The Best Boarding Schools In Florida

Boarding schools in Florida

Undoubtedly, there are several boarding schools in Florida that offer a wide range of educational opportunities for students who have been struggling with academic needs. Many Florida schools also provide exceptional resources to improve students’ learning experiences to succeed in their education.

More so, boarding schools in Florida prepare a better life path from high school, college, career, and even beyond. Studying in a boarding school enables students to study, as well as to live with their colleagues. Also, teachers provide passionate learning experiences to students to help them grow in a fun environment. 

If you are looking forward to studying in a boarding school in Florida, this article is going to elaborate on the top 10 boarding Schools in Florida. Including ratings for education quality and other educational opportunities, they offer students.

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So many parents/guardians prefer boarding schools to day school for several reasons. Because, in a boarding school, students are often tasked to develop their skills before they get to the legal age. Students are self-dependent with access to quality education without distraction from parent issues. 

Also, In boarding schools, students not only learn how to manage their time, but they will also learn how to live, interact, and live with other people. Students living together make it easy for them to have a great bond with each other, This can help them to boost their confidence and social skills. 

With the help of boarding schools, students learn how to keep close relationships with their teachers. Staying out of your comfort zone and living on campus provides invaluable support and encouragement for your personal development as a student. 

In boarding Schools, you can expect a smaller class size, this can make all the difference in students’ growth. Where students get the confidence and opportunity to communicate and interact with their teachers and peers. Also, students in boarding schools have the privilege of actively participating in classrooms. 

Students also get to learn morals, discipline, and punctuality. Boarding schools have effective curricula for students and each student must work with the activities throughout the day. That is, they engage students inside and outside school time.

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Here are some of the best boarding schools in Florida:


IMG Academy is a preparatory boarding school and sports training school in Bradenton, Florida, United States. The academy offers athletic opportunities to students. It is undoubtedly one of the best boarding schools in Florida for athletic students.

IMH is popularly recognized for its great accomplishments in elite athletics and some of its alumni have been placed in some of the best universities in the country. The academy helps student-athletes successfully pursue their dreams and also prepares them for college and beyond through world-class on-campus and online experiences.

The annual tuition fee at IMH Academy is $67,400 ($84, 000 with boarding school). Also, the average SAT score at IMH Academy is 1210.

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Boarding schools in Florida

 American Heritage Schools is a pair of private, college, preparatory, nonsectarian, independent, and co-educational day schools, as well as boarding for grades pre-K 3 through 12. it is one of the leading boarding schools in Florida.

American Heritage College is a nationally recognized school with a strong commitment to academic excellence. The school has a huge focus on sports and some of the main focus is particularly football, basketball, and baseball. 

American Heritage is number one in Florida known for the highest number of national merit scholars and the highest number of U.S presidential scholar candidates. Most of the alumni of American Heritage College have gone on to pursue their football careers successfully. 

The annual tuition fee at American heritage schools is $36,900 ($60,000 with boarding fee). the 

The average ACT score at this school is 31 with an average SAT score of 1380.

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The Master’s Academy is a Christian school offering a college preparatory program for students K4- 12 grade, the school also offers a special needs program for students who are interested in learning about religion and the world around them. 

The Master’s Academy ranks as one of the leading boarding Schools in Florida. The Master Academy offers a wide variety of high-quality courses, that challenges students at every level. The school also offers extracurricular activities such as music lessons, team sports, and more. 

The master’s academy focuses on its success in a close partnership with parents, and enabling students to succeed by making different opportunities available to them. The annual tuition fee at The master’s academy is $14,950. The Average ACT score is 27, and the average SAT score is 1200.

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The Bolles School is an American private college preparatory day and boarding school in Jacksonville, Florida. The school offers courses in 7 different languages, including Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, English, and others. With over 25 advanced placement courses, Bolles School is one of the best boarding schools in Florida.

Bolles School is integrated with Global Online Academy (GOA), and this provides students the opportunity to work virtually anywhere alongside peers and teachers around the world. The school offers extracurricular activities such as sports, fine arts, and performing Arts programs with courses in drama, dance, music, chorus, and visual arts. 

The Bolles School was founded in 1933 and up to date, Bolles School has sent over 63 athletes to the Olympics and won over 154 team state titles and 94 runner-up positions across 17 sports. The annual Tuition fee at Bolles School is $23,870 ($48,750 with boarding fee). The average ACT score is 28 and the Average SAT score is 1300. 

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Boarding schools in Florida

Windermere Preparatory School is a private, co-educational PK- 12 college preparatory school in Lake Butler, an unincorporated area in Orange County, Florida, within the Orlando Metropolitan Area. It is one of the leading boarding schools in Florida. 

Windermere Preparatory College is the only central Florida private school to offer the IB diploma program and certificate, which is popularly known as the Gold standard of high school curriculum. 

The school offers student program opportunities “one of a kind” inside and outside the classroom through athletics, fine arts, and community activities. In the classroom, students are taught baccalaureate programs while it is varied and top-tier extracurricular activities, including performing arts collaborated with Juilliard, the STEAM program with MIT, and the global campus. The annual tuition fee at Windermere Preparatory School is $25,595 ($67,750 with boarding fees). The average ACT score is 28, and the Average SAT score is 1290.

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Monteverde Academy (MVA) is a private preparatory college for boarding and day students, pre-K3 through grade 12 and postgraduate level. Monteverde Academy has been recognized as the most diverse private high school in Florida for three years. It is one of the leading boarding schools in Florida and has been listed among the top 14 most outstanding private high schools in the U.S. 

MVA is devoted to helping its student-athletes reach their highest potential both in the classroom and outside the classroom. MVA also offers an award-winning fine art program to young artists who are interested in exploring their immersive and intensive careers in Music, dance, or theatre. 

The annual tuition fee at MVA is $20,370 ($54,775 with boarding fees). The Average ACT score is 26, and the Average SAT score is 1220.

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Boarding schools in Florida

Saint Andrew’s School (SAS) is a pre-kindergarten through grade 12, day and boarding school in Boca Raton, Florida. The school was founded in 1929. SAS is one of the co-educational prep high schools in the United States where all students board. It is also one of the leading boarding schools in Florida.

Saint Andrew’s School offers over 130 preparatory courses each year in 10 disciplines. Saint Andrew takes in students from pre-K to grade 12, and it has students from all over the globe, hailing from over 45 countries. 

The annual tuition fee at Saint Andrew’s School is $37,550 ($63,310 with boarding fees). The Average ACT score is 30, and the Average SAT score is 1340.

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Admiral Farragut Academy is a private college-prep school serving students in grades K-12, located in St. Petersburg, Florida. The school was founded in 1933. The 5- and 7-day boarding school serves students across over 27 countries and 17 U.S. states. It is one of the best boarding schools in Florida.

At Admiral Farragut Academy, Students get the advantage of an engaging and challenging academic curriculum, which includes hands-on field trips, foreign languages (Mandarin Chinese and Spanish), STEM, and marine science at the campus waterfront. 

The school’s main focus is to provide a conducive learning environment to grades K-12 that will help them improve their skills, academic excellence, social development, and leadership. Students have free will to participate in signature programs such as scuba diving, engineering, aviation, sailing, and NJROTC. The annual tuition fee is $25,000 ($55,000 with boarding fees). The average ACT score is 22, and the Average SAT score is 1150.

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North Broward Preparatory School (NBPS) is a PK-12 private co-ed international day and boarding school in Coconut Creek, Florida. It is one of the best boarding schools in Florida.

North Broward Preparatory School offers outstanding learning opportunities for students and beyond. Students get to explore their interests, develop new talent, get boasted support, or be successful in one personal goal. The school is also upgraded by partnering with Juilliard, MIT, Nord Anglia Education, Apple, and UNICEF. 

The annual tuition fee at North Broward Preparatory School is $36,350 ($63,450 with boarding fees). The average ACT score is 29, and the average SAT score is 1300.

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Queen of All Saints Online Academy uses an advanced communication system that allows the teaching of on-campus and off-campus students at the same time. This helps to bring two different groups together to deliver online students with an outstanding academic experience. It is one of the best boarding schools in Florida.

The school allows students to participate in every activity in the classroom through real-time interaction. Queens of All Saints online academy offers good academic excellence through rigorous classical online learning. A pilot program for virtual education was established to meet every student’s requirements.

The annual tuition fee at Queen of All Saints Online Academy is $7,757. The average ACT score is 30, with an average SAT score of 1340.


The cost of attending a boarding school in Florida can vary from school to school. However, the average cost of attending a boarding school in Florida is $68,000. 


The top boarding schools in Florida include The Bolles School, Windermere Preparatory School, Monteverde Academy, Saint Andrew’s School, Admiral Farragut Academy, North Broward Preparatory School, and more.


The age suitable for attending a boarding school in the US is 7 and above. Seven is the recommended age. While most boarding schools accept students from 11, some also consider age seven.


Boarding school students do not only have the opportunity to focus on learning dynamics but they are also exposed to high academic excellence and focus. Students also have the free will to explore their abilities in extracurricular activities that will be very important to them in the future, such as sports, music, dance, theatre, fine arts, media, sciences, engineering, exploration labs, fabrication, and photography. We hope this article serves as a guide to your search.




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