11 Perfect Barbering Schools In Atlanta To Build Career

barbering schools in Atlanta

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Barber school is an academy where students can learn about more professional skills in the barbering field. The best barbering schools in Atlanta equip students with the best set of skills that will help them in the long run of their careers. 

Enrolling in the best barbering schools in Atlanta as an aspiring student will help you achieve your dreams and also earn higher.

Barbers are in high demand in Atlanta. Looking for the best barber schools can be time-consuming. Therefore, in this overview, we will provide you with some of the best barbering schools in Atlanta.

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Barbers can earn good money depending on their style, skills, location, how creative, professional, educated, and skilled they are, and also how much they charge per haircut.

The average Atlanta male gets per haircut every 4-5 weeks, which means you need about 80-100 customers paying $80 per haircut. However, the industry cannot charge $80 for a haircut unless you are a professional licensed barber.

As an individual looking to own a salon, you should know that might take time to build your salon and set it up. Also, getting more reliable reviews, building a rapport, and building a clientele will enable you to earn more than your competitors. 

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Barbers in Atlanta make good money, the recent average barber salary in Atlanta is $33,500, but the price ranges vary from $26,868 to $40,193. The amount barbers in Atlanta make varies depending on many factors, such as additional skills, education, certification, and the number of years you used to study the area. Also, the hourly amount barbers charge is $24.04 per hour. 

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Here is a list of perfect barbing schools in Atlanta to build a career:


Atlanta Technical College ranks as one of the best barbering schools in Atlanta. It is a public institution in Atlanta, Georgia. 

Atlanta Technical College offers a diplomatic barber training course for students who want to pursue their career in the field. The students who sign up for the courses get the opportunity to achieve diploma certification and also get great connections in the barber field. 

Atlanta Technical College focuses on the training of hair treatments and manipulation, shaving, safety, sanitation, barbering techniques, skincare, sales, management, and reception. 

Students get to learn and develop good professional skills and techniques required to pursue their careers for job acquisition, advancement, and retention. This program helps students to achieve a better certification and license required by the Georgia State Board of Barbering.

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barbering schools in Atlanta
Source: gptc.edu

Georgia Piedmont Technical College (GPTC) ranks as one of the best barbering schools in Atlanta. It is a public institution located in Georgia. 

The barber program being offered in GPTC is a diploma program that educates candidates to become professionally licensed barbers and also for students to pursue their careers in the industry. 

Students at Georgia Piedmont Technical College get to grow more skills, experience, and knowledge required for job acquisition and advancement to excel in the industry. 

The program focuses its training on skin, hair, sanitation, safety, state laws, chemistry, anatomy and physiology, rules and regulations, and more.

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Atlanta Institute-Aesthetics is one of the best barbering schools in Atlanta. It is an esthetician school and skincare training program in Atlanta, GA. 

Atlanta Institute-Aesthetics offers programs that specialize in beauty, hair care, skincare, makeup, and cosmetology. The course of study helps students learn professional skills in anatomy, the pathology of skin, physiology, clinical experience, and learn about the latest barbering techniques and equipment. 

The courses being offered at Atlanta Institute Aesthetics include History of Esthetician, Career Opportunities, Infection Control, Skin Physiology, Skin Analysis, Skin Care Products, communicating for Success, liability and Risk Management, introduction to Anatomy and Physiology, ethics, and State Board rules and regulations. 

At the end of the program program, students receive an esthetician certificate that will enable them to get a good connection in the industry. 

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Aveda Institute Atlanta is an institution in Atlanta, GA that offers beauty services or treatments. The school offers programs that involve color, hair cutting, nail care, texture service, business development, makeup application, retail knowledge, and more. 

Aveda Institute Atlanta is one of the best barbering schools in Atlanta. The program offered at this school helps students to learn more about pro beauty products and how they are used, and also encourages students, and explore them into being confident and professional artists. 

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barbering schools in Atlanta
Source: prowayhairschool.com

Pro Way Hair School is a beauty, personal care, and cosmetics school in DeKalb County, GA. It ranks as one of the best barbering schools in Atlanta.

Pro Way Hair School is one of the best barbering schools in Atlanta. The school offers a variety of courses, including physiology, safety precautions, electricity, composition of tints, dyes and bleaches, and chemistry of products. 

Also, The program offered in pro hair schools for barbing courses deals with all hair science sessions, razors, clippers, as well as cutting and styling using shears.

students also learn about different techniques to make haircuts and products, including hair coloring, weaving, career and business management, client relations, and professionalism. 

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Samverly College Barber Hair is one of the best barbering schools in Atlanta. It is a great school available for students who want to explore and pursue their career in barbering and hair styling techniques.

Samverly College Barber is located in Atlanta, GA. Samverly College offers different varieties of relevant courses that help students learn more about their curriculum and also provides necessary guidance and training to students to own a degree in Master barber’s license. 

Samverly College Barber focuses on the theoretical and practical aspects of Barbing and hair styling courses, as well as helping students develop more advanced skills and techniques for designing hair in a professional setting.

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Vogue School (VBBS) is one of the leading barbering schools in Atlanta. It is a private institution for cosmetology and barber training, and also to help students develop good advanced skills. The institution does not offer any degree to students, and it is located in Paulding County, GA. 

The school provides necessary training and guidance for students in their curriculum and also focuses on the practical aspects and activities required for their academics. VBBS educates students about different varieties of barbering techniques that can help them improve their skills academically. They help them have good knowledge and ideas in colors, shaving, hair, dying, safety, and more.

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barbering schools in Atlanta
Source: stateboardprofessor.com

State Board Professor is a training space that specializes, educates, and provides guidance for candidates to be licensed in cosmetology, nail art, and spa, and also takes state exams and theory and practical exams as well as prep classes to prepare them for the upcoming exam. 

State Board Professor is one of the best barbering schools in Atlanta. The school offers courses that prepare aspiring candidates to learn about great skills and become professionals to help them achieve their goals in the future. They employ professional tutors to teach candidates to help them develop more professional and advanced experience in the industry. 

The main focus of this barbing program is to help future barbers learn the basics and attributes necessary in their work-study and also learn the techniques and fundamentals in shaving, hair coloring, nails, skincare, safety judgments, budgeting, styling, cutting, and inventory management. Candidates spend more quality time in practical areas, barber management techniques, additional advanced lectures, class projects, subject reviews, and other relevant topics.

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Elevation Barber Academy is another great barbering school in Atlanta that educates students about the latest trends and techniques in the industry.

The school’s main focus is to assist aspiring barbers and stylists in pursuing their careers successfully in the barber industry. 

The school also trains students on how to style and color hair, cut, and trim, as well as guides facial hair removal at the hair studio.

Elevation Barber Academy provides conducive and educational environments with good classroom and practical instructions, as well as professional equipment and tools to help students have good experiences in their curriculum. 

Students get the opportunity to learn from professionals and well-experienced teachers who will explore their abilities to recent trends in the industry. The students get to learn great skills and become more creative to help them become good barbers and stylists in the future. students at Elevations Barber Academy are trained to become experts with a deep understanding of a selection of products and treatments that will encourage you to feel comfortable in your ability as a professional beauty therapist.

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barbering schools in Atlanta
Source: healthandstyle.edu

Health and Style Institute is a cosmetology school in Georgia. The institution offers the financial services and training you deserve. It is one of the best barbering schools in Atlanta.

Health and Style Institute will provide the necessary training and guidance that can help you become successful and professionally pursue your career in the industry. The institution educates students on how to use various chemicals, products, and treatments perfectly. 

Programs offered in health and science institutes include cosmetology, makeup artistry, skincare therapy, barbering, and more. The institution has a very conducive environment and employs licensed cosmetology teachers who deliver necessary information to students to help them understand and improve their skills and also information that can help them become successful in the salon and spa industry. T

This career coach will guide you and help you prepare to pass the state board license exam perfectly. This license being offered is helpful to help you secure a good job and employment in the spa and salon industry. Students will experience pre-test, post-test, and mock state exams that will give them ideas and hints about how the exam works and prepare them for it.

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Paul Mitchell school is one of the best barbering schools in Atlanta. It is also a cosmetology school that helps students pursue their careers in the beauty field. The school teaches students how they can improve their skills and learn more about their curriculum. 

Paul Mitchell school trains students and puts them through the fundamentals of cosmetology education, real-world hair cutting, makeup, styling, coloring, dying, shaving, weaving, barbering techniques, texture, and more. 

Paul Mitchell school offers a 3 years program that allows students to have hands-on experience and innovative cosmetology and barbering training programs that can give future barbers and cosmetologists a good career path and provide them with a professional experience in the industry. 

Students who participate in this training school will have the necessary information and guidance that will help them develop more advanced and professional skills in hair care, skincare, makeup, barbering, and nail tech so they can prepare to take the state board exam and get their license as a certified cosmetologist or barber.


Yes! Barbers are in high demand in Atlanta, and yes, you can make a living as a barber. Also, there are several schools in Atlanta that will help you become a professional.


Yes! It is illegal to cut hair in Atlanta without a license. That is, you need to enroll in one of the best barber schools in Atlanta, apply for the license, and take the exam.


Most curriculum for barbers in Atlanta usually takes up to 1,800 hours (12 months at max). The curriculum usually includes the practical and theoretical aspects that will help you become a professional barber.


Barbers are in high demand in Atlanta, and they make enough money. There are perfect barbering schools that will make you a perfect and professional barber who makes the best cuts and services available. This overview has listed some of the best barbering schools in Atlanta, and we hope they are helpful to your search.


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