12 Best Film Schools In UK

film schools in UK

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Undoubtedly, there are several students who are very passionate about becoming reputable film producers, directors, or individuals wanting to become professionals in the industry, as well as others looking forward to becoming industry practitioners. Most of these schools offer courses and degree programs to students who are interested in learning more about filmmaking.


There are various film schools in UK, including academies, colleges, and universities that are committed to helping aspiring actors and actresses pursue their film careers in the industry. 

The United Kingdom is home to several film schools. While looking for the best film schools in the UK can be time-consuming. This overview will list some of the best film schools in UK and everything you need to know about them.

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Attending a film-making school helps you elaborate on your work and how you can improve your skills by participating in various professional fields and communities. When students participate in various communities and fields, it helps them develop more talents and also understand what they need to do and how they need to improve themselves to achieve their dreams and excel in the filmmaking industry.

Film-making school offers unique opportunities to aspiring students who want to explore their knowledge and learn advanced and technical skills from professional tutors.

Most schools offer classes on how students can write their scripts, and also learn more about editing and sound, including the theoretical and historical concepts of filmmaking.

Film schools help students explore their ideas in alternative cinema. When students explore their ideas in alternative cinema students will be able to produce their films and write their scripts. Students will have free access to participate in workshops that can assist them in practicing what they have received.

Film schools help students research and learn more about software and equipment, including the basics such as script writing, editing techniques, cinematography, film production, lighting, camera and photography, sound documentaries, and many more, depending on their specialization and focus.

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Here are some of the best film schools in UK:


Met Film School is one of the top film schools in UK. It is a private institution that works with online media, television, and lead film. The school is an ideal option for students who want to advance in their respective careers.

Met Film School offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs, the institution is located in London within Ealing. This location has featured some of the best movies. Movies that were filmed at the Ealing include Notting Hill, The Lady Killers, Downtown Abbey, and more.

Met film schools offer BA and MA degrees in liberal arts. In the Department of Film Education, some of the courses offered include Cinematography, Screenwriting, Editing, film production, post-production, and acting for cameras. 

Met Film School aims to help aspiring film students gain advanced experience in the field and give them good quality experience and practical skills in their fields of education.

The tuition fee for the BA program is £42,750 for international students, for Domestic students is £27,750, while for the MA program is £26,500 for international students, for domestic students is £ 24,500. 

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film schools in UK
Source: ravensbourne.ac.uk

Ravensbourne University ranks as one of the best film schools in UK. It is a design and digital media university. The school offers BA programs/degrees in editing, Digital TV, production, post-production, and digital film production with great experience. 

Ravensbourne University helps aspiring students explore their talents and technical skills in a wide range of fields including photography, screenwriting, editing, sound, lighting, and camera to develop their unique skills in the film industry and become professionals. 

Tuition fees for domestic students cost £9,250 for domestic students, and £16,500 for international students. What is required for students to apply is to submit a portfolio, and also have little experience or have an interest in any of the fields of arts or design.

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The University of Westminster is one of the best film schools in UK. It is a public university located in London, United Kingdom. It is an ideal option for aspiring students who want to become professionals in the filmmaking industry.

The University of Westminster serves students from different nationalities and also offers BA degree programs in film education. T

he university works with two great television and film studios, as well as a 3D workshop, extensive post-production facilities, and a construction workshop. 

At the University of Westminster, they help aspiring students explore their knowledge and ideas in producing, writing, editing and sound, directing, production design, and many more. Students also develop more advanced skills and experience that will help them achieve their goals in the field. 

The tuition fees for international students cost £14,800, and £9,250 for UK residents. 

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 The Screen School is one of the best schools in the UK for film education, communication, and Cultural Studies. The school is based in London. 

The screen school offers an MA program, the school provides great opportunities for students who want to learn more about the fundamentals of film education, including video games and web dramas. 

MA students are to specialize in one field during their one-year program in editing, producing, cinematography, screen documentaries, sound recording, or directing fiction. 

The tuition fee for international students is £26,840, and for UK residents is £14,000. 

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film schools in UK
Source: lfs.org.uk

London Film School (LFS)is one of the best film schools in UK. It is an institution that offers postgraduate programs. It was founded in 1956, located in Brewery, in Convent Garden, London. 

The school also offers workshop programs for Master’s and PhD degrees in film production and filmmaking, and other professional courses. 

LFS is one of the most popular film schools known internationally, with good reviews and reputation. London Film School allows students to explore their experiences broadly, students participate in other activities aside from their interests.

The tuition fee for MA students offering filmmaking is £65,438 for international students and UK students.

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London Film Academy (LFA) ranks as one of the best film schools in UK. It is an institution that offers certificate, postgraduate, and undergraduate courses in filmmaking. The academy is located in Fulham, London, founded in the year 2001. 

LFA enables students to get advanced training and experience that can help them develop their knowledge and skills in the field. 

The school features an editing floor, a cinema, and two studios available for students to train and acquire more information about filmmaking.

LFA tuition fees for a full-time MA are £20,500, and for a BA full-time is £42,500 for British students and international students.

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The National Film and Television (NFTS) school is one of the best film schools in UK. The school is based at Bacon Studios in Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire, England. 

The National Film and Television School offers MA programs, BA Program, and Diploma. NFTS for the film education department educates students on various film content topics, including TV, games, design, animation, and many more. 

NFTS provides necessary tools for students who want to explore their experiences and ideas in filmmaking and film production. The school trains students to become creative and professional in the field.

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film schools in UK
Source: arts.ac.uk

University of Art London (UAL) is another reputable film school in UK. UAL serves courses in business and screen, as well as BA courses in Television production and filmmaking. 

University of the Arts London‘s Department of Film Education focuses on relevant subjects such as film practice, photography, commercial photography, film and television, film and screen studies, film practice, and photojournalism. 

The school provides professional tutors for students to help them develop more advanced knowledge in film-making fields.

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Raindance popularly known as “the home of independent film” is a great film-making institution based in London. The institution was established in 1992. It is one of the best film schools in UK.

Raindance offers courses in screenwriting, filmmaking, and others. The institution provides different opportunities for students that can help them develop more knowledge and experience, as well as other opportunities to enable them to travel and experience more deeply into filmmaking.

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Central Film School is one of the best film schools in UK. It is a private institution established in 2008, located on Landor Road, London. 

Central Film School offers BA, MA, and short course programs. The school focuses on relevant courses like editing, producing, factual programming, directing, cinematography, and sound. 

Central Film School in the Department of Film Making explores aspiring students to professional television and filmmaking industries that can help them excel at the highest levels of their careers.

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film schools in UK
Source: screenacademyscotland.ac.uk

Screen Academy Scotland is one of the best film schools in UK that offers both undergraduate (BA) and postgraduate (MA) courses, including short courses and diploma programs. 

Screen Academy Scotland educates students about the fundamentals of digital media and how they can create their content in their own way. 

In the department of filmmaking, students have free will and access to specialize in just one of these fields editing, cinematography, location sound recording and sound design, directing, or producing. 

Students at this academy can also participate in community events or activities that are relevant to their course of study, and also attend piratical events, and workshop events that will help them develop more advanced technical knowledge and skills.

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Queen Mary University of London is a girls-only private university based in North Yorkshire, England. It is an ideal institute for students looking forward to becoming a professional. It is one of the best film schools in UK.

QMUL offers a 3-year program for Undergraduate courses in filmmaking education. In the first year, they explore students to relevant subjects in filmmaking, such as the fundamentals of filmmaking, film language, critical concepts, and the history of cinema. They also encourage students to develop their skills and experiences, by creating short films and scripts in their language. 

In the second year and third years, students have free will to participate in their learning activities related to their courses. Students will be engaged in activities that include theoretical and practical research, from historical and philosophical analysis of filmmaking.


Yes! The UK is one of the best countries to study film, and it is home to several film-making schools. 


Some of the best schools to study film in the UK include Met Film School, Ravensbourne University, University of Westminster, London Film School, London Film Academy, The National Film and Television School, University of Art London, Central Film School, Screen Academy Scotland, and more.


No! It is not difficult to get into a London film school. However, as an applying student, you should have a bachelor’s degree with honors, substantial experience in filmmaking, or relevant certifications.


Most film schools in the UK provide necessary training and guidance to students who are hoping to become professionals and also help them secure a position in the filmmaking industry. This overview has featured some of the best film-making schools in UK, and we hope they serve as a guide to you.


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