12 Best Film Schools In New Jersey

film schools in New Jersey

Film schools help aspiring students to showcase their ideas in alternative cinema. There are many film schools in New Jersey that offer a variety of courses and principles that include cinematography, photography, producing, editing, and animation. 

Most of these renowned schools offer courses that can help students understand and pursue their careers successfully by providing them with good equipment, and also how attending a film school can help them achieve their goals in the industry. 

Looking for the best film schools in New Jersey can become a hassle. However, in this overview, we will be talking about providing you with the best film schools in New Jersey and everything they offer.

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Here are some of the benefits of taking a film course:


Film school helps students improve their experience and career vision through imagination, communication, thinking, observation, storytelling, and other technical skills. This will assist students to become craftier of a story for the screen, thinkers, and creators. Students being provided with the right tools and equipment helps them improve their learning skills and creativity through their own experiences in the field. 


Taking a film study course provides various global opportunities for students. Studying filmmaking helps students gain important opportunities, that can help them secure a better future in the industry. When students take film courses, it educates them about the importance and fundamentals behind their work-study and also helps them develop more advanced knowledge and skills that will help them become professional enough to grow their career in the global market because the industry desires students who are passionate, knowledgeable, and professional enough to work in their fields.

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Film-making exposes students to different kinds of films, we have various types of films in the industry depending on their specialties and types, including action, horror, comedy documentaries, romance, short films, adventures, and more. When students participate in filmmaking courses, it helps aspiring students understand the basics of film how they are being taught, and how they are organized. Students will have access to cinema studies as well. This will help them prepare for various career paths in the industry.


Film-making educates students about how taking professional and advanced courses can be beneficial for them. Participating in any of the courses in cinematography, film production, television or video production will help them understand their own needs to become more aware of their field. The industry could be competitive and challenging most time.


Taking film courses exposes students to more technical and practical components of film studies. Students making use of good equipment and technology will help them develop more skills and knowledge about their specialties. there are different types of film techniques that are available in different industries, such as photography, film production, television, editing, screenwriting, videography, sound design, short films, and many more. Taking film courses will help students learn about the latest techniques and their attributes. Film courses help students become professionals and experts in the industry.

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Here are some of the best film schools in New Jersey:


Founded in 1942, Farleigh Dickson University ranks as one of the best film schools in New Jersey. It is a private university is a private university with its main campus in Madison, New Jersey.

Farleigh Dickson University offers undergraduate and graduate programs in film studies. FDU provides good guidance and experience for students in the art field and also provides professional lecturers to help students develop good and advanced learning experiences. 

In FDU the department for film studies program offers a wide range of courses in storytelling, which is very important for students willing to explore their knowledge in looking for jobs on series or TV shows. 

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film schools in New Jersey
Source: shu.edu

Seton Hall University is one of the best film schools in New Jersey. It is a private roman catholic research university in South Orange, New Jersey. Seton Hall University offers Bachelor’s degree programs in visual and sound media (Broadcasting/TV). 

Seton Hall University offers courses in cinematography, film production, television production, sound production, engineering, and others. The school explores aspiring students in different areas of film studies, as well as critical issues, and artists. The school also helps students secure good relationships and work in the industry.

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Bergen Community College ranks as one of the best film schools in New Jersey. It is a great public community college located in Bergen County, New Jersey. 

Bergen Community College offers a four-year bachelor’s degree in liberal arts and associate of Arts (A.A) programs in cinema and film studies. An associate in applied science in television and film studies will help students prepare for their careers in the film industry. 

Bergen Community College explores aspiring film students to the principles, practices, theories, and fundamentals of ethical and effective communication in a wide variety that includes public, private, meditated contexts, and visual, student also gets hands-on experience in their field. 

Bergen Community College teaches students relevant topics related to their work field. They also educate them on how to develop more advanced and technical skills to become more professional. 

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Rutgers University officially known as Rutgers is a public research university in New Jersey. It is one of the best film schools in New Jersey.

The Rutgers filmmaking department provides opportunities to students who are interested in pursuing their career in the filmmaking industry and want to learn about the theoretical and technical aspects of their BFA degree program. 

At Rutgers University, students receive training and instruction in the technical aspects of filmmaking. They also teach students relevant related topics in filmmaking like field production, screenwriting, lighting, and many more. This can enable students to learn more about the basics of filmmaking to help them excel in the industry. 

The cinema studies department educates students on a wide range of courses and topics from the colonial period of filmmaking in New Jersey to the current media, from the theories of genre to the theories of gender, from Hollywood to Bollywood, from French movies to mafia movies. 

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film schools in New Jersey
Source: njcu.edu

New Jersey City University (NJCU) Is one of the best film schools in New Jersey. The university is located in Jersey City, New Jersey. 

New Jersey City offers a four-year BA degree in cinema studies minor, media arts, a production minor, and a year MFA in Integrated Media Arts Production. NJCU offers a wide range of courses in all filmmaking fields, including broadening post-collegiate and media production. 

NJCU provides top-notch programming for students, and also studios and labs for students to work with and develop more professional skills. The MFA in media arts production offers relevant, contemporary, critical consideration towards media arts with advanced skills in video, film, and media, with the conjunction of different films, and media.

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Monmouth University is a private university located in West Long Branch, New Jersey. It is one of the best film schools in New Jersey. 

Monmouth University offers BFA degree programs in Animation or graphics and interactive designs, students can choose a field to specialize in communication or journalism to media studies and production. 

At Monmouth University’s Department of Film and Media Arts offers innovative courses of study in studio art, Art history, Animation, photography, graphics and interactive designs, and interactive media. The university educates students to work critically, effectively, and creatively to communicate well with visual images. 

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Raritan Valley Community College (RVCC) ranks as one of the best film schools in New Jersey. It is a public community college in North Branch, New Jersey. 

The school offers four-year advanced degree programs heading to Associate of Fine Arts, Associate of Science, Associate of Applied Science, and Associate of Arts in Media Production and Film Studies. 

In RVCC, the Department of media production and Film Studies focuses on relevant courses that include film, and video production, but there are some elective courses as well that students are required to attend depending on their interests and specialization. These courses include theatre, advanced video editing, and digital arts. 

The school prepares students who want to pursue their careers in the communication field, including video and digital media production to gain more advanced and professional knowledge that can be helpful in the industry 

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film schools in New Jersey
Source: camdencc.edu

Camden County College (CCC) is one of the best film schools in New Jersey. It is a Public college based in Camden County, New Jersey. 

Camden County College offers An Associate in applied science and a Bachelor’s Degree in film and production, with relevant courses that include cinematography, film, video and photographic arts, art history film animation, and many more. 

CCC helps students develop their skills and be more creative in their specialties to become successful in the industry. The school also educates students about the theory and history of film as well as helps students acquire some hands-on good experiences. 

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Rowan University is one of the best film schools in New Jersey. It is a public university located in Glassboro, New Jersey. Rowan University offers students courses in radio, television, and film production and also aesthetics and history media, new media and audio recording, production, or critical studies.

This study includes topics on the history, theory, and other great experiences that students will know about to help them prepare for a good future in the industry. Rowan University offers BFA in film production, radio, and television studies. 

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Montclair University is a public research liberal arts university based in Montclair, New Jersey. It ranks as one of the best film schools in New Jersey.

Montclair University offers courses in film, television, video animation, directing, editing, cinematography, and screenwriting, the school offers a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree. Also, the school provides good teaching and equipment for students to help them develop more advanced skills in their area of study and also have good career experience and vision through storytelling, imagination, observation, communication, and other technical aspects. 

Montclair University educates students on both humanities, liberal arts, critical thinking, and also on relevant areas that can help students learn about their personal experiences in the field.

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film schools in New Jersey
Source: rider.edu

Rider University is another best film schools in New Jersey. It is a popular private research university located in Suburb, Lawrenceville, New Jersey. 

Riders University offers majors and minors in Film and Television studies and also encourages aspiring students to major in film artists, history and theory, film genres, and cinematography. 

Rider University helps students gain good experience in editing, cinematography, screenwriting, directing, Videographer, photography, and other technical skills in Film and Television Production. The Rider University offers BFA in film, theatre, and television.

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County College of Morris (CCM) is a Broadcasting Arts and Technology institution based in Randolph, New Jersey. It is one of the best film schools in New Jersey. The school features a community that helps aspiring students pursue their careers successfully in broadcasting and video production. 

County College of Morris offers The Associate of Arts, The Associate of Fine Arts, The Associate of Science, and The Associate of Applied Science degree. The school teaches students relevant courses that can help them pursue their careers successfully in the film and television industry, career interests may include floor manager floor, editor, sound design, grip, director, Videographer, radio and television announcer, writer, correspondent, camera operators, reporters, technical writers, broadcast news analysts, broadcast technicians, and many more. 


Yes! New Jersey is a good school for students who are looking forward to studying film. The state features some of the best film schools in the United States.


Yes! Rutgers is a reputable film school in New Jersey that offers some of the best courses for students interested in studying film.


You can study film in some of these schools: Farleigh Dickson University, Seton Hall University, Bergen Community College, Rutgers University, New Jersey City University, Monmouth University, Raritan Valley Community College, Camden County College, or others.


There are so many benefits of studying film, and one of them includes access to varieties of career paths. These career paths are high-paying jobs as well. This overview has featured some of the best film schools in New Jersey that will help you achieve your dreams. 


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