20 Best Film Schools In Canada

Film schools in Canada

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There are several careers in the entertainment industry, including becoming an actor, filmmaker, director, and many more. Canada is an advanced country that boasts several film schools that will help you achieve your dreams of becoming a filmmaker or others. 

Most film schools in Canada will provide you with the right training and skills that will help you achieve your dreams and passion. Although tuition may vary from school to school, and also depending on your degree type, tuition may vary.

Also, there are several film schools in Canada, and looking for the best ones for you can be time-consuming. Therefore, in this overview, we will provide a comprehensive list of the best film schools in Canada and everything you need to know about them.

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Film schools create a variety of opportunities for aspiring students in the film industry and also improve their skills and experience in cinema, television, and filmmaking fields.

It gives aspiring students the ability to work with advanced equipment, including the fundamentals, such as script writing, editing techniques, cinematography, film production, lighting, camera and photography, sound documentaries, and many more depending on their specialization and focus, and learn from professional tutors to gain good experience in their field of study. It helps students get good motivation by participating in relevant community activities and exploring critical social analysis.

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Here are some of the best film schools in Canada:


Toronto Film School is an amazing institution where students experience great and valuable connections and opportunities in the industry. the institution is located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It is one of the top best film schools in Canada.

Toronto Film School focuses on relevant courses in film education, such as editing, photography, cinematography, production, and filmmaking. At Toronto Film School, students are taught and encouraged to acquire real-world skills and knowledge that will help them become better directors, post-production supervisors, sound designers, or others.

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Film schools in Canada
Source: concodia.ca

Concordia University ranks as one of the top film schools in Canada. It is an English-language public research university, located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. At Concordia University the Department of Film Education focuses on the historical, theoretical, technical, and commercial aspects related to filmmaking.

The institution offers different undergraduate (Bachelor’s degree) and postgraduate (Master’s Degree). The undergraduate program in film education focuses on important courses only relating to filmmaking and art studies. The postgraduate program focuses on the theoretical and historical aspects as well as lectures and practical workshops. 

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Humber College is one of the top film schools in Canada. It is a public applied arts and technology institution in Canada. The institution offers courses on both theoretical and practical aspects of filmmaking with the aim of helping students develop more advanced skills and experience through the course. 

Humber College offers relevant courses in film education like videography, directions, photography, cinematography, and sound editing, and more, this course will help students learn more about the history and theory of filmmaking. 

Humber College offers various semester programs in filmmaking. The school also offer courses that can help students pursue their careers successfully as screen actor, either in interactive media, online, television, or game. 

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York University is one of the top film schools in Canada. It is a public research university located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. York University offers a four-year graduate program in cinema/film and media studies. 

York University offers courses in sound, directing, editing, cinematography, screenwriting, and producing. The University helps students develop technical skills that can improve their creativity and knowledge in social engagement, expressions, and storytelling, as well as helping them excel in the field of digital communication and social interaction.

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George Brown is one of the best public fully accredited colleges of technology and applied arts. It is also one of the top film schools in Canada. The school helps aspiring students learn about the technical, historical, and theoretical aspects of film education, students explore their experiences in sound design, animation, game audio design, and more. 

George Brown College offers diplomatic programs in video design and production. The school educates students on advanced relevant courses in editing, video direction, video technology, and visual effects that will help them improve their understanding and also the basics of their field.

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Ryerson University ranks as one of the best film schools in Canada. It is located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Ryerson offers a four-year Bachelor’s degree program in film/cinema studies. 

Ryerson University educates students on how to use their discernment to learn about storytelling and visualization skills. They help students understand the important aspects of film studies, including the fundamentals such as cinematography, editing, art direction, directing, producing, writing, and more.

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Simon Fraser University is a research university located in British Columbia, Canada. It is one of the top best film schools in Canada.

Simon Fraser University offers film/cinema courses and technical training as well. Students explore their experiences in writing, editing, film production design, filmmaking, cinematography, art direction, and sound design. 

Simon University offers free will to students to study minor in film and video studies, major in film, and extended minor in film. The institution educates and trains students to help them develop their skills and talents to become successful and make their videos and films professionally.

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Film schools in Canada
Source: ubc.ca

University of British Columbia (UBC) is one of the top film schools in Canada. It is a public research university with campuses near Kelowna and Vancouver. The film production program offers two known accredited programs The Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA), and a diploma in Film production. 

At the University of British Columbia, the Department of Film Production offers courses in sound, cinematography, post-production techniques, motion picture directing, film and media production, and photography. 

The institution provides a classroom including a green light, and lighting grids that enable students to practically see what they are doing well. 

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Cinema Studies Institute at the University of Toronto ranks as one of the top best film schools in Canada. The school offers 12-month programs that help students achieve Master of Arts and Doctor of Philosophy degrees in cinema studies. 

Cinema education offers a wide variety of courses in music video, survey adult cinema, sound design, and animation. Students explore their experiences in cinema studies with their creativity and imagination in the field.

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Vancouver Film School ranks as one of the top best film schools in Canada. It is a private entertainment arts school founded in 1987, located in Vancouver, British Columbia. 

VFS offers a one-year diploma program in film production. Students can choose to specialize and explore their talents in one field either in post-production, directing, cinematography, producing, and product design. 

VFS is known for film studios with different productions for filmmaking, digital application, animation, and design.

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Sheridan is one of the top film schools in Canada. It is a public college based in Canada. The school offers a four-year bachelor’s degree program in film and television studies and also trains students who are interested in pursuing careers in producing video games, VFX for movies, and more. 

At Sheridan, the Department of Film and Television Studies offers courses in introduction to directing, storytelling, History of International Cinema, cinematography, editing, Business of film and television, and many more. 

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Infocus Film School is another great school in Historic Gastown, Vancouver. The school was founded in 2010. Infocus Film School accredited 1-year diploma program in filmmaking and production. The institution offers courses in producing, directing, production design, and cinematography. The school educates students on how to use their creativity and technical skills and also how to explore their artistic identity.

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Film schools in Canada
Source: langara.ca

Langara College Film Arts is one of the top film schools in Canada. The school offers an eight-month collaborative, comprehensive, and intensive program in acting, directing, producing, and writing for aspiring filmmakers. 

At Langara College, The Department for Film Studies educates aspiring students about how they can make their films professionally by using their skills and experience. 

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Dalhousie University ranks as one of the top film schools in Canada. It is a popularly known public institution in Nova Scotia, Canada. 

Dalhousie University offers an undergraduate (BA) program in cinema and media. The Department of Cinema and Media Studies educates students on how to use their discernment critically with a broad understanding of theoretical, historical, and cultural aspects to develop their artistic skills and their creativity to develop more talents.

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University of Manitoba(U of M) is one of the top film schools in Canada. It is a public research-focused university based in Manitoba, Canada. 

The University of Manitoba provides students good opportunities to explore them with moving images and also the interrelated critical skills and practical knowledge. The university offers two different film studies degrees. The first degree is the B.A. Bachelor of Arts general, major in film studies which is a three-year program. The second degree is the B.A (Adv.) Bachelor of Arts (advanced) in film studies which is a four-year program. 

U of M Department for Film Studies teaches students relevant courses on topics, such as video gaming, film studies, cinema, and filmmaking. 

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The National Institute for Image and Sound Film School is a training institute for television, film, and interactive media located in Montreal, Quebec. It is one of the best film schools in Canada.

INIS offers television, film, and interactive training programs associated with understanding perfect skills, practice, teamwork, and improvement of professional skills to create real and accurate content. 

INIS trains students on how to navigate and use their talents to improve their learning performance to develop their perfect skills. 

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Red Deer College is one of the best film schools in Canada. It is a public comprehensive polytechnic institute in Alberta, Canada. The institution offers four-year bachelor’s degree programs in live entertainment, film studies, and theater. 

Red Deer College has a dedicated sound stage, a 100-seat cinema, and other good equipment that can help the students with their practical skills. Red Deer College focuses on storytelling, communication, directing business, and entrepreneurial activities. 

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Toronto Metropolitan University is a public research university located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It ranks as one of the best film schools in Canada.

 The university offers a year program in Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) and also improves student knowledge in film production with relevant topics in sound design, cinematography, digital and analog technologies, screenwriting, composition, and directing. 

The school has a place in the school vicinity named “film cage” where students can easily borrow necessary equipment for their projects.

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Film schools in Canada
Source: capilanou.ca

Capilano University ranks as one of the best film schools in Canada. It is a teaching-focused public university based in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. 

Capilano University offers a bachelor’s degree in fine arts (BFA) related to filmmaking and animation. The school offers programs in 3D animation for film and games, Motion picture Arts, 2D animation and visual development, costuming for stage and screen, documentary, digital visual effects, independent digital filmmaking, and many more. Other related programs in the Department of Fine and Applied Arts include Animation, music, theatre costuming, design, and motion picture arts.

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Fanshawe College is one of the popular and largest public colleges in Southwestern Ontario, Canada. It is undoubtedly, one of the best film schools in Canada. 

Fanshawe College offers a four-year advanced diploma and Bachelor of Commerce degree (Hons), as well as part-time studies and online classes for international students. The school offers courses in Digital media, television, and films. 

Fanshawe College employs professional tutors for its students to help them develop professional skills and improve their academic performance in their field of study.


Yes! Canada is one of the best countries to study film, and it is home to several film-making schools. 


Some of the best schools to study film in Canada include Toronto Film School, Humber College, Concordia University, York University, George brown college, Ryerson University, Simon Fraser University, University of British Columbia, Vancouver Film School (VFS), Sheridan College, Red Deer College, Toronto Metropolitan University, and more.


Film-making school helps students experience good teamwork, develop good language skills, and also help them build their confidence and understanding as well as build good relationships with their fellow filmmakers. This overview has featured some of the best film schools in Canada, and we hope they serve as a guide to you.


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