11 Best Sports Schools In UK

best sports schools in uk

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The United Kingdom has one of the leading sports schools. If you are interested in enrolling in a sports school that will help you achieve your dreams of becoming an athlete, then this article is for you.

The good news is that various sports schools in the Uk offer various sports programs, including swimming, volleyball, basketball, baseball, hockey, golf, table tennis, athletics, cricket, tennis, soccer, and other sports activities. 

Most top sports schools uk train students who are passionate and interested in sports and are willing to work hard to pursue their dreams in the sports industry. These schools also help students achieve more advanced skills and develop more knowledge about how they can use their talents to improve their learning experience in the field. 

As stated earlier, there are several sports schools in the uk. Hence, this article will be updating you on the best sports schools in the UK and what type of sports programs they offer.

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Before heading to the best sports school in UK, here are some of the benefits of studying a sports program in UK, and why you need to attend one. 

Studying sports programs in uk provides great opportunities for graduates to enable them to secure a good space in the sports industry. After completing the program students have a good connection in the sports field and achieve a good career.

As a sports student in the Uk, you will have a good recognition and reputation which will make you get a job in the future as a coach or fit in a team that will help you achieve your goals as a professional player.

Being a sports student you get the free will to travel abroad and experience the best possible experience, as well as further your remaining education overseas. This will enable you to live, work, and learn in a new conducive environment without being overwhelmed by anything.

Studying sports helps students to have fun and a healthy lifestyle, and it also encourages them how they can be competitive, confident, and stay in shape, as well as build good relationships and boost friendships with their fellow students and staff.

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Here are some of the best sports school in UK:


Eton College is one of the best sports schools in UK, it is known for undertaking the largest refurbishment and expansion of its sports programs. The course of study is a one-year foundation program, two years of GCSE, and two years of A level or Pre-U. The college educates students on sports programs such as cricket, rugby, football, rowing, and hockey.

Eton College has a grand number of sports teams that are in the sports area these numbers, include 10 rowing crews, 22 cricket teams, 40 pairs in tennis, 18 hockey teams, 45 rugby and football teams, and more. The sports program is being taught by professionals in various fields. The school offers admission to students at the age of 10- 18 years.

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Best sports schools in UK
Source: mountkellyschool.com

Mount Kelly School is a co-educational private day and boarding school. The institution was established in 2014. It is one of the best sports schools in UK. The school has a very conducive environment for students to access and learn more skills. 

In Mount Kelly School, the sports department offers courses, including netball, basketball, climbing, football, squash, tennis, and hockey. The school also has two indoor swimming pools, the 50cm and the 25cm. 

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The King’s School is a private co-educational day school for candidates aged between 4 to 18 years. The school was founded in the year 1541. The sports program being offered in King’s school was created for children to stay active, have fun, and learn together with their peers through sports and active games. 

There are over 30 games and sports in the institution, as well as various facilities in various areas, including Astro, tennis courts, netball courts, swimming pool, drama studio, sports hall, and dance studio.

Chester is also well known for its stellar hockey and rowing team. The school has a large and good educational environment where children have enough space to learn and a safe and secure venue for children to play and learn more skills.

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Wellington College ranks as one of the best sports schools In UK. It is also a private school located in Crowthorne, Berkshire, England. 

The program being offered at Wellington College focuses on areas such as biomechanics, physiology, and psychology to treatments and injury assessment. The college also has about 30 competitive sports, including hockey, golf, equestrianism, rackets, cricket, shooting, triathlon, football, real tennis, basketball, squash, and more, as well as classes for yoga, gymnastics, Pilates, and aerobics. 

Wellington College provides various opportunities for students to participate in sports and represents the school during competitions. 

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Best sports schools in UK
Source: millfieldschool.com

Millfield School is one of the largest co-educational boarding schools in the Uk, Located in Street, Somerset, England. The school was established in the year 1935. it is also one of the best sports schools in the UK.

Millfield School gives opportunities to pupils to try new experience and also help them discover what sport they are passionate about and have an interest to pursue. The sporting school has world-class facilities and specialist coaches that provide to a range of sports. 

The program being offered provides different opportunities to participate in sample multiple sports through training and competitive sports during the early development year and also provides advanced training experience for any child. 

Millfield School offers relevant sports, including golf, football, tennis, swimming, riding, rugby, modern pentathlon, hockey, squash, netball, and dance. The school has about 16 representatives in the Olympics and 47 athletes competing at the international level.

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Uppingham School is one of the top sports schools in UK. It is a public school in Uppingham Rutland, England. The school was established in the year 1584. 

Uppingham School offers competitive and recreational activities in the sports games, including hockey, cricket, rugby, football, swimming, athletics, tennis, and netball, and also elective programs they can choose to participate in. If they are interested such as basketball, squash, volleyball, badminton, lacrosse, and rounders. 

Uppingham has good professional coaches who help pupils at all stages to improve their skills and abilities, as well as offering them a good training experience in their program. The age range for pupils is between 13- 18 years old. 

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Best sports schools in UK
Source: kgs.org.uk

 Kingston Grammar School (KGS) is one of the best sports schools in uk for international students. It is an independent co-educational day school in Kingston upon Thames, England. Founded in the year 1561. The school is best known for rowing teams and hockey. 

Kingston Grammar School  has a sporting home down at Ditton field, with 8 tennis courts, 2 hockey Astros, 6 netball, 4 football pitches, 4 cricket squares, as well as a superbly located boathouse. The school is available for students to access and enjoy their activities. 

Kingston Grammar School provides a variety of sporting options for students and staff to choose from, to be competitive, and to have a healthy lifestyle.

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Lepton College ranks as one of the best sports schools in the UK. It is a co-educational school for boarding and day pupils for the age range between 18 and 19. It is located in Lepton, Derbyshire, England. Lepton College helps pupils discover and grow their athletic skills and sporting abilities, as part of a comfortable and engaging program.

The college is best known for hockey and football games, but there are other additional sports activities, such as basketball, golf, fencing rugby, athletics, badminton, squash, cross country, and fives. Lepton College has a good reputation, and over 90% of students have free will to participate and represent the school at least in one event during competitions, all students participate in sports activities always.

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Gresham College is an institution of higher learning located at Bernard’s Inn Hall off Holborn in Central London, England. It is one of the best sports schools in the UK.

 Gresham’s School has a mix of boarding and day school which is available for both groups and develops a good sense of loyalty to the school and their home. The school community has a conducive, warm environment for students to learn from the best in each department.

Sports being offered in Gresham’s School include athletics, hockey, rugby, tennis, cricket and netball. These sports are being offered in a fun and healthy competitive environment, where students can be encouraged and supported in the sport they enjoy playing. There are great facilities where students can choose to specialize, including a large sports hall, an indoor 8-lane shooting range, 2 floodlit AstroTurf, squash courts a weight and fitting room, and a 25m indoor swimming pool. 

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Best sports schools in UK
Source: sps.edu

St Paul’s School is a selective independent day school for boys only between the age range of 13 to 18, established in 1509. the school is one of the best sports schools in the UK.

In St Paul’s school, the sports program serves many values and traits, as well as some importance, including honesty, commitment, resilience, responsibility, leadership, teamwork, respect, self-discipline, and scholarship. The program is being played and enjoyed by pupils from interested aspiring pupils to elite students. There are also 30 physical activities pupils are required to choose from on the game curriculum. 

St Paul’s had sent a few representatives to compete in the Olympics for rowing over the past decade. The major sports being offered include cycling, hockey, badminton, windsurfing, ultimate Frisbee, croquet, and table tennis. 

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King Edward VI School Southampton is a leading independent day school in Hampshire. It also ranks as one of the best sports schools in UK. 

The school’s major sports are rugby, cricket, hockey and netball. Over 70% of all pupils represent the school in one sport or the other during competitions, and the school normally wins titles and fares at the regional level.

King Edward School provides necessary training and makes sure that all sports are being enjoyed and challenging for students. 


Some of the best sports schools in uk are swimming, volleyball, basketball, baseball, hockey, golf, table tennis, athletics, cricket, tennis, and many others.


There are several sports schools in the Uk. However, some of the best sports schools including Mount Kelly School, King’S School, Chester,Wellington College, Millfield School,Uppingham School, Kingston Grammar School, Lepton College, Gresham’S School, St Paul’S School, and more.


Yes! International students can enroll in sports schools in uk as long as they meet up with the requirements of the school.


The United Kingdom is home to several sports schools that will help you achieve your dreams of becoming an athlete. Therefore, this article has elaborated on some of the best sports schools in the UK, and we hope they are helpful to your search.


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