20 Best Boarding School For Troubled Boys

Therapeutic boarding schools for troubled boys have proven to be the best way to help develop great character and also help discover strength for boys who are overwhelmed with life, study, or home challenges. 

Boarding school for troubled boys helps to provide children with a positive and disciplined environment that helps them let go of their existing bad habits and friends. It helps them discover themselves and their strengths through specialized guides and counseling. Through this, troubled and at-risk boys may overcome challenges, get back on the right track, and excel in life.

Therapeutic boarding school for boys does not only focus on assisting students to overcome their challenges. There are several boarding schools for troubled boys. and in this overview, we will be listing some of the best boarding school for troubled boys and everything you need to know about them.

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Here are some of the signs of a troubled teen. If you identify more than five of these in your teen, consult a counselor or a therapist for help finding the appropriate treatment or enroll them into the best therapeutic boarding school for troubled boys. Some of the signs of a troubled teen may include: 

  • Disobedience, rebellion, aggressive, rudeness, and lack of respectfulness against parents or adults are examples of defiance
  • Irrational mood swings and dropped grades
  • Suicidal ideal or self-harm, such as skin-cutting
  • Stealing and lying
  • Persistent sadness, rapid changes in personality, and sleep problems
  • Anxiety or eating disorder 
  • Extreme weight loss or weight gain are also warning signs 
  • Skipping school, irritable behavior, and struggling to manage their emotions are all red flags 
  • Violence, Abuse, or substance abuse
  • Chronic usage of cigarettes
  • Sudden change in friends

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Many parents think being troubled or at risk directly comes from the friends their kids keep. However, causes can result from multiple factors, including unstable households, mental health conditions, emotional neglect, depression, or self-hate.

There is no doubt that teens face more pressure and stress than adults do because they rarely understand their emotions and what they are going through, which directly leads to problems when no one teaches them how to manage their emotions and live a healthy life.

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Here are some of the best boarding school for troubled boys:


Gateway Boys Academy is a highly recognized boarding school for troubled boys. The school emphasizes positive behavior and emotions for troubled youth aged 11 to 17 who battle with depression, sadness, anger, and rebellion.

Gateway Boys Academy is a therapeutic boarding school in West Florida that strives to transform the lives of at-risk youths and empower troubled teens to focus and discover their strengths, not their weaknesses.

Gateway Boys Academy is a non-profit organization. It offers a unique education to troubled adolescents and therapeutic programs.


boarding school for troubled boys
Source: mastersranch.org

Masters Ranch ranks as one of the best affordable therapeutic boarding schools for troubled boys, at-risk, struggling children, and teenagers in San Antonio, Texas.

The school emphasizes on helping boys develop positive character, excellent mental health, and spiritual life to help them deal with their daily lives. 

Masters Ranch operates as a Christian-based therapeutic boarding school. It is a place for daily adventure. It was designed for troubled boys between the ages of 9-17 to learn through physical activity and mentoring.

The programs in Masters Ranch are highly disciplined and focused on offering special attention to every student. The school offers GED preparation classes along with ACT and SAT prep classes. 

The tuition fee for Master Ranch is $250 per month. They also represent additional costs for licensed therapy based on need.

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Heartland Boys Academy is one of the best boarding schools for troubled boys in western Kentucky, the United States. The school operates as a therapeutic and Christian-based boarding school with a supportive learning environment especially for boys between the ages of 12 and 17.

Heartland Academy offers programs that are specially designed to bring transformation to boys who are struggling with academic and behavioral issues. The program integrates educational, spiritual, and personal growth curricula. This combines activities that help students develop unique skills, athletics, and community service learning projects.


Anchor Academy is a private therapeutic boarding school for troubled boys that focuses on delivering special education to kids with poor academic achievement and behavior management. It allows students to develop self-awareness and skills needed to access various levels of emotional support.

The school operates a positive environment that partners with families in equipping students with strong Christian values, crucial life skills, and principles. They operate a Christian-based therapeutic boarding school.

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Applewood Academy for progressive learning is a licensed therapeutic boarding school for troubled boys. The school offers integrated academic support and commitment to kids with academic, clinical, and behavior management issues.

The school boasts of successfully helping kids discover themselves by providing a supportive, educational environment that welcomes troubled youths and transforms the lives of at-risk boys.

All classroom groups at Applewood Academy are less than 12, with a 4:1 student-to-staff ratio to help students with special needs focus and maintain a positive attitude toward learning.


Freedom Prep Academy is a highly recognized boarding school with campuses in Vineyard, Provo, and St. George.

As its name suggests, Freedom Prep Academy provides troubled students with the resources and support they need to succeed in transforming their lives and achieving their academic goals. 

The academy is a tuition-free K12 public charter school that focuses on embracing students who are struggling with different life challenges and enables them to start living a normal life while giving them the guides they need to grow up to be successful. The school assists children in grades 6 through 12 in a positive and emotionally safe environment.

Freedom Prep Academy focuses on one of five academies for high school students – Advanced academies, Computer technology, Creative arts, Digital Media, Engineering, and design.


One of the best Therapeutic boarding schools for troubled boys is Brush Creeks Academy in Oklahoma, USA.

Brush Creek Academy is a Christian therapeutic boarding school for teenage boys from ages 14 to 17 who are battling with anger, lack of self-discipline, substance abuse, and other life-controlling issues. The school provides teenage boys and their families with a well-structured program and special tools and resources they need to thrive academically, emotionally, and spiritually. 

Brush Creeks Academy offers a unique animal therapy program that features horses, and exotic animals which will help both learn trust, responsibility, accountability, and leadership skills. The tuition fee for the Bush Creek Academy is $3100. It is a one-time payment 

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boarding school for troubled boys
Source: canyonstateacademy.com

Canyon State Academy is one of the top therapeutic boarding schools for troubled boys in Queen Creek, Arizona. It is intended for boys between the ages of 11 and 17 battling with several life issues, including mental health issues and minor drug abuse.

The school was established with the focus of assisting children and teenagers to gain positive life changes, self-esteem, and unlimited potential for achievement.

Canyon State Academy offers a wide range of services, including GED preparation, full high school diploma, special education, Armed Services locations aptitude battery (ASVAB) assessment, and placement.


Wolf Creek Academy is a structured, Faith-based therapeutic boarding school for troubled boys in the United States. It is located in the beautiful mountains of western North California in a supportive and positive learning environment for troubled teens aged 14-17.

Wolf Creek Academy enrolls students with social issues, minor drug abuse, ODD, ADD, and ADHD. It focuses on providing counseling and mentoring for kids who have lost sight of a positive future.


Treasure Coast Academy is a residential boarding school for at-risk boys aged 13-18. It is located in Vero Beach, Florida, for boys struggling with substance abuse, anger, and low self-esteem.

The school provides students with physical exercise, group and individual therapy, accredited academics, Christian education, and vocational training. It also provides at-risk boys with positive goals through guides and mentoring to alter their behavior.

Treasure Coast Boys Academy treats students who are diagnosed with RAD, ADD, ADHD, or are self-destructive.

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Established in 1978, Robert Land Academy is a military-inspired boarding school for troubled boys in grades 5 to 12.

It is located in the township of west Lincoln, on the north shores of Welland River. It is Canada’s only private military-style boarding school for boys.

Robert Land Academy was designed to bring about a change in the behavior and attitude of boys who are dealing with life-controlling problems and learning issues. It is centered on instilling the values of hard work, respect, and perseverance in a structured environment where your son will see he can succeed and will embrace success. 

The senior program features counseling and mentoring programs to prepare every student for a university or college.


boarding school for troubled boys
Source: oliverianschool.org

Oliverian School is a non-profit, alternative college prep boarding school designed especially for troubled boys.

The school provides equal mentoring and therapy for youth who find it difficult to thrive in traditional settings. It is located in Haverhill, New Hampshire. It serves students from grades 9 to 12.

Oliverian School provides counseling and a supportive academic and student life program to help students embrace their identity, voice, and purpose, preparing them for all social and academic demands of life.


The Whetstone Boys Ranch is one of the best therapeutic boarding schools for troubled boys. Whetstone Boys Ranch is a Christian-based boarding school located near West Plains, Missouri, in the United States. It is intended for boys ages 12 to 16 who struggle with rebellions, rage, disobedience, depression, trauma, and other life issues. The school’s mission is to sharpen the mind, body, and character of young men by mentoring them through authentic relationships and imparting the love of creation in them. 

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Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch is one of the top therapeutic boarding schools for troubled boys in Amarillo, Texas. It serves problematic children and teenagers.

The school is committed to offering high-level counseling services and Christian educational services to strengthen families and assist kids in overcoming their challenges and difficulties.

They also empower students to focus and achieve their full potential through their professional programs and services in a Christ-centered atmosphere.


Allegany Boys Camp is a low-cost cost year-round residential wilderness camp for boys ages 9-13 who are struggling in their homes or school. It is one of the best boarding school for troubled boys.

The school focuses on transforming the lives of its students by teaching them how to work through their problems and challenges. All students at Allegany Boys can receive 24/7 personal attention from teachers, counselors, and other highly trained staff.


Waterford Country School is one of the best boarding schools for troubled boys in the United States. It is located in Colorado, U.S. The school emphasizes greatly on positive emotions for boys ages 11-17 struggling with emotional and academic needs. It provides a calm and non-threatening environment where students can explore and transform.

Waterford Country School allows enrollment for kids struggling with generalized anxiety, Depression, Mood disorders, hyperactivity disorder, attention deficit, post-traumatic stress disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, school avoidance concerns, social anxiety disorders, and more.

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The Milton Hershey school is among the best boarding school for troubled boys. It is a private boarding school in Hershey, Pennsylvania, for K-12 students.

Milton Hershey School was founded in 1909, since then, it has continuously helped more than 11,000 students discover themselves and transform their lives.

The school provides a positive environment that helps teenagers and young adults with any kind of issues focus on academic and emotional recovery.


boarding school for troubled boys
Source: stllwateracademy.org

Stillwater Academy is a non-religious therapeutic boarding school for troubled boys in South Jordan, Utah. The school provides behavioral therapy for teens struggling with future imparting issues and daily life issues. It provides a one-of-a-kind treatment model that helps teens and their families find healing and success. 

Stillwater Academy offers long-term residential care, intensive outpatient care, or day-treatment programs. The academy features residential components, a cohesive /thorough approach, experiential learning, specialized school, horse and ranch, and emotional processing.


Timothy Hill Academy is a Christian-based therapeutic boarding school for troubled boys ages 13-17 experiencing future-impacting relational or emotional difficulties.

The school offers a 12-18-month residential program for behaviorally or academically troubled boys who need a second chance to learn, find purpose, and transform through love. It offers vocational training, spiritual and biblical mentoring, and character-building activities.

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Pine Mountain Boys Academy is a year-round, Christian-based boarding school for troubled boys. The school focuses entirely on transforming and mentoring adolescent boys struggling with rebellion, defiance, anger, academic failure, or minor substance abuse.

The school only allows enrollment for boys ages 12-17 who struggle in their daily lives and need a second chance to learn and discover themselves. Pine Mountain Boys Academy’s mission is to help every boy excel and introduce them to the love of Jesus Christ.


Most boarding schools for troubled boys accept ages from 7 to 18. Although, some academies have a certain age group they accept. However, the required age groups are from seven to eighteen.


Some of the best boarding schools for troubled boys include Canyon State Academy, Wolf Creek Academy, Treasure Coast Boys Academy, Robert Land Academy, Masters Ranch, and others.


Therapeutic boarding schools for boys aim to help troubled kids achieve academic success, get the required help, and gain unique learning strategies that will help them make a great effort to accomplish success and prepare for the future. This overview has featured some of the best therapeutic boarding schools for troubled boys, and we hope they help you decide the best one for your child.


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