10 Best Free Online Bible College

Free online bible college

Bible College is an educational institution of higher learning that focuses on biblical studies. However, you do not have to attend a bible college physically before you can earn a certificate. Because there are various free online bible colleges in the world that offer exceptional bible studies, zero tuition, aid, and grants

Most free online bible colleges are in partnership with local churches to help students with free sponsorship for their costs and they also offer tuition assistance.

Undoubtedly, there are several online colleges in the world. However, this article will be listing some of the top 10 best free online bible colleges in different countries, including the programs they offer and more.

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There are several benefits of free online bible college. Bible colleges help students to gain good insight and knowledge on the right path to life and success. They provide relevant skills to pursue the right and fulfilling career paths.

Bible colleges help students to solidify their faith and beliefs in their own lives through the process of learning about the importance of the Bible. They prepare you for the calling and to provide accurate guidance and knowledge about the word of God.

Bible college also helps you have a good understanding of the right way and patterns of God according to his words and scriptures. In addition, they help you increase your knowledge and understanding of the Bible, discipleship, and witness for Jesus Christ.

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Below are some of the best free online bible colleges:


Victory Bible College International (VBCI) is one of the best free online bible colleges. It is a bible college that provides necessary opportunities to students who are interested in exploring their faith and knowledge of the Bible. Its physical location is in Calgary, Alberta. 

If you are interested in earning a certified degree VBC online, courses are open for you, and all their courses are accredited. 

Victory bible college international is accredited with the Transworld Accrediting Commission International. The courses being offered will help you study the word of God. 

VBCI offers certification, diploma, and degree programs. Some of their courses include theology, apologetics, and counseling. The school courses are always available at your convenience and pace. The school helps its students to become leaders in the faith.

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Free online bible college
Source: tyndale.ca

Tyndale University is one of the best free online bible colleges. It is a Canadian private interdenominational Evangelical Christian University In Canada, Ontario. offering a wide range of programs for undergraduate, graduate, and seminary courses. 

Tyndale University offers a variety of courses, including a graduate diploma, master of divinity (MDiv), and master of theological studies (MTS). These courses are provided to give students a detailed insight with a balanced understanding and spiritual experience. 

The university is accredited by the Association of Theological Schools. Their online courses provide convenient and flexible learning opportunities for students to participate in.

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Rocky Mountain College is a private college in Billings, Montana. It is one of the best free online bible colleges.

The courses being offered at Rocky Mountain College will help students deepen their knowledge and faith. Students will also learn more about the inspiration of the Bible, its overreaching nature and spiritual guidance, its history and composition, and other important components of the Bible. 

Students get to deepen their knowledge in all the 66 books of the Bible. They are certified by the Association for Biblical Higher Education (ABHE). Rocky Mountain College offers both undergraduate, graduate, and pre-professional programs. The school offers courses that are always available at student pace, and it is very flexible and convenient for all interested students. RMC has students from over 25 denominations.

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Redeemer University College is one of the best free online bible colleges. It is a Christian liberal arts college that offers biblical and theological programs, which provide students with enable students to acquire more knowledge and relevant skills to pursue the right and fulfilling career paths. 

The university has its physical location in Hamilton, Ontario. The courses being offered elaborate more on scriptures, history, and theology, that give you guidance on how to live out of your faith. The school also prepares students for their calling. 

The Redeemer University College is accredited by the Association of Universities and Colleges in Canada (AUCC), and the Council for Christ Colleges and Universities (CCCU). Redeemer University College has over a thousand students from 25 different countries. The school offers over 34 majors. Some of their courses include subjects, such as church ministry, music ministry, and theological studies.

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Free online bible college
Source: prairie.edu

Prairie Bible College is an interdenominational Christian college located in the town of Three Hills, Alberta. Prairie Bible College is the only college in North America that focuses on the full range of the Bible during undergraduate courses. It is one of the best free online bible colleges.

 The college has a great commitment to educational excellence and spirituality. Also, the school offers a good opportunity for life-changing experiences. In the fall season of 2003, about 780 students enrolled in distance learning courses. 

Prairie bible college currently has over 250 students across the world offering their online courses. The college is certified by the Association for Biblical Higher Education. Free financial aid is provided for students who are interested in distance learning education. 

Students who are taking the online courses have free will to access the bookstore, career placement assistance, email services, library services, academic advising services, and campus computer networks. 

The college offers about 30 different programs. Prairie Bible College offers bachelor’s degree programs and diploma courses. They also offer courses in areas, such as Bible and theology, ministry (youth, pastoral), intercultural studies, and more. Their main purpose is academic development and spiritual growth.

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pacific Life Bible College is another great free online bible college that has its physical campus in Surrey, British Columbia. The college ensures that all students have a good education and delivers the best education in each of their programs. 

Pacific life bible college programs are provided with good quality and mindset of every individual purpose and uniqueness. Pacific Life Bible College offers Bachelor of Arts degree programs and diploma courses. 

The school offers courses in pastoral ministry, theology, biblical studies, and music ministry. Also, the school is certified by the Association for Biblical Higher Education (ABHE). The college’s main focus is to prepare its students for the future and also prepare them for the work of ministry. 

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Free online bible college
Source: emmanuelbiblecollege.ca

Emmanuel Bible College is an interdenominational evangelical Bible college based in Kitchener, Ontario Canada. It is one of the best free online bible colleges.

Emmanuel Bible College can be easily accessed and is all offered online through the Acadeum course-sharing network. The college offers undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs. They believe in students using their natural gifts for their good purposes, and your purpose for Christ’s glory. 

The college is certified by the Association for Biblical Higher Education. Their courses include general studies, bible and theology courses, field studies, and professional education. Recently, the amount of students that attend Emmanuel Bible College is approximately 100. 

The school has students from 15 denominations, they show their support and passion to authorize all their students to have good insight and knowledge of Christ, and they do not discriminate against anyone. 

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Columbia Bible College is an evangelical Mennonite bible college in Abbotsford, British Columbia. It is one of the best free online bible colleges.

Columbia Bible College offers a free online bible study that helps students discover their spiritual beliefs, passion, faith, and yourself, which will guide them through life and through the right path God wants them to be on. 

The school provides formal and informal educational opportunities to students. At Columbia bible university about 12 of their courses are accredited, it varies from one year certificate, two years diploma, and four years degree. 

Columbia Bible College is certified by the Association of Biblical Higher Education (ABHE). Some of the courses they offer include worship arts, youth work, theology, bible, and biblical studies. 

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Free online bible college
Source: belfastbiblecollege.com

Belfast Bible College is one of the best free online bible colleges. It is a private international and evangelical higher education theological college that trains students in church ministry. The college offers both undergraduate and postgraduate programs, as well as diploma programs. 

The undergraduate courses help students to understand the scriptures better, and then make surveys on how the church has changed and grown throughout history compared to what is happening in the world today. 

The college focuses on the Bible to permeate our thoughts when it comes to practical fields of service and how we make the word of the Scripture available and relevant to ourselves, our homes, streets, and towns. 

The postgraduate and graduate courses focus on biblical studies available for those in Christian leadership or those interested in pursuing an education in academic theology. The program results in Ma theology, Graduate Certificate, or Graduate Diploma. 

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All Nations Christian College is one of the best free online bible colleges. It is an evangelical interdenominational mission training bible college in UK, North London. The college has over 8,700 students from about 118 different countries studying with them online. 

The program being offered can be delivered to students online without any stress of relocation or moving. The programs are flexible and easy for students to get started. They are a wide variety of course options available to students to enroll and specialize in the one of their choice or participate in complete online biblical studies. 

The college offers both undergraduate and postgraduate programs, as well as full-time, part-time, or distance education that are available to be assessed through campus-based (residential) or online flexible learning methods, which are mostly taught through video technology. 

The En Route program is being offered for students to get good insight and experience as an online program. Studying at All Nations Christian College will enable students to build a strong spiritual and biblical foundation for themselves. 


There are several online colleges that offer free studies and they include Columbia bible college, Emmanuel bible college, Rocky Mountain College, Victory Bible College International, Prairie Bible College, Pacific life bible college, Belfast Bible College, and more.


Yes! There are many free bible colleges, including Redeemer University College, Tyndale University, All Nations Christian College, and more.


Online bible college is available to anyone interested in learning more about the bible. It is available to all.


Online bible colleges help students to discover spiritual beliefs, divinity, passion, and faith, as well as yourself. There are several benefits of attending an online bible college. This article has listed some of the best free online bible colleges, and we hope they are helpful to your search.


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