The 16 Best Dance Schools In New York City

dance schools in New York City

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Dancing comes with several benefits. At the best dancing schools in New York City, you can learn more about how to dance like a professional or engage in dancing schools that will help you stay fit.

New York City is a hub for several top dancing schools. Therefore, aspiring students who are passionate about learning choreography and dancing, or are willing to pursue their dance career in New York can enroll in any of the best dance schools. There are several opportunities available for students who want to go further into dancing. 

In this overview, we will list some of the best dance schools in New York City and everything you need to know about them.

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Here are some of the best dance schools in New York City:


American Musical Dramatic Academy is one of the best dance schools in New York City. It is well-known as a private conservatory for performing arts in two locations in the United States (New York City and Los Angeles California).

American Musical Dramatic Academy provides different opportunities for students interested in acquiring degrees in Bachelor of Art, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Conservatory Certificate, BFA, and Association of Occupational Studies degree. The school also offers necessary opportunities for aspiring students that can help them excel in the dancing industry.

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dance schools in New York City

Ballet Academy East (BAE) is another top dancing school in New York City. It is an academy available to adults and children who are interested in learning about dance education. The school encourages and promotes aspiring dancers who are ready to pursue their careers in the dancing industry. 

Graduates at BAE have various opportunities available for them, including ballet, met, Sarasota Ballet, Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre, New York City Ballet, and more. 

For children dancers, BAE provides professional training to young dancers to help them develop their talents and skills, as well as to boost their confidence with basic ballet performance, focus, flexibility, and ability in dance education

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Benard College is one of the best dance schools in New York City. It is a private women’s liberal arts college located in the Borough of Manhattan, New York City.

Benard College offers interdisciplinary programs that enable students to explore their ideas in the field. The Department of Arts focuses its efforts on the production of Miller Theater, a rich array of dance concepts, culture, technical, choreographic, history, and theory, and also explores their ideas in other disciplines. The school also focuses on educating students to explore their dialogue.

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Broadway Dance School is one of the best dance schools in New York City. It is a unique dance school founded in 1984. 

Broad way school offers various opportunities to students who want to explore their abilities in theater, vocals, music, and dance. The school also helps students develop more skills and experience in dance education. 

Broadway school students attend over 250 classes a week in contemporary, ballet, Jazz, theater, hip-hop, acrobatics, and more. They offer classes in belly dancing, yoga, flexibility, Pilates, vocal technique, and vocal performance. 

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Cuny Hunter College is one of the best dance schools in New York City. It is a public college located in New York. Cuny Hunter College is a liberal arts college that offers five-year courses in BA/MA dance education. 

Cuny Hunter College guarantee aspiring students who are passionate about becoming a successful dancer or willing to pursue their career in the field. They also provide them with a good dance education that will help them become successful and professional in the dancing industry. 

At Cuny Hunter College, Students will be able to acquire more skills and talents and also become more active in pedagogical theory.

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dance schools in New York City

Dance with Me Soho is one of the best dance schools in New York City. It is a great dance studio that offers private dance classes and is run by professional dance instructors.

Dance with Me Soho offers group dance classes, dance fitness, social practice sessions private lessons and also helps students acquire more skills in dance education. 

Dance with Me Soho educates students on Latin dancing, hip hop, contemporary, ballroom, and vogueing. They also teach students more about tango, waltz, salsa, and rumba. 

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Dance workshop is a dance class launched in the Upper East Side of Manhattan. It is one of the best dance schools in New York City. 

Dance workshop educates young and adult who are willing to explore their talents and learn more about dance techniques. The school offers courses in contemporary, Jazz, wedding dance, hip hop, modern, tap, musical theater, ballet, and more. 

Dance workshop is an amazing dance class available for adults and children to help them become professional and understand the fundamentals of dance practice. 

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Fordham University is one of the best dance schools in New York City. It is a private research university partnered with Ailey School, located in New York City. 

Fordham/Ailey University offers 4-years program in Bachelor’s degree programs (BFA) both in fine arts and liberal arts education. The school teaches students music literature, fundamentals of dance education, history, choreography, and performance.

Fordham University also offers students professional dance training in order to help them develop more advanced skills in the field. Students also need to have good technique training in ballet and modern dance, energy creativity, and good communication abilities to be a part of the curriculum. 

Fordham University/Ailey offers their students some of the best training and facilities including The artistic pre-eminence of the official school of the world-famous Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre, and an exceptional liberal arts education rooted in the Jesuit of personal attention and intellectual development. 

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Fred Astaire Dance Studio is one of the best dance schools in New York City. It is a popular dance studio known for Ballroom dancing and Salsa. It is located in Cary, New York City. 

Fred Astaire Dance Studios offers both group dancing and private dance lessons to young and old students. They began their dance heritage in 1947 by Mr. Fred Astaire, who founded the company. 

Fred Astaire Dance studio services include Jazz, salsa, quick step, rumba, samba, tango, paso double, waltz, chacha, west coast swing, east coast swing, jive, and more.


dance schools in New York City

Juilliard School is one of the best dance schools in New York City. Juilliard School educates its students on the repertory and history of dance, including choreography. 

Juilliard dancers are good at ballet dance, modern dance, and contemporary dance, and they also can communicate through dance.

Also, Juilliard dancers benefit from different opportunities presented to them, as well as top-notch experience. The School offers a four-year program in Bachelor of Fine Arts. 

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Marymount Manhattan College (MMC) is one of the best dance schools in New York City. It is a private college on the Upper East Side of New York City. 

Marymount Manhattan College offers two degrees in dance education, the BFA and the BA with many concentrations. The school helps aspiring students who are interested in exploring their field of study to develop artistic and technical skills in the liberal arts field.

Students attend courses like anatomy, music, production, and dance history. In MMC, students have free will to choose and participate in one (Ballet, Jazz, modern, or choreography). Students also have many opportunities open to them, such as scholarships, study abroad programs, internships, and more.

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New York University is one of the best dance schools in New York City. It is a private research university located in New York City. 

New York University offers Bachelor’s degree programs (BFA) and focuses more on the techniques of contemporary, and ballet dance, as well as choreography and performance, kinesiology, history and theory of dance, acting and dance, dance science, composition, and dance technology.

The school provides various opportunities for students who are passionate about learning more skills and abilities in dancing. They help students improve their creativity and steps. 

In their first year, students focus on learning how to dance in a very relaxed manner and also understand more about music theory, dance composition, and Kinesthetic analysis. 

The second year includes the techniques, and principles of dance, and also offers courses that involve improvisation, music literature, acting advanced dance composition, and dance history. 

The third year includes participating in more physical activities on stage choreography and performance. Third-year year students develop enough skills that enable them to be on their own because they have more experience and professional skills that can help them excel in the dance field.

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Pace University is one of the best dance schools in New York City. Pace University trains students in theater dance, Jazz, ballet, contemporary, aerial art, and hip hop, as well as choreography, vocal music, acting, and more. 

Pace University makes various opportunities available for their students that can help them gain more knowledge and experience and also help them become great dancers. The program being held is training students to help them achieve a BFA in commercial dance. 

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Peridance Capezio Center is one of the best dance schools in New York City. It is a dance center in New York City that offers adult and children dance classes that include ballet, hip hop, body conditioning, salsa, and African-based dances. The school is located in Union Square, in the heart of New York City. 

Peridance Capezio Center assists aspiring adult dancers in acquiring more technical skills and also helps them grow to become professional dancers, Peridance trains aspiring children dancers in a very healthy, nurturing, and conducive environment

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dance schools in New York City

Queens College is one of the best dance schools in New York City. It is a public liberal arts college in the Queens borough of New York City. 

Queen’s College Department of Theatre Dance offers major and minor programs for male and female teen students (age range 7-16). The college is available for young aspiring dancers who want to acquire more skills in the dancing field. 

At Queens College, students get the ability to explore their strengths, physical awareness, expression, and dance steps that bring them balance and confidence. 

Queen’s College trains students to become perfect and professional ballet, Asian, jazz, African, tap, and modern dance. Graduate students have the chance to participate in choreography to therapy. The popularly known center available for students in Queens College to perform their dance is the “Kupferberg Center for the Arts” (KCA).

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The new school is one of the best dance schools in New York City. It is a private research and experimentation school located in New York City, founded in the year 1919. 

The new school offers both a major and a minor in dancing. They also educate students on contemporary dance techniques, anthropology, politics, psychology, environmental studies, history and theory of dance, analysis of dance traditions, and practice of various techniques, and also help them develop their choreographic skills. 


You can study dance at some of these schools, including Juilliard School, American Musical Dramatic Academy, Ballet Academy East, Benard College, Broadway Dance Center, Cuny Hunter College, Dance with Me Soho, Fordham University, and more.


Of course! Dance schools are worth it. Most dance schools will provide you with the best training that will help you to become a professional. Whether for professionalism, health, or leisure, dance schools will help you achieve your dancing objectives.


Juilliard is one of the most popular dance academies in New York City. The school is also recognized as one of the best in the world.


There are several opportunities available for students who want to go further into dancing, and there is a future in dancing. This overview has featured some of the best dance schools in New York City, and we hope they help you decide on the best one for you.


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