational school.
  • Pass a class 1 medical exam if opting for a commercial pilot license, CPL(A)
  • You must take a test, which will include English, Mathematics, personality, and others, depending on the school of your choice.

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Before choosing an aviation school, it is crucial to consider several factors. One of the most crucial factors is the type of pilot training you’re seeking. So, are you seeking private or commercial pilot training? Or do you want to become a certified flight instructor? Knowing what type of training you need will help you when choosing an aviation school.

Other factors to consider when choosing an aviation school are the cost, location, accreditation, and reputation.

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Below is a list of top aviation schools in Spain with the programs they offer.

Aerolink Flight Academy is one of the leading Aviation schools in Spain. Considered to be the best in training students, providing excellent programs, and hosting a welcoming environment. 

This Academy was established back in 2002, and since then it has trained many students, offering the following courses: ATPL Airline pilot course, PL (A) Private pilot course, and Flight attendant course.

Aerolink Flight Academy is undoubtedly the most experienced professional flight school in Spain, with a long history of success in training ab initio pilots to be the present and future captains for a wide range of airlines. 

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aviation schools in Spain
Source: airpullaviationacademy.com

Airpull Aviation Academy is among the best aviation training schools in Spain. It ranks #2 in the list of the top aviation schools in Spain offering quality aviation education.

This Aviation school has a long history of successfully training pilots. They are an approved training organization (ATO) for professional, as well as recreational pilots, certified by EASA. 

Airpull Aviation Academy offers ATPL(A) integrated Premium course, ATPL(A) Integrated Advanced course, ATPL(A) Integrated Basic course, and ATPL(A) Theoretical Knowledge Molecular Course, as well as several Flight instructor courses and other pilot courses. 

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Airways Aviation Academy Huesca, Located in Spain prides itself as a leading aviation school with a history of success in the aviation industry. The academy brings over 45 years of aviation education and training experience to students, cadets, and the industry. 

Airways Aviation Academy is EASA, CASA, IATA, and CAAC Certified, in conjunction with its industry and academic partners, the school delivers ATPLs, CPLs, Bachelor’s degrees, Diplomas, certificate courses, and training programs for Airline pilots, Military pilots, cabin crew, Aircraft maintenance technicians, and managers.

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Barcelona Flight School ranks among the top 20 best aviation schools in Spain, with more than 60 years of experience offering high-quality flight training and courses that can help you build your pilot career. 

Barcelona Flight School offers an Airline Pilot ATPL Programme. This is an integrated Airline pilot and abs initio course addressed to future pilots who wish to obtain the CPL (Commercial pilot license), with the ME-IR (Multi-engineer instrument) rating, along with the theoretical knowledge required for an ATPL license.

Barcelona Flight School also offers A Modular Plus Programme. This program will allow you to obtain an ATPL license step by step according to your schedule and needs. With this program, you will also obtain all the individual qualifications, such as PPL, CPL, ME-IR, and MCC. 

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FlyBy Aviation Academy is a reputable aviation school in Spain, ranked among the best in the World. FlyBy Aviation Academy is a commercial Flight School based in Spain offering an in-inclusive ATPL integrated training EASA program for only €74,900.

FlyBy Aviation Academy offers a comprehensive Bachelor of Science with an ab initio integrated airline transport pilot degree. This program is aimed at aspiring commercial pilots who wish to develop the skills, knowledge, and employability profile that will give them a competitive advantage to land their first job. The program is highly valued in Europe and across the world.

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aviation schools in Spain
Source: corflightschool.com

Consistently ranked one of the best aviation schools, Corflight School located in Spain, aims to provide students with the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in the aviation industry. 

The school concentrates on Simulator training and offers comprehensive, quality training supported by highly trained instructors to help you discover how to fly in professional airspace from scratch, using the most advanced technology.

Corflight School offers the following courses, including ATPL (A) Online Course, Commercial Pilot course – CPL (A), PPL Private Pilot Course (A), Flight Instructor Course (FI), MCC APS course, License Conversion Course (ICAO to FCL) and more.

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Since 2012, Global Training Aviation has had a national reputation for outstanding graduates. The school has over 20 years of experience in the operation of full-flight simulators. The school is committed to providing the best training solutions at the best price. It is one of the best aviation schools in Spain.

Global Training Aviation offers airlines, pilots, and Cabin crew, professional and individual training programs. The school’s philosophy is based on the most innovative instructional methodologies, the standardization of its training, and the use of state-of-the-art stimulation systems. 

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World Aviation Flight Academy is one of the leading Aviation schools in Spain that aims to provide students with the highest quality educational experience and training to develop safe and efficient handling of aircraft. 

The school is well-recognized in the flight industry. It offers a wide range of helicopter, airplane, and drone pilot training, as well as type ratings, license validations, renewals, revalidation, air force programs, and tailor-made training programs. 

World Aviation Flight Academy is approved by AESA with the E-ATO 272 certification, and quality assurance, and recognized by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). 

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aviation schools in Spain
Source: qualityfly.com

Quality Fly Aviation Academy is a highly recognized training center in Spain regarded as one of the leading aviation schools in Spain and the world. The academy holds a highly international profile with 100% English training and students of more than 35 different nationalities.

Quality Fly Aviation Academy offers Modular flight courses, including PPL, ATPL Theory Course (Onsite), NR, ME/IR, CPL, MCC, and MCC to APS MCC course. The school also offers instructor courses, including flight instructor courses, instrument rating instructor courses, multi-crew cooperation instructor courses, and class rating instructor courses. 

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Next on our list is the EAS Barcelona, a medium-sized flight training school based in Barcelona, and Sabadell Airport in Spain. The school focuses on providing a friendly environment and quality educational experience to students of all calibers and nationalities. It is one of the best aviation schools in Spain.

EAS Barcelona offers an Airline pilot course, which includes theoretical and practical flight and simulator studies. To qualify for this degree, EAS Barcelona has the ATO authorization required by the State Air Safety Agency (AESA), a member of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). The school also offers modular pilot training, courses for airlines, and courses for pilots.

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FTE Jerez is another aviation school in Spain that focuses on providing first-class aviation training services with the right environment, experience, equipment, and expertise.

The school is located in Spain and was founded in 1988 and since its founding. it has developed significantly as one of the leading and most exclusive flight training organizations, specializing in ab initio ATPL training programs for aspiring pilots and airline cadets alike. 

FTE Jerez offers an Airline First Officer program. It is one of Europe’s most successful and exclusive integrated training routes for Aspiring pilots. On completion of the AFOP, you will obtain the highest level of aircraft pilot certification: an Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL). 

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BAA Training Spain, Gava is another flight school in Spain that aims at training and producing quality pilots. It is one of three independent aviation training providers in Europe, expanding globally.

BAA Training is one of the few EASA Standard Approved Training Organizations (ATO) in Europe delivering ab initio, Type Rating Training, cabin crew, ground handling, and pilot training, including remote learning.

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Adventia – European Aviation College is another one of Spain’s leading flight schools. The school offers several training programs and aims at training and preparing students for jobs in areas of the airline.

Adventia – European Aviation College is an ATO school (Approved Training Organization) approved by the state aviation safety agency (E-ATO 230). The school specializes in offering integrated training, and also degree courses with their associated university (University of Salamanca)

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image 14
Source: europeanflyers.com

European Flyers is also one of the best aviation schools in Spain. The school focuses on providing quality aviation training that meets world standards through highly qualified instructors. 

European Flyers Aviation has an excellent environment and is a top ATO (Approved training organization) with two locations in Spain (Madrid & and Alicante).

The programs offered at European Flyers cut across Airplane pilot, Helicopter pilot courses, and Drone pilot courses. 

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Aerodynamics Academy is the largest radiation school and one of the best training centers in Spain. The school specializes in pilot training, Aircraft Maintenance Technical, Cabin crew and flight attendant, and Drone pilot training. 

Aerodynamics Academy delivers first-class training in both theoretical and practical subjects. Its modern facilities allow the student to train in state-of-the-art simulators, which can perfectly recreate real-life scenarios in the cockpit.


The cost of flight schools in Spain varies on many factors such as the school, the location, and the degree pursued. However, with almost €74,900, you can enroll in a flight school in Spain.


Most aviation schools in Spain offer a wide range of courses depending on the one suitable for you and what the school offers. These Flight schools also offer courses such as advanced navigation, mountain flying, and aerobatics, and many others.


There are several courses in aviation and each course has a specific duration for completion. The standard pilot course often requires two years, the commercial pilot license course often requires six months, and provides pilot license course is six months. 


Enrolling in one of the best aviation schools in Spain will provide you with training that will help you become a professional pilot. Also, Spain is one of the best countries for aviation courses. Therefore, this article has provided a list of the best aviation schools in Spain, and we hope it is helpful to your search.


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