10 Best Online Universities In Canada

Online universities in canada

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Online universities have made it a lot easier to earn desired certificates that can help one secure a job. There are various online universities in Canada available for different programs depending on the type of course you want to pursue. Whether for business schools or entertainment, Canada is home to several schools. 

Most online universities in Canada offer better learning and reliable programs suitable for international and domestic students. Also, online learning is good for full-time students, part-time students, and students with families or disabilities. 

Looking out for the best online universities in Canada will help you attain the best level of education. Therefore, this article is going to elaborate more on some of the best online universities in Canada, including the courses they offer and their requirements. 

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Before heading to the best online universities in Canada, here are some of the benefits of online universities in Canada, and why you need to attend one. 


Studying in an online university in Canada provides flexible learning hours. Learning is always at your own time and step. More so, studying online also indicates that you can work on professional development while obtaining an academic certificate. 

You can still pursue your education while working, managing your family life, and traveling, even when you have any disabilities. It is a win-win opportunity for individuals who wish to work and study.


When you take an online university course in Canada, it’s your responsibility to set your timetable and even evaluate when you can finish up your course readings and work assessments. That is, you have the freedom to decide the time for the class. Therefore, you can engage in other activities.


Online universities in Canada have a wide range of courses where you can choose to complete your education without having any difficulty in relocating or obtaining an education or a degree. You have different courses of your choice to specialize in. Also, you can opt for any degree program that suits you.


 pursuing an education online allows you to learn how to complete your coursework from home. You will learn how to maintain your schedule during your time well. Online education will help you work in a more comfortable environment, this will make it very easy for you to further your education. 


Studying at an online university in Canada will help you improve your communication skills. However, you need to employ effective communication skills for you to be able to connect easily with your instructors and colleagues, such as communicating through e-mail.

 Learning online will require you to ask questions about things you need clarification on, so developing your communication skills will enable you to ask questions fluently so your lecturers can understand what you need and what you want to understand better.

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Below are some of the best online universities in canada:


Laurentian University is one of the best online universities in Canada. It is a public university in Northern Ontario, Canada. The school offers online learning opportunities for international and domestic students. 

At Laurentian University, the online professional and certificate development micro-credentials focus on areas that include fire scene management and investigation, Cardiac care, fingerprint detection and access, effective surveillance, palliative care, and treatment of patients. 

Laurentian University offers 26 degree programs with over 350 courses, including undergraduate degrees in sociology, criminology, business administration, forensic identification, and indigenous social work, and even offers primary care Nurse practitioner M.Sc. and MBA programs. 

The university also provides students with the opportunity to pursue a four-year bachelor of business administration (BBA) degree. Courses are being offered in English during the fall, fall/winter, and winter sessions.

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Online universities in Canada
Source: ufred.ca

University of Fredericton (Ufred) ranks as one of the best online universities in Canada. It is a private for-profit online university founded in 2005. 

The school is an ideal option for student who wants online education. Ufred focuses on various selections of degrees, diploma programs, and online certificates through its Sandermoen School of Business and School of Occupational Health and Safety.

The courses being offered in the OHS college are OHS and environmental systems and ergonomics, certificates, and diplomas in psychology health and safety, among others. Pre-MBA Executive MBA and MBA certificates are available for students who want to learn more and pursue their career path through the program.

Ufred provides students with a multidisciplinary and comprehensive program that gives students different variety of specialties, including innovation, HR, professional selling, business analytics, Cybersecurity, and consulting. The school has a good online platform suitable for students to learn and pursue what they are passionate about successfully.

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Royal Roads University (RRU) is, without a doubt, one of the best online universities in Canada. It is a public university for postgraduate and mature students. The university is located in Hatley Park National Historic Site on Vancouver Island. 

Royal Road University has been offering online courses for the past 20 years. The university focuses on 20 fully online and 57 different programs in executive education, tourism, business, environmental science, hospitality management, and leadership. These courses elaborate more on leadership-focused education and management education. 

Royal Road University still allows students to keep their jobs even while taking the school online program. The school offers interdisciplinary training with four different post-secondary programs to help you successfully pursue your career interests. The institution provides students with advanced education, professional development, and training to help students with their needs and interests throughout their academic careers.

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University Canada West (UCW) ranks as one of the best online universities in Canada. It is a private for-profit university established in 2004. Located in British Columbia, Canada. 

University Canada West focuses on offering two bachelor programs in business communication and commerce. The school is highly specialized in online masters in business administration, which is a two-year online program, project, and technology from sources, such as Digital Marketing institutes, Salesforce, Riipen, and Facebook blueprints. 

After students are through with completing their MBA, they get recognition and also earn digital marketing certification from Facebook and DMI. Also, students who are interested in furthering their education interests have multiple options to choose from business-focused online micro-credentials. 

Some of these options they can choose to specialize in include online e-commerce, data and web analytics, and corporate social responsibility. The school helps students pursue their interests and career goals through their education programs for them to become successful in their fields.

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Online universities in Canada
Source: queensu.ca

Queen’s University is one of the best online universities in Canada. It is a public research university based in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. The school offers about 150 online courses across 10 schools, including science, arts, law, health science, engineering, and applied science, the school also offers different postgraduate degrees.

The University also deals with career advancement micro-credentials, including 19 direct courses such as behavioral assessment techniques, entrepreneurship, and neuroscience for neurotech. 

Over 4000 students enrolled in the online courses being offered at Queen’s University pursuing to achieve their goals either in diploma, online certificate, or degrees, offering different range of education. You can complete your degree through full-time study within 3 years, or either take one or two courses at a time, depending on how convenient it is for you.

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Athabasca University was the first public research Canadian university to introduce online distance education, and it is one of the best online universities in Canada. Athabasca University was founded in the year 1970

Athabasca University offers online undergraduate programs, diplomas, and certificates in art, health, humanities, technology, and more, as well as other programs in Post LPN and Post RN nursing degrees, finance, accounting, data analytics, finance, information security, and architecture. 

The school also trains in specialties, such as AI ethics, project management, workplace wellness, and digital innovation. The comprehensive graduate and postgraduate degree program, and diverse professional development options help students pursue their careers successfully despite any challenges. 

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Online universities in Canada
Source: mcgill.ca

McGill University is one of the best online universities in Canada. It is an English language research university located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. McGills was founded in 1821.

The academic and professional programs are fully available online for students to enroll in career interests. McGills offers online certificate programs in departments such as indigenous business management, data analytics for business, agile projects management, graduate ESL, and applied Cybersecurity. 

The University recently announced an online bachelor of nursing, but the program is only open to graduates from Quebec’s CEGEP nursing program. Diplomas are being offered, as well in governance and business administration, including legal translations. 

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University of British Columbia (UBC) ranks as one of the best online universities in Canada. It is a public research university in Canada. The university was founded in 1908. UBC opened an independent study program on TV in 1976.

UBC has over 100 undergraduate online courses for online certificate and degree programs, with about 10 learning innovative colleges, including law, land and food systems, medicine, science, dentistry, applied science, and arts. 

The University’s learning college offers a wide range of online micro-credentials in education, such as courses on Blockchain, cryptocurrency, NFTs, mining laws, racism, career coaching, languages, and computing. 

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Online universities in Canada
Source: unb.ca

University of New Brunswick is one of the best online universities in Canada. It is a public university in Fredericton, Canada. 

The University of New Brunswick offers a wide range of online educational opportunities, with degree, certificate, and professional development programs in economics, statistics, family violence issues, math, recreation and sports education, anthropology, biology, and other fields related to development. 

UBN students also have free access to the benefit of the school’s partnership with online learning services UGotClass and Mind Edge Online with over 400 additional for-credit, continuing education, and professional development programs. Students can also apply for online university prep courses. This program will help students meet their admission development requirements and goals for post-secondary education.

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Thompson Rivers University (TRU) is one of the best online universities in Canada. It is a public teaching and research university that offers both physical and online education. TRU offers a wide range of courses, which gives students various opportunities for what courses they can specialize in. 

The University has over 550 courses, as well as 60 programs rams in science, arts, nursing, tourism, trades and technology, business and management, education, health science, and social work. Adult basic education helps students who are willing to learn more reach some TRU program requirements or even earn a high school diploma. 

Thompson Rivers University works with four basic foundations that help the school and students grow, these basic foundations are Flexibility, choice, accessibility, and credibility.


Yes! Online degrees from an accredited institution in Canada are valid, and students interested in online learning can enroll in the institution.


Some of the online universities in Canada include Athabasca University, McGill University, Queen’s University, University Canada West, and many others.


Yes! Many online universities in Canada accept international students and provide students with a comprehensive education.


This article has featured some of the best online universities in Canada for international and domestic students. We hope this article helps you decide the best online University for you.


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