Best Medical Schools In Budapest For International Students

Budapest is the capital of Hungary, Situated in the heart of Europe. The state is an ideal location for international students who are looking forward to pursuing a degree in the medical field. The tuition fee in Budapest is very affordable compared to other European countries, and the cost of living is low. Also, there are several medical schools in Budapest for aspiring medical students.

Budapest has various schools that offer medical courses in different majors, such as health science, dentistry, pharmacy, physiotherapy, and nursing. There are other courses offered in the medical field. The application procedures for international students are mostly online based, but some physical procedures are required. 

Budapest universities are always happy to welcome international students who are interested in pursuing their medical careers abroad. This article will discuss the best medical schools in Budapest for international students and their requirements to apply for admission into Budapest. 

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Pursuing a medical degree in Hungary is so worth it, if you are seeking where in the world to pursue your career Budapest is a great country you should consider when looking to study abroad. Especially for international, Budapest offers the best English program for international students who are interested in studying abroad. Universities in Budapest deliver high-quality and world-class education. 

The tuition fees in Budapest are very reasonable and affordable compared to other European countries like the UK, and the cost of living in Budapest is low. 

Also, Budapest is a very safe and modernized country. Pursuing a degree at any Budapest university provides you with several opportunities in different areas of your career. 

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The average cost of Medical schools in Budapest varies depending on the degree you want to pursue and specialize in, hundreds of international students enroll in Budapest every year. The Average cost for medicine, and dentistry in Budapest is about €16,000 (EUR) per year. 

Although, the cost of living varies between 5,000 to 7,000 each year. This cost includes paying rent, transportation, buying proper food & groceries, and you will also be able to cover personal living expenses. The average cost of accommodation in Budapest varies between €4,000 to €5,000 per year. 

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For applicants to be qualified to apply for admission into any medical school in Hungary, or university, you must have a high school diploma and a proficiency in English. 

The majority of Hungarian universities require an entry examination which includes oral and written exams. The usefulness of this exam is to test the ability of the students in biology and chemistry. Applicants may also undergo an online with the faculty of medicine.

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As stated earlier, Budapest is one of the best states in Hungary to study medicine as a local or international student. One of the benefits of studying medicine in Budapest is low tuition fees and low cost of living. The Medical Schools in Budapest offer low tuition fees to students aspiring to study medicine in the state, 

Also, the degrees awarded at these schools are globally recognized, and dormitories are available for students. Hence, students can live within the dormitory. The entry requirements for medical schools in Budapest are low.

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When choosing a medical school to enroll in in Budapest, it is essential to consider checking the accreditation and recognition of the school. This way, you will be assured that your degree certification is valid and can be used in any country. 

Also, do extensive research on the professors and facilities and Know where the school is situated. If you are interested in the student life and activities, check if the school has activities that you want for yourself.

It is crucial to check the average cost of the school. This will enable you to know if you can meet up with the budget. Also, check the curriculum of the school and its rankings.

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Below are some of the best medical schools in Budapest for international students:


Szeged University is one of the best medical schools in Budapest. The university highly welcomes international students to participate and study with them. Szeged is considered the third largest city in Hungary, and it is located in the southern part of the country. 

Szeged University offers international programs in medicine dentistry & pharmacology. The medicine faculty was established in 1775. The university English program was established in 1985, and over 22,000 students from around the globe study at the University. 

The international program Szeged University offers includes 

General medicine (6 years program with a degree as MUDr, Doctor of General Medicine)

Dentistry (5 years program with a degree as DMD, Doctor of Dental Medicine)

Pharmacology (5 years program with a degree as a PharmD, Doctor of Pharmacy)

Requirement For Szeged University 

To be eligible for admission into Szeged University, applicants must complete a high school diploma, and participate in the entrance examinations that include written and oral exams in the subject of chemistry, biology, or physics, and also a proficiency in the English language is compulsory.

The first two years of the general medicine program include the basic medical procedures and foundation parts. Years 3 and 4 will help you extend your training with clinical practice. Years 5 and 6 are the Clerkship year. 

Tuition For Szeged University 

The tuition fee for the medicine program costs about €15,900 (EUR)

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medical schools in Budapest

Pazmany Peter Catholic University is a private university in Budapest, Hungary, belonging to the catholic church and recognized by the state. It is one of the best Medical Schools In Hungary.

Pázmány Péter Catholic University offers an MSc medical biotechnology program. This study program allows students to gain advanced theoretical and practical knowledge at the intersection of medicine, and informatics. 

The following specializations are built into the curriculum of the study program: Molecular Biotechnology and Applied Bioinformatics.

As specialists trained in science, informatics, and specific fields of medicine. Medical biotechnologists can be employed in basic research, or the field of pharmaceutics, medical/molecular diagnostics, or biotechnology. 

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Located in Debrecen, Hungary, the Medical University of Debrecen is one of the leading medical schools in Budapest. The medical school was established in 1912. The faculty of medicine started MD training in English in 1987. 

The school is considered the first and oldest Central Europe campus medical school. Pursuing a medical degree at the University of Debrecen is the right choice for you, a degree from this university will provide you with good job security around the globe. 

The Medical University of Debrecen is among the top universities worldwide in both medical and veterinary departments. The university offers Undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate programs. Medical University of Debrecen has 25 clinical departments, and 22 medical departments in basic sciences, in different fields, including clinical chemistry, neurology, psychiatry, neurosurgery, surgery, internal medicine, pediatrics, and more.

The Medical University of Debrecen offers world-class medicine, pharmacy, and Dentistry courses in English that are recognized across the world. For applicants to be eligible to apply for admission, applicants must acquire a high school certificate first, participate in the school entrance exam in biology, physics, and chemistry written and oral, and have proficiency in the English language. 

Medical University of Debrecen tuition is about €15,350 (EUR). The Dentistry and pharmacy program lasts for a duration of 5 years. The cost for the DMD program is €13,600 per year, and the pharmacy program costs €6,800 per year.

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medical schools in Budapest

The University of Pecs is a renowned medical university located in Pecs. The university was established in 1912. The school highly welcomes international students from across the world from about 39 countries to participate in their medical education. 

University of Pecs has over 30 years of experience in international education, and 500 partner universities worldwide. The programs being offered at the University of Pecs include General Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry, Biotechnology BSc, Biotechnology MSc, Specialist in Migration health, and Ph.D. in studies, preparatory courses, and Habilitation. 

The University of Pecs is listed in the WHO’s directory of medical schools. It is also accredited by the Hungarian Accreditation Board. 

Requirements Of The University Of Pecs

Applicants who are applying for admission must pass their tests in chemistry, and biology, and also have proficiency in the English language, and also be at least a high school graduate. 

Tuition From The University Of Pecs

The tuition fee for the medical program at the University of Pécs is €15,800 per year. The M.D. program lasts for a duration of 6 years. This M.D. program provides you with all the necessary training you need to become a licensed professional Doctor. 

The dentistry program is a duration of 5 years and it costs €17,350 annually. You can also apply for preparatory courses which can vary between 5 to 15 months. The tuition also varies depending on the duration of your course. it varies between €4,500 to €9,500. 

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Semmelweis University of Medicine is a highly reputable medical school situated in Semmelweis, Hungary. 

Semmelweis University of Medicine was founded in 1969. The university offers Medicine, pharmacy, and Dentistry programs, and they are being taught in English. 

The Faculty of Medicine at Semmelweis is one of the leading medical schools in Budapest. The medical school is for a duration of 12 semesters, which is divided into three phases called modules, two years of basic sciences. 

The modules are the theoretical module, clinical module, and pre-clinical module. Also, The last year of the clinical module is an internship that is being spent with bedside work at university clinics or licensed teaching hospitals. 

Tuition Of Semmelweis University Of Medicine 

The degree you receive at Semmelweis University of Medicine is being recognized across the world. The pharmacy program lasts five years, and the price costs €10,000 per year. The dentistry program also lasts 5 years and costs about €17,700 per year. 

Requirements Of Semmelweis University Of Medicine 

To be eligible to enroll in a medical program at Semmelweis University you must take the oral and written exam, and also pass Biology, chemistry, biomedical English, and General English. 

Semmelweis University is one of the largest healthcare providers. The university has four clinics that accommodate over 40 departments where patient care, research, and training are being performed on a level. 

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medical schools in Budapest

The Kezdőlap Ubiversity of Veterinany Medicine in Budapest is also one of the oldest veterinary medical schools in Budapest. The University was established in 1787. 

The University of Veterinary Medicine Budapest offers a dormitory with a total capacity of 350 students. University of Veterinary Medicine in Budapest has over 230 years of tradition in veterinary education, and more than 30 years of experience with teaching international students. 

Tuition At The University Of Veterinary Medicine

The tuition fee for the vet medical program is €7,700 (EUR) for the first semester, while the second semester is €4,780, which is approximately €12,480 per year. 

The school also offers online preparatory programs which are designed for students who are planning to participate in the upcoming entrance exam to the University of Veterinary Medicine Budapest. 

Requirements Of The University Of Veterinary Medicine

To be qualified to enroll in this university applicant must have proficiency in the English language, and also participate in the written and oral form of exams which include biology and chemistry, either online or personally). 

Applicants also have some necessary fees that are required to be paid, like the acceptance fee, which costs €200. 

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McDaniel College Budapest is one of the best medical schools in Budapest. It is one of the oldest and largest accredited, private colleges in Hungary.

McDaniel College Budapest offers a Pre-medical track, giving doctors or veterinarians the option to choose between its two-semester pre-medical track or its one-semester pre-medical track.

The Two-semester pre-medical track is designed for students who have not studied the required subjects (biology, chemistry, and physics) or who have not studied the required subjects in English. The one-semester per-medical track is designed for students who need to refresh previous studies and have a good command of English. 


Some of the best medical schools in Budapest include Szeged University, Pazmany Peter Catholic University, Medical University Of Debrecen, University Of Pecs, Semmelweis University Of Medicine, University Of Veterinary Medicine In Budapest, Mcdaniel College Budapest, and more.


Yes! It is an ideal option for international students. However, a non-US citizen must ensure to meet up with the requirements of the school. Therefore, it is not impossible to enroll as a non-citizen in a medical school in Hungary.


The majority of the courses being taught in Budapest are delivered in English language and this makes it a perfect destination for international students. This article has provided a list of the best medical schools in Hungary to serve as a guide to you.




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