20 Best Blacksmithing Schools In The World

Blacksmithing School

The blacksmithing craft has been an essential part of civilization for thousands of years now. Blacksmithing is a respectable career path in the world, and it is no surprise why many people want to become professional blacksmiths today. 

Blacksmithing is the art of fabricating and crafting items from wrought iron by forging metal using various tools and techniques. There are several blacksmithing schools in the world that will equip you with the skills and abilities to become a professional in the industry. 

Each country has one or more Blacksmithing schools, and looking for the best schools can be time-consuming. However, In this article, we will be listing some of the top 20 best blacksmithing schools in the world for individuals who want to become a blacksmith.

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Here are a few steps on how to become a professional blacksmith:

  1. Earn a high school diploma
  2. Attend a trade or vocational school to join blacksmithing.
  3. Attend a college to obtain a blacksmithing diploma.
  4. Take up an apprenticeship with a skilled and experienced blacksmith.
  5. Obtain the equipment required to begin smithing.
  6. Market your skills and establish yourself.
  7. Collaborate with other blacksmiths around you and Keep learning.

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Here are some of the best blacksmithing schools in the world:


The Virginia Institute of Blacksmithing is one of the best blacksmithing schools in the world. The school is located in Waynesboro, Virginia, Founded to provide students with experience in the field of blacksmithing.

The school is accredited by the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia. It is the only certified blacksmithing school in the region. Their classes and curriculum are for novices to be more experienced in the art of blacksmithing. 

Virginia Institute of Blacksmithing offers hobby blacksmiths, as well as a certificate of artistic blacksmithing for those who wish to pursue a career as an artistic blacksmith.

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blacksmithing school
Source: cascadiaarts.org

Cascadia Arts and Crafts Center is a leading blacksmithing school in the world. Designed to provide beginners the opportunity to learn and gain experience from some of the best blacksmiths in the Pacific Northwest. All tools needed are provided.

Some of the classes in the blacksmithing program include Introduction to Fused Glass with Barbaru Wells, Beginner Blade Smithing, Forging Knives to Shape, Beginner Blacksmithing I – Decorative Hooks, and Beginner Blacksmithing II – Fire Tools. Each class will teach you the basics of blacksmithing, and it include a hands-on course, all tool usage, and techniques to cut.

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Pratt Fine Arts Center Is one of the best blacksmithing schools in the world. It was founded to provide instruction in the field of blacksmithing, ranging from basic and advanced instructions.

The teaching method at Pratt Fine Arts Center is focused on promoting the transformational power of art and actively supporting the development of visual artists.

The classes offered at Pratt Fine Arts Center are suitable for all ages, all skill levels, and all abilities. Students receive professional artist instruction in an environment that allows them to expand their skills.

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Clatsop Community College is one of the best blacksmithing schools in the world. It is the first public community college in Astoria, Oregon, with service areas in Clatsop County, portions of Columbia and Tillamook counties, as well as Pacific and Wahkiakum counties in Washington state.

Clatsop Community College is accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU). The school was established in 1958. Its blacksmithing courses are offered under the history preservation program of the university.

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The studio Thorne Metals School for Blacksmithing is one of the top blacksmithing schools in the world founded to educate people on modern blacksmithing. Its programs cover everything from introductory blacksmithing courses to advanced certifications that provide a practical foundation for more advanced forging.

Additionally, students had the benefit of working in the instructors’ excellent, which is equipped blacksmith shop alongside other experienced blacksmiths.

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The New England School of Metalwork is a non-profit educational facility dedicated to the promotion and teaching of metalwork skills. It is one of the best blacksmithing schools in the world. The school started in 2000 and has consistently provided exceptional training in metal smith, welding, blacksmithing, and blade smithing.

The New England School of Metalwork is located in Auburn, Maine. The concept of the school is to provide students with the skills and knowledge required to produce high-quality metals.

The New England School of Metal Work offers daytime classes, one-day courses, Night classes, welder certification, and private one-on-one tutorial time.

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blacksmithing school
Source: newagrarianschool.com

The New Agrarian Blacksmithing School is one of the best blacksmithing schools in Montana. The school is known for offering a wide range of blacksmithing training designed for people with little or no experience and will cover the basic theory and practice in the craft, introductory metallurgy, and basic design and use.

The school offers a wide variety of workshops from one to three weeks in length along with studio assistantships, weekend classes, and flexible residencies. Each class offers dynamic educational opportunities for people of all skill levels.

Class content and schedules are designed to provide a comprehensive curriculum for professional development.

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Anvil Academy is one of the best blacksmithing schools in the world. It is a learning community that is focused on mentoring at-risk youths. The school offers specialized trade classes in blacksmithing, blade smithing, and woodwork to students in Newberg, Oregon.

The teaching methods in Anvil Academy consist of the daily experience of being shaped along the lines of Christ. The school believes that there is much to be learned about the past and the present. They provide both entry-level and expert instruction in blacksmithing and knife manufacture.

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Selkirk College is another notable blacksmithing school in Canada designed to let students gain the necessary understanding of blacksmithing and welding techniques. The school has a great emphasis on helping you develop proper techniques and hands-on studio practice. 

The duration of the course is four months and will provide you with the basics of Ornamental metal art design and creation to put you on the road to success in the professional marketplace. The total cost for tuition, supplemental costs, student union fees, and mandatory fees at Selkirk blacksmithing studio is $4,693.

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Bridgetown Forge Blacksmithing School is one of the top blacksmithing schools in the world that provides classes for both beginner and experienced smiths. The school has extensive forging experience of over 30 years in Japan, Israel, and the United States, creating exceptional and functional objects.

The blacksmithing classes offered at Bridgetown Forge cover the basics of knife making, tool making, practical metallurgy, heat treatment, and power hammer work.

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Oklahoma State University is a private land-grant research university in Stillwater, founded in 1890. The school ranks among the top 50 public universities in America, with over 300 majors and minors and 200+ master’s and PhD options. This school is dedicated to helping you reach your fullest potential.

The school offers an eight-week AGED course in metals and welding, which is designed to help students develop and understand the principles of gas welding, electric arc welding, flame-cutting, plasma arc cutting, and related mental processes. It is one of the best blacksmithing schools in the world. 

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The National School of Blacksmithing is one of the leading blacksmithing schools in the world. It is part of Herefordshire and Ludlow University, a college of higher education (FE). The school was founded in 1946 and has consistently provided education and training that meets world standards.

National School of Blacksmithing offers full-time training courses and evening classes as well as seminars (Such as for WCB judges and the National Heritage Ironwork Group)

The school offers a B.A. Degree in artist blacksmithing. The course will cover all the aspects of blacksmithing, and metalwork.

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The Ms. Caitlin School of Technology is another notable blacksmithing school that provides entry-level and expert instruction in blacksmithing.

The school focuses on supporting and promoting the craft of blacksmithing, custom-made metalwork, and the blacksmith community.

Ms. Caitlin’s school of blacksmithing classes focus on the instruction to the shop, safety rules, adjusting tools as well as demonstration of techniques in clay and steel. The school also has a cold metal class for kids.

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The Austin Community College is a public community college with over 100 programs in 10 areas of study that lead to a career certificate, associate degree, bachelor’s degree, or university transfer.

Austin Community College has an in-house art school where you can study metalwork, shape gold, silver, pewter, or other to form jewelry or other metal items.

The school also has a welding technology program that will help you master a variety of welding, gas tungsten arc welding, gas metal arc welding, and flux-cored arc welding. This program provides hands-on training in blueprinting, fabrication, welding inspection, ultrasonic testing, and more.

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blacksmithing school
Source: arrowhead-forge.com

The Arrowhead Forge School of Blacksmithing is one of the world’s leading blacksmithing schools that started in 2004 to provide students the opportunity to learn the skills of hand-forging hot iron.

Courses offered at this blacksmithing school cover all the aspects of entry-level blacksmithing, tool smithing, and traditional joinery, scroll, and leaf work. Special classes and offsite demonstrations are available upon request.

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The Fire Horse Forge is another notable blacksmithing school in the world that focuses on teaching you the skills of forging, handcrafting, and blade smithing. Whether you want to try blade smithing or blacksmithing, the school has classes available for beginners and experienced individuals. Private instruction is also available.

Classes include a 2-day introduction to blacksmithing, a 2-day introduction to blade smithing, and Damascus Chef’s knife classes.

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The Pensacola State College is a public college in Pensacola, Florida. It is part of the Florida college system and was the first institute of higher learning in Pensacola (1948). The school offers over 120 majors and degrees with a great focus on career advancement, continuing education, and technical education.

The Pensacola State College offers a two-year transfer degree for art majors planning to continue their education at a four-year college. The art department covers the basics, fundamentals, and concepts of art. It covers craft art, which teaches and trains students how to create handmade objects using a variety of techniques such as welding, weaving, pottery, and needlecraft. 

The school also has a mechanical design and fabrication A.S degree, which covers all the aspects of woodworking, metal fabrication, aircraft sheet metal riveting, and MIG, TIG, and gas welding.

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Rochester Institute of Technology is one of the best blacksmith schools in the world. It is a private research university located in the town of Henrietta in the Rochester, New York, Metropolitan area. 

It was founded in 1829, and since then, it has consistently offered over 200 academic programs in 11 colleges. The school is ranked the 37th among the most trusted universities in America and the 19th best employers.

The metals and jewelry design program is a degree program designed for students who want to develop their creative potential through a broad introduction to materials and production techniques before moving to the advanced levels. This degree program will expose you to everything from traditional metal techniques to advanced design technologies. The curriculum will help you develop your creativity to its fullest potential as you explore the foundations and advanced metal crafting.

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blacksmithing school
Source: massart.edu

Massachusetts College is one of the best blacksmithing schools in the world. The School of Arts offers a combined jewelry and metal smithing program that lets students explore the methods of traditional and contemporary metalwork and learn how objects are informed by their historical contexts.

The Massachusetts College of Art offers one of the best blacksmithing programs in the world.

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Haywood Community College is one of the best blacksmithing schools in the world. Located in North Carolina. The school offers a 2-year degree program: Associate in Applied Science – professional crafts jewelry. The program prepared individuals to become professional metal smiths. Instruction includes jewelry techniques, design, and marketing. After completion of the program, graduates will be able to start their jewelry store or work for an established jeweler. 

The school also offers continuing education courses in fiber, clay, metals /jewelry, hand-wrought metals, and more.


To become a blacksmith, you need to earn a high school diploma, Attend a trade or vocational school to join Blacksmithing, or attend a college to obtain a Blacksmithing diploma.


Yes! Depending on the country, blacksmiths get paid based on the hours they have worked, their skills, and their level of expertise. 


Yes! Blacksmiths are in high demand all across the world, and there are several career paths, as well as job opportunities for blacksmiths.


Blacksmiths is a lucrative career with several opportunities available for individuals hoping to become a professional. This overview has featured some of the best blacksmithing schools in the world, and we hope they help you decide on the best one for you.


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