11 Recommended Fashion Schools In Paris

Fashion schools in Paris

There are different types of fashion schools in Paris available for students who are passionate and interested in furthering and pursuing their careers in the fashion industry. With the best fashion school in Paris, students can take certification courses/programs in any. 

France is one of the best countries in the world for international students, and its capital is so much available for international students to come to school with them. Enrolling in a fashion school in Paris will enable aspiring students to earn a degree in fashion and a career in the fashion industry.

Fashion schools in Paris are open to domestic and international students. Most schools in Paris offer courses that entail practical education and experimental training, as well as theoretical aspects.

Aspiring students can apply for various degree programs in accessories design, branding, modern couture, interior design, and others. Therefore, in this overview, we will provide a list of recommended fashion schools in Paris.

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Here are some of the best fashion schools in Paris:


Paris College Art (PCA) is another recommended fashion school in Paris. It is an international College of Art with American degree accreditation from the National Association of School of Arts and Design. The school is based in Paris, France. 

PCA offers 3-year Bachelor’s Degree courses in Arts, design, and Fine Arts (BFA). They focus mainly on the studio, Arts, design, digital media, drawing, and others. The tuition fee for students per semester is €14,500. 

There are several courses that students can decide to specialize in, including design studies, 3D fashion drawing, pattern drafting, junior studio, fashion collection management, fashion reality, and many more. 

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Fashion schools in Paris
Source: ifmparis.fr

Institut Francais de la Mode is a recommended fashion school in Paris with some of the best programs. IFM is an institution offering applied research and postgraduate courses for fashion, and luxury programs. 

At Institut Français de la Mode, Students have access to a variety of choices to specialize in the fashion field, including knitwear design, accessories design, fashion image, and fashion design. 

IFM provides necessary equipment and tools for students to use to practice their skills and improve their learning experience in the field.

IFM offers a 2-year MA program for fashion and Luxury studies. The tuition fees for Students willing to participate in the program are different for domestic students and international students. 

The tuition fee for EU students for their first session is €12,800, while for Non-EU is €19,200, The tuition fee for EU students during their second session is €9,000, and for non-EU is about €13,400. 

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Founded in 1841, Esmond International is one of the best fashion schools in Paris, France. Esmond International offers a 3-year undergraduate program in fashion Design. 

The tuition fee for the fashion design program for EU National is about €11,500 per session, while for non-EU students €12,500. The program educates students both In English and French language. 

At Esmond International, students can choose to specialize in clothing or accessories depending on their interests or preferences.

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Founded in 1766, ENSAD is a unique public art research university in Paris France. It ranks as one of the best fashion schools in Paris. The institution offers 2-year MA courses in a fashion design program. Students are taught the English language. 

At ENSAD, Students get more experience in both the design and crafting of clothes and accessories as well as textiles and materials. The tuition fee for the fashion program is about €15,000 per session, and EU students get the chance of getting €6,000 discounts. 

In ENSAD, students will also have a lot of experience in the business sectors of fashion design, as well as strategy, law, marketing, and more. This will help them develop more advanced business skills in the fashion industry. 

There are also elective courses students can take, such as leather, garment, color, print, and more. Students can also choose to participate in internship programs related to their field to help them develop more knowledge and skills about their area of concentration.

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Fashion schools in Paris
Source: ifaparis.com

IFA Paris ranks as one of the top fashion schools in Paris. This fashion and marketing school in Paris offers Master’s, bachelor’s, and short courses in fashion design, visual merchandising, fashion marketing, fashion business, fashion media, and more. 

IFA Paris school offers a 2-year program and is strictly taught in English. The tuition fee for the fashion program is about €13,000. at IFA Paris, students are educated on relevant courses related to fashion studies, including Marketing and management, fashion environment, business issues, creative culture, and more. Courses like like fashion distribution, branding, fashion press, and intellectual property are in the curriculum

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Founded in 1935, Instituto Marangoni (IM) is one of the first private schools in Europe. It is one of the best fashion schools in Paris. 

The school offers postgraduate and undergraduate programs, as well as executive master’s courses and short courses. Instituto Marangoni offers 3 years courses program in fashion studies. When taking fashion classes, students get to experience and learn more about the organization and fashion businesses in their communities. This experience includes retail, marketing, and production. Students will also explore their skills and experience in the latest technologies and techniques like branding retail operations, trends, and more.

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Founded in 1988, Atelier Chradon-Savard is a recommended fashion school in Paris. The school is a private fashion-styling school in Berlin, Paris. 

The school offers a four-year bachelor’s degree program and a year’s MA program in four different creative programs which are fashion design, Fashion brand design, fashion communication management, and style makeover, coach. Programs are taught in English and French. 

Students can specialize in learning about apparel design and also learn the basics, including exploring the fundamentals of apparel design by making use of their knowledge and skills, decoding trends, and analyzing patterns.

Also, students at this institute deal with or participate in making accessories, women’s wear, and men’s wear. At some point, students will focus more on creating textiles, accessories, chains and welts, trends, clothing accessories, and more. During their finals, students should be able to use their skills and talents to create unique designs for their projects. There is so much to explore at this institute.

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Fashion schools in Paris
Source: lisaa.com

Lisaa is a recommended fashion school in Paris. It is a private institution that trains aspiring fashion designers and stylists on how different varieties of pattern-making and textiles are being made and also trains students in fashion design, brand creation, digital communication, marketing, management in fashion and luxury, and more. The school is based in Paris and Nantes. 

Lisaa Ecole de mode trains students in areas of interior design, fashion, marketing, animation, graphic design, and video game production. Programs are taught in English. The school offers 3-year interval courses in fashion design and styling programs with being widely taught about how garments and accessories are created and customized. 

With high-quality equipment and labs, students can easily create any design of their choice. Some of the equipment and lab include a knitwear workshop, a drawing room, a FabLab, an atrium or a computer lab, three great pattern-making rooms, a photo and video studio, a deux conference room, an e-learning portal, and more.

 The tuition fee for the program is about €9,000 for EU students, and €9500 for the subsequent, while non-EU students pay €10,000 and €11,500 for the subsequent semester.

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ENSCI is a French fashion design and industrial design school based in the arrondissement of Paris. It is one of the best fashion schools in Paris. ENSCI offers a one-year program each year, and the program is taught in French. 

ENSCI focuses on the theoretical and practical aspects, and as well to trains students to become professionals in their field of study. Phase one of their research is based on discovery, phase two talks widely about industrial design and its basics, and the final phase focuses on the project aspects which elaborate more on the theoretical and practical sessions. This final phase will determine if the student is deserving of the degree qualification. 

Also, The practical and theoretical aspects help students understand the fundamentals of their learning fields and also help them develop more advanced skills and talents in the field.

The average tuition cost is €10,000 – €20,000. 

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Fashion schools in Paris
Source: modart-paris.com

Modart International ranks as one of the recommended fashion schools in Paris. It is a fashion and art institution that offers a five-year baccalaureate program, bachelor’s degree, masters and MBA in fashion communication, fashion management, and fashion design. 

Modart International trains students to become professional fashion designers with the help of advanced lecturers. Students from Modart School get the opportunity to acquire a 6-7-year degree recognized by the French state and university. 

Modart International provides a very conducive and educational environment for students to study and learn from, as well as participate in interdisciplinary research projects. The tuition fees cost about €9,000 to €10,000, and the program are being taught in French. 

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ESAA is one of the best fashion schools in Paris. It is a public applied art school that focuses on fashion and Textile design. the school based in Rue Dupe tit-thousands. 

ENSAA offers bachelor’s degree programs in textile design, graphic design, ceramics design, space design, fashion design, weaving, embroidery, and tapestry. The school course of study includes students’ experience within the technical field and creativity by students’ research and skills in the theoretical field. 

The school’s average tuition cost is around €10,000 – €25,000. 

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Fashion schools help aspiring students achieve their objectives and passion. Also, the fashion industry is in high demand, and students looking to earn a high income can enroll in one of the top fashion schools in Paris.

Enrolling in fashion in Paris will provide you with several opportunities and open doors to numerous opportunities in the fashion industry for you. 

Most fashion schools start with the basics of fashion and the principles of design. It lays the foundation of fashion design to prepare students for future careers by helping them develop the skills necessary to become a professional in the fashion world. 

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Yes! Paris is an ideal place to study fashion. Most Fashion schools in Paris are top Paris institutions offering core fashion-related programs. These programs are aimed at training students in modern fashion trends regarding hairstyles, dressing, lifestyles, and makeup. 

Furthermore, some fashion schools in Paris are accredited, globally recognized, and partner with big fashion industries, providing students with several fashion-related job opportunities and connections. 


Yes! International students who want to study fashion in Paris can easily do that by enrolling in one of the best fashion schools in Paris. However, it is crucial that you check out the requirements for the school.


International students can study fashion at Institut Francais de la Mode, Paris College Art, Esmond International, ENSAD, International Fashion Academy, Instituto Marangoni, Atelier Chardon, Lisaa Ecole de Mode, ENSCI, Modart International, and more.


Yes! Paris is an ideal location to study fashion. The capital of France is home to several fashion schools that are ideal for domestic and international students.


Paris is home to several business schools that will help you achieve your dreams of becoming a professional fashion designer. This overview has featured recommended fashion schools in Paris, and we hope they serve as a guide to you.


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