Top Christian University In Canada

Christian university in Canada

Canada is home to several Christian universities, including private and public universities. Each Christian university in Canada offers a variety of degree programs, majors, and courses that suit the needs of every student. 

The best Christian university in Canada will provide you with theoretical studies, religious engagements, and other life-impacting knowledge that will help you in the long run of your career. Christian university in Canada is not limited to the religious aspect as they also offer programs in science, business, arts, and others.

Looking for the best Christian university in Canada can be time-consuming. Therefore, in this overview, we will be listing some of the best Christian universities in Canada and everything you need to know about them.

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Here are some of the benefits of attending a Christian university in Canada:

1. They Increase Faith And Help With Studies:

Christian university does not only focus their attention on education dynamics. They also focus their attention on spiritual paths. 

They create different programs that could help students improve their faith and beliefs and put them on the right path, such programs could be chapel programs, bible studies, and fellowships. Therefore, they will help you grow in your faith and belief in your studies.

2. You Will Participate In Activities That Could Help Your Spiritual Growth:

Christian universities always provide various activities for the students, and activities can be either optional or compulsory. These activities could be prayer groups, revival services, chapel services, bible studies, and more. Students have free will to participate in these activities, and it will help students improve their social life.

3. It Helps Students To Build a Strong Community

Christian University helps students to build a stronger community and social life academically, emotionally, and spiritually. 

They help in terms of participating in social activities and having more confidence in meeting new friends, lecturers, families, and other non-teaching staff. 

Also, associating with various school activities like classes, sports, school programs, fellowships, bible studies, chapel services, and more.

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4. Free Access To Participate In Meaningful Activities

In a Christian university, the school authorities provide various meaningful activities aside from learning dynamics. There are also some extracurricular activities for students to participate in like sports, such as volleyball, and basketball. Some schools also provide a football pitch for students. There are also some chapel services that can be created by the school or an individual who is interested in hosting a prayer session for the students. The students can also attend bible studies, quizzes, fellowships, and more.

5. Smaller Size Classes And Great Attention

Christian university tends smaller school sizes with fewer students, unlike some regular university, which tends to have larger school size. This advantage of smaller school size helps students to concentrate more and also makes learning easier for them. 

Students get the courage to ask meaningful questions that could help them understand better and also get that opportunity to communicate and have great connections with their lecturers/professors.

Students will also be more confident to keep a good relationship within themselves by getting to know each other better.

6. Good Character Development

Students who attend a Christian university have free will to attend bible studies, which helps them grow as Christians and learn the Christian character that can be a guide to them.

Students tend to develop the habit of having a personal time of devotion to God each day.

This will help their character flourish through having academic problems and having a good relationship with God. This will help students grow academically, emotionally, and spiritually.

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The cost of Christian universities in Canada varies by the school and the program provided. This signifies that programs offered at a private Christian university will most likely cost more than a public Christian university.

Some programs offer financial aid opportunities, like scholarships and grants, while some offer tuition discounts to in-state students.

However, the tuition fees range from $5,000 to $10,000. other cost such as book supplies, insurance, and other fees may be associated.

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Here are some of the top Christian universities in Canada:


Ambrose University is another top Christian university in Canada. It is a great private Christian university located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. 

Ambrose University has a student body of many different nationalities of various backgrounds and denominations, with a school size of 920 students and tuition fees of $15,690 (CAD) per year. 

The school also has various programs to help develop the students’ spirituality and different campus activities such as deeper life. Their colleges include Business, education, social sciences, and ministries. They have various disciplines depending on what you want to study.

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Christian university in Canada

Booth University College is a private Christian university college located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. It is one of the best Christian universities in Canada.

Booth University College has a school size of 411 students and undergraduates pay tuition fees of $8,800 to 12,990 (CAD) per year. 

The school offers various Bachelor’s Degree programs, such as psychology bachelor’s degree, business administration bachelor degree, English bachelor’s degree, interdisciplinary studies bachelor degree, social work bachelor degree, religion bachelor degree, and behavioral sciences bachelor degree. Students also have free will to participate in biblical studies and chapel service.

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Burman University is one of the best Christian universities in Canada. it is located in Lacombe, Alberta, Canada the university is an independent publicly funded university of the Seventh Day Adventist Christian. The institution’s tuition fee is $15,850 (CAD) per year and has a school size of 477 students. 

Burman University offers various programs like Humanitarian service workers, certificates in business administration, diplomas in business management, and early learning child care.

Bmoreurman University not only focuses on the learning dynamic. It also impacts the students spiritually to enable them to use their discernment to believe with insight and compassion and gain more confidence.

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Canadian Mennonite University is a private university that has a school size of 411 students located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Canadian Mennonite University (CMU) is an Anabaptist Christian university serving different students from different nationalities.

Canadian Mennonite University is a university that offers various programs such as Business, sciences, arts, and music. The school tuition fee is about $8,880 to $12,990(CAD) per year. 

CMU does not only offer education within a learning dynamic. They also impact their doctrines to the students through various ways in a Christian community, by attending chapel events and bible study classes.

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Christian university in Canada

Crandall University is one of the top private Christian universities located in Moncton, Brunswick, Canada, serving almost 60 undergraduate and graduate programs. 

Crandall University pays tuition fees of $9,200 (CAD) per year and school size of 1,100 students. The benefit of attending Crandall University aside from the educational aspect, is that they also participate in chapel events and excursions that can help them Transform lives through spirituality and in the Christian faith.

They can also participate in different events or sports of their choice. Students also have free access to business, science, humanities, and education. 

Crandall University has various colleges, such as kinesiology, biology, psychology, business, and education.

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Prairie College is one of the top Christian university in Canada. It is also one of the cheapest colleges in Canada. This college is an ideal option for students who want to learn academics and learn the word of the Lord. The school’s motto makes its mission clearer. 

Prairie College offers some of the best academic programs. The school also features an aviation training centre. There is an outdoor leadership program for students who want to get closer to the Lord. 

Prairie College offers over 28 programs through physical classes, online classes, and hybrid classes. The student ratio at this institute is 16:1. Tuition at this institute is $5,535 (CAD).

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Providence University College is an interdenominational Roman Catholic university located in Manitoba, Canada. With tuition fees of $9,930 (CAD) per year and a student size of 300 students, providence is one of the best Christian university in Canada.

Providence University College (PUC) is a Christian university that helps students grow spiritually in whatever they do. 

This is an institution where you get impacted by Christian education that enables you to grow your faith and beliefs by attending bible classes and chapel events. PUC has different colleges, such as health sciences, biology, business administration, psychology, and aviation. 

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Christian university in Canada

 Redeemer University is a Christian university located in Ontario Canada. With tuition fees of $9,800 (CAD) per year for domestic students (indigenous students), and $17,682 (CAD) per year for international students.

Redeemer University offers various Bachelor degree’s (BSC) programs such as Bachelor of Sciences, Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Business Administration, and Bachelor of Kinesiology. There are also different chapel events and Bible studies that can help you build your faith spiritually.

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King’s University is one of the top Christian university in Canada. It is a private university located in Edmonton and Alberta. king’s University serves different students from different nationalities. The university has different degree programs that integrate internships, work-learning, study-abroad experiences, and research opportunities. 

The school has a 15.1 ratio of student to faculty, with about 950 students, and friendly tuition fees of $7,223 (CAD) per term. The King’s University is a Christian university that offers bachelor’s degrees in humanities, natural science, music, arts, and education. 

The school also has different programs that help you with the right path it deepens your spirituality and beliefs. They have various programs that can help you with your knowledge and faith.

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Christian university in Canada

Trinity Western University is a private Christian liberal arts, sciences, and professional studies curriculum. Located in Canada, with tuition fees of $22,260 (CAD) per year. 

Trinity Western University (TWU) helps students develop their practical skills while exploring their bigger ideas about who they are, what they believe, and what they are called to do in the world. The school has three campuses (Langley and Richmond, British Columbia, and Ottawa Ontario). 

Trinity Western University serves 48 undergraduate and 19 graduate degrees in business, psychology, nursing, communications, humanities, computing science, arts, and more. TWU has a school size of 4,000 students and students to faculty ratio of 17.2. 

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Tyndale University is an interdenominational Christian university located in Toronto, Ontario Canada. Tyndale is a private university with a school size of 1,600 students and accepts a tuition fee of $15,930 (CAD) per year. 

Tyndale University offers both undergraduate and graduate programs. They also have various colleges such as business administration, psychology, music, health and humanities, and psychology, and they also offer biblical studies to help the students boost their faith and path in life spiritually.


Yes! There are several good Christian universities in Canada. These universities offer top program degrees and life-impacting programs to help students with their personal growth.


No! Tuition at Christian universities may vary for several reasons. However, most Christian universities in Canada are not expensive.


Yes! International students can enroll in Christian universities in Canada, provided they meet the requirements of the school, which usually include TOEFL or IELTS test scores.


Canada is home to a top Christian university. Tuition and programs offered at each university may differ from one another. However, they are the best in the country. Hence, this overview has featured some of the best Christian universities in Canada.




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