Best Dog Training Schools In Canada

dog training schools in Canada 

Welcoming a fluffy friend into your home and life is a beautiful gift, but it can bring some headaches if your dog struggles with behavior issues. These behavioral issues can lead to your dog barking unnecessarily, leash pulling, poor recall, aggression, separation anxiety, nipping, biting, and chewing. However, dog training schools in Canada will help your dog get better.

For most dogs to be positive and well-behaved at home, it is essential as a dog owner to help your dog attend one of the best dog training schools in Canada for professional help in basic canine obedience. 

Looking for the best dog training schools in Canada can be time-consuming. Therefore, This article will feature some of the best dog training schools in Canada and everything you need to know about them.

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You should consider getting your dog into one of the dog training Schools In Canada. This will help you worry less about your dog barking unnecessarily, leash pulling, poor recall, aggression, separation anxiety, nipping, biting, and chewing issues.

Dog training schools help dogs improve their communication skills and behavior and also help dogs stop bad habits like creating nuisances barking, chewing, jumping, scratching, and others. 

Dog training schools in Canada will most likely help your dog to learn some new skills. Most of these Training schools provide dogs with more confidence to socialize, and they will also provide consistency for your dog’s well-being.

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The first six months of your dog’s life should be crucial to you because this is the stage they easily adapt their future behavior and social skills. So when you sign them up for a dog training school at eight weeks of age they will quickly adapt to positive behavior and learn the command of how to stay and come, sit, and stand. 

Helping your Puppies socialize and giving them basic training is essential, especially by enrolling them in a dog training school. Also, Training them should start from when you bring them home, which is usually eight weeks of age. 

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Below are some of the best dog training schools in Canada:


Raising Fido stands out as a premier dog training school in Canada. Raising Fido boasts excellent training facilities. It is a renowned training center that offers both group and individual sessions tailored to meet the unique needs of your dog.

Raising Fido specializes in Puppy and adolescent dog development. Their programs and activities are designed to help Fido grow into the best version of themselves. The school handles the stress of dog ownership, so you can focus on creating long-lasting memories and enjoy a fulfilling companionship with your pet.

Specialty: Private dog training, group dog training, teen socials, Behavior issues

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dog training schools in Canada 

Dogma Behavior and Education Centre offers your dog enjoyable and effective training and behavior modification that will help them become confident and ready to thrive in your family. It is one of the dog training schools in Canada.

Dogma works with all breeds and behaviors and specializes in modifying complex behaviors.

Dogma Behavior and Education Centre offers Day school and group classes, which include online and on-site training and Private training. The centre’s training programs and day school curriculum were developed by the first elite CBCC-KA accredited trainers, ensuring the highest possible standard of education.

Specialty: Day school, private training, online and on-site training, group classes

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Clever Canines ranks among the best dog training schools in Canada. With a wealth of experience gained from training numerous puppies and dogs across different breeds, they possess the expertise needed to guide you in nurturing a happy and well-behaved family pet. 

The school provides life-long support for you and your dog to live a balanced, happy life together. At Clever Canines, training classes are available for all dogs, no matter what age and stage you are at.

Specialty: Dog daycare, phone or video coaching, core

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Cultured Canines has been delivering top-notch dog training services for over 10 years. It is one of the dog training Schools In Canada

The center’s mission is to guide you in training your dog. Offering a diverse range of classes that cover far more than just basic commands and obedience. The center ensures that all training and behavioral management enhance your dog’s welfare physically and emotionally. 

Beth O’Connor, The driving force behind Cultured Canines, has dedicated several years to dog behavior and training. Her principle is that problem behaviors are not ignored, they are dealt with. So, instead of using gimmicks to have obedient dogs, the center will help address the underlying issues. Every training service at Cultured Canines is thoughtfully designed to achieve lifelong results.

Specialty: obedience training, behavior issues training, innovative dog training

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dog training schools in Canada 

Paw Z Tracks Dog Agility Training is a reputable dog training school in Canada that has been delivering top-notch training services for over 20 years. Their objective is to guide you in training your canine companion, striving to provide intellectual stimulation, develop confidence, and improve trust and communication between you and your dog. 

The company offers a range of classes that will introduce your dog to new experiences that will help train your dog to understand verbal and visual cues.

Dani DeCecco, the driving force behind Paw Z Tracks Dog Agility training, is a canine behavior specialist with over 15 years as an agility instructor, and her talented team will introduce you to a dog sport that will help develop a working relationship between you and your canine companion. 

Specialty: Group training classes, Behaviour modifying

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Dog Trainers Network stands as a prominent dog training school in Canada. Established in 1999, the Dog Trainers Network is one of Canada’s longest-running professional dog training instructor programs based in Montreal. 

The center is certified and recognized by the Canadian Dog Trainers Association and worldwide. It offers an elite network for all dog-related career training.

The services at Dog Trainers Network include one-on-one teaching, lifetime support, and mentoring, and programs are offered in English and French. The center’s curriculum is location-independent and can be taken regardless of where you live.

Specialty: behavior comprehension, training fundamentals, and dog training specialization courses.

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dog training schools in Canada 

Bark Busters stands out as a reputable and well-recommended dog training school in Canada, offering top-notch services in dog training and behavior modification. The center prides itself on an in-home dog training service that focuses on establishing healthy relationships and effective communication between dogs and their humans. 

The school believes that there is hope for every dog, and is dedicated to providing the tools and training that dogs need to thrive. Their approach is grounded on an effective foundation that is based on respect and trust. 

Bark Busters develops personalized programs using positive reinforcement and real-life scenarios that teach the skills needed to set your relationship up for success.

Specialty: Puppy training, Basic dog training and obedience, Remote dog training, Behavioural assessment quiz

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ImPAWsible Possible is one of the best dog training service providers in Canada. Since 2009, ImPAWsible Possible has been a trusted source for dog training and behavior solutions in Calgary, Alberta. They offer a cutting-edge system-thinking approach to dog training and tools to enhance your relationship with your dog.

ImPAWsible Possible offers a variety of indoor and outdoor dog training programs in Calgary, Alberta, catering to puppies, adolescents, reactive and aggressive dogs, squirrel aficionados, and therapy dog candidates. The center’s mission is to deliver innovative behavior and educational solutions for dog owners and pet professionals while maintaining a strong commitment to their clients and the human-canine bond.

Specialty: group classes, reactive dog training classes, squirrel-obsessed dogs, therapy dog classes, and obedience training.

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dog training schools in Canada 

Dogtopia of Blackfoot stands as a reputable establishment offering a variety of dog training programs. It is one of the dog training schools in Canada. 

Dogtopia of Blackfoot is the top destination for dog daycare, boarding, and spa services. Their expertise lies in ensuring all dogs’ safety. For daycare and boarding, all dogs are separated into playrooms by size and temperament where they can enjoy hours of safe specialization, exercise, education, and fun. 

Dogtopia of Blackfoot puts your every interest in mind, your dog’s safety is their top priority. That is, their team’s training is certified by two nationally recognized associations in canine behavior.

Specialty: Daycare, Boarding, Spa

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K9 Fun Center stands out as a premier dog training school in Canada, offering everything you need for the day-to-day care of your canine friend. The center offers progressive training methods to help you get through the toughest problems and shape your pal through the perfect companion.

K9 Fun Center offers private training sessions, which provide you with one-on-one help to zero in on the issue, to solve it a lot faster. All private training options at K9 Fun Center start with an in-person private consultation, this allows you to share what’s been going on. 

Once they get all the information, they start the behavior-modifying protocol and develop a personalized training program to give you and your dog the perfect solution. 

Specialty: behavior modifying, obedience training, private training

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Just Fun Canine Campus Training Center has been assisting dog owners in raising, educating, and training their dogs to become well-behaved, amiable members of their families for over 20 years. It is one of the dog training schools in Canada.

Their training plans are designed to help dog owners establish a relationship founded on trust and kindness with their dogs. The center uses a comprehensive manners-based curriculum and brings in the focus family-oriented training to bring out the best in your canine companion.

As one of the best dog training centers in Canada, Just Fun canine campus training center boasts several training programs, including puppy kindergarten, manners I & II, and Group classes. 

These programs include social interaction with pups, addressing common puppy issues, learning to ignore distractions, and increasing focus and advanced skills.

Specialty: social interactions, behavior modifying


DOGSmart Training & Smart DAYcare is a renowned dog training school in Vancouver, Canada. It is a full-service, client-centered team of professionals dedicated to helping you achieve the results you want for you and your puppy or adult dog. 

DOGSmart Training & Smart DAYcare is a strong proponent of positive reinforcement training methods that bring lasting results in a manner that is fun and positive to both dog and owner. These trainers are experienced and knowledgeable. Some of their trainers are certified professional dog trainers – Knowledged Assessed (CPDT-KA).

All trainings at DOGSmart Training & Smart DAYcare are held in small group settings. They offer specialized private training in your home or at their training facility as well as Reactive Dog Workshops for dogs who need special attention for behavioural issues.

Specialty: Daycare, private training, Reactive dog Training, Behaviour modifying, Anxious/fearful dog training, skills training


The best dog trainer in Canada depends on what your dog needs. If you need to train a squirrel-obsessed dog, the best one for you and your dog will be the one that excels in reactive or aggressive training. A dog owner with a disobedient or rebellious dog needs a trainer who focuses on basic puppy obedience training. There is no one solution for all dogs.


This would vary depending on the type of trainer and training that you prefer to get for your dog. However, the average cost for dog training in Canada is between $30 to $75.


Some of the best dog training schools in Canada include Raising Fido, Dogma Behavior and Education Centre, Clever Canines, Cultured Canines, Paw Z Tracks Dog Agility Training, Dog Trainers Network, Bark Busters, and more.


Getting your dog enrolled in one of the best dog training schools in Canada will provide you with several benefits. Not only will your dog get better, it will also gain more skills and abilities. 

To help achieve that, this article has listed some of the best dog training schools in Canada, and we hope they serve as a guide to you.




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