Best German Language Schools In Berlin

German language schools in Berlin

German language is a crucial part of the country’s culture. So, If you live in Berlin and are interested in learning the German language effectively, there are various German language schools in Berlin that make German language education easier. 

Some of the Easiest ways to understand the German language quickly is by exploring Berlin’s diverse culture, enjoying its unique architecture, and enjoying its world-famous food. This process will naturally help you improve your German language skills, especially if you are a beginner and you do not know how to speak German language properly. 

Learning how to speak German has become a lot easier with the help of the best German language schools in Berlin. Therefore, This overview will be listing some of the best German language schools in Berlin and other relevant basic information.

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Undoubtedly, Germany offers some low-tuition, and free-tuition schools to international and domestic students. While some language schools are free to students who are willing to learn the language. However, some offer affordable language courses to students willing to learn about German culture.

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Typically, the current cost of German language Schools In Berlin is set by the German government which is a fixed tuition of 934 Euros per month or 11,208 Euros per year. However, this price varies depending on the level and course you want to apply for. There are also some institutions that are free online, that request no charge, and they are easy to apply for if you can meet their basic requirements.

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Learning the German language is not as difficult as it may seem. However, to learn the German language easily, it is advisable to live around the vicinity of German people or speaking to German people will quickly boost your confidence and skills in learning German language easily.

It is also recommended to start with the basics first, you don’t need to start learning with big grammar. Start on basics with the alphabet and simple words and phrases first. 

Also, Gradually start constructing a simple sentence and phrase. This will help you in the long run of learning the German language.

Also, learn and understand the basic grammar rules early on before you start to get deep, and Learn modal vocabulary and verbs that will help you construct easy sentences.

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German Language is not at all difficult, you can learn it fast and easily with the right methods only if you are ready to put your mind and effort. Generally, they say that you need 30 weeks or 750 hours of study to master German, unlike other languages. 

German is a category 2 language out of 5 categories. As mentioned earlier, the German language is not as challenging as you might think or have heard others say. Most people find that within six months, they will be able to speak the basics fluently, basics like having small talks and daily conversations, doing easy things like ordering food, making short phone calls, and more. 

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Below are the best German language language schools in Berlin:


Humboldt Institute is one of the top renowned German language Schools In Berlin. The school is popularly recognized for its intensive German courses for all levels from A1 to C2. Humbolt Institute offers German courses for kids, adults, teenagers, and executives. 

Whether you are looking for a course for a total beginner or an advanced level, you want an intensive or a part-time German course, or you need German for your high school, university, or job, the Humboldt Institute has the right German course that is suitable for you. 

The institution offers 30 lessons per week, and beginners will get to reach a German level B2 in just 20 weeks after taking the course. Humboldt Institute has been teaching German for 45 years to over 85,000 students. 

At this school, an intensive German course is designed for everyone who is looking to improve his or her German skills quickly and effectively. 

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German language schools in Berlin

DIE NEUE SCHULE. was founded in 1984, located in Wilmersdorf, with more than 1000 participants per year from more than 40 countries. Die Neue Schule is one of the best German language schools in Berlin. 

The school is known for being one of the largest and most renowned language schools in Berlin. 

Die Neue Schule offers a wide range of German language courses at all levels, as well as in-house examinations (B1 to C1) and the examination telc Deutsch C1 Hochschule. The institute also offers courses in Italian, Spanish, and English. 

The school also offers both online lessons and physical lessons, with over 30 years of experience. Die Neue Schule has professional instructors who speak at a native level, they are available to help you become more confident in speaking in everyday situations. 

The teaching is always engaging with good communication and good interaction, through hands-on exercises, and in no time you become more confident to use the language fluently. 

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Alpadia Berlin School is one of the best German language schools located in the Schoneberg district of Berlin. The school is designed for its highly effective German courses at all levels and preparation courses for German universities. 

Alpadia Berlin offers a wide range of quality German language courses, accommodation options, and extensive cultural immersion programs. 

The school’s teachers are well skilled and enthusiastic in the field, it delivers well-planned and dynamic lessons in a supportive environment. The language school provides students with a unique opportunity to attend German classes in one of the most beautiful areas of the city. For intensive German courses, it is 20, 25, or 30 lessons per week, Exam preparation to private lessons, and the flexibility to combine courses is based on the objective and time.

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Die deuSCHule is one of the leading German language schools in Berlin. If you are interested in learning German and becoming an active part of a lively community, Die deuSCHule is the right choice for you. 

The institution will help you with the preparation of courses for German universities. Die deuSCHule offers online and in-person German courses year-round, ranging from levels A1 to C2. These courses are taught in a variety of different formats in the language school or online. 

At Die deuSCHule, the intensive and evening courses are designed to provide you with the opportunity to learn the German language from the ground up and to enhance your language skills in the areas that are most important to you. 

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German language schools in Berlin

Speakeasy is a highly reputable institution for German language in Berlin. The school is located in the heart of Friedrichshain. 

The school offers high-quality, conversation-oriented, small-group German courses for all levels, as well as telc exams. Students who are interested in learning the language have the opportunity to either participate in online or in-person classes. 

At this school, You will get to meet your classmates in the speakeasy community and participate in free-of-charge workshops and seminars. Learning German at a speakeasy is the right choice for beginners who are interested in improving their language skills. 

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Victoria Academy of Language Berlin is one of the best language schools that offers German language courses for kids, teenagers, and adults. Victoria Academy of Language will provide you with the perfect language course for your needs. 

Whether it is intensive, individual, on campus, or online, they are available at your convenience. With the help of this institution, you will reach your goal safely, quickly, and predictably, whether you want to go to university or continue your education on the job. 

The schools have dedicated professional teachers who are willing to teach their students to become well-skilled in the language course they are offering. The great benefit of the institution is providing a unique supporting organization typically designed for language and homogeneous learning groups.

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German language schools in Berlin

Founded in 1999, DeutschAkademie is a highly reputable language school in Berlin that offers German language courses for different levels. The school is currently one of the leading private German language schools that has over 5,000 participants from different countries deciding to participate in one of their unique German language courses in Berlin. 

DeutschAkademie offers a free online German course, created by experienced German teachers and it is free. The lessons being offered, take place on-site at the language school or online. 

The school successfully uses digital learning concepts to support participants in their learning process. What makes DeutschAkademie very unique is the intensive consultation, small group, native, and attractive price.

The school delivers high-quality courses makes fast processes, and has fun while learning German. 

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Did Deutsch- -Institute Berlin is one of the best German language schools in Berlin. The school is located in a modern in the central district of Berlin- Mitt. 

The institution offers the perfect balance of academic German studies and a conducive environment for language students to make new friends and explore the capital city. 

This language school is well equipped with a digital starboard and offers ideal learning conditions for your German courses. International students choose Berlin because the city is perfect for learning the German language and exploring the culture. 

The German language can be learned most easily and quickly in a place where it is spoken. Did Deutsch make the German language very easy to learn and understand

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German language schools in Berlin

Verbum Novum is one of the top German language schools in Berlin, that have a wide range of courses available for you to choose the one suitable for you. 

Taking a language course at summer college in Berlin allows students to get all the advantages of a language stay in Germany. 

The students at this institute will gain access to the German class (20 lessons per week), in the morning and the afternoon two times per week, and they also get short excursions. The accommodation at summer college is amazing, students get to stay in a 2 bedded room with breakfast included. 

The summer college students won’t be bored coming to the trendy metropole Berlin. The German course contains the training of such a skill as speaking, writing, reading, and listening. 

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GLS German Language is a famous German language school in Berlin. The language school is a green oasis in the very center of Berlin. The school overall is beautiful and well organized. 

The well-rounded class was made up of students across different backgrounds that the teacher blended well. The extracurricular activities being offered were always interesting. 

The GLS German language school in Berlin has been honored 5 times with the Star School German award, which means the school has been one of the best language schools in Germany. The learning environment is very casual and beautiful. 


The tuition cost for German language schools varies from school to school, as well as the duration of the course. However, four-week courses are usually between 250 euros to 300 euros.


Yes! You can easily learn German in three months. However, to become fluent, you must enroll in one of the best German language schools in Berlin and also be focused 


As stated before, learning the German language is not as difficult as it may seem. So, you can become fluent in the German language within five to eight months depending on the choice of school for the course.


Whether you are an international student studying Berlin and you want to learn the German language to get your degree. Or are you working in Berlin and you are looking forward to learning more about German speaking skills? This article has featured some of the best German language schools in Berlin that will help you learn easily.




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